Thursday, December 10, 2015

Who Will You Meet At Barnes & Noble?

Who’s seen the Christmas commercial for Barnes & Noble? The one with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga singing a duet and ending with “you never know who you’ll meet at Barnes & Noble”.

Enter Amway creepy factor.

Who else is watching this commercial and right away thinking of the horrors of it all and getting pestered by Amway Ambots at Barnes & Noble?

There’s been lots of comments left on this blog by people who were shopping at Barnes & Noble and got sniped by some Amway asshole trying to prospect them.

Its a big NO for IBO’s to harrass customers shopping at Barnes & Noble.

The problem is information control from Amway’s upline cult leaders. Memos like this are not sent out to individual IBO’s but rather to the Amway cult leaders. It is their responsibility to notify their downline but not everyone gets notified.

Especially IBO’s who signed up after this was sent out from head office since I don’t think Amway refers to itself as Quixtar anymore. I guess that trick them scheme has run the course. Undoubtedly complaints were coming in Barnes & Noble management for years. In its typical tradition of Amway employees working at head office not giving a shit what Amway IBO’s are doing likely nothing was done for the longest time and probably nothing is done today either no matter how much that letter threatens IBO discipline. I’m not sure what threats it took from Barnes & Noble to the big shots at Scamway before the letter was sent out to the Amway cult leaders to deal with the annoying ambots.

People don’t like to be harrassed when they’re shopping. Even more so if they’re flipping through a book and reading passages trying to make a decision on whether or not to buy. They don’t need some fucking Amway ambot sniping them and saying hey I’m a business owner and I sell books too. Yup B&N will want the throw that fucker out of their store for trying to take their business away from them. Competition!

Bottom line is Amway’s head office doesn’t give a flying fuck what the IBOs are doing. I’ve complained about lies I heard from our upline and head office typical lazy ass response is to claim they are not responsible for anything said at Amway meetings and if we have a problem to take it up with the upline who lied to us.

So really what happens if a manager from Barnes & Noble calls Amway’s I-don’t-give-a-fuck customer service desk to complain about ambots sniping customers shopping in their stores. The response they’ll get is - find someone who gives a shit and tell them! Its not like anything will happen to the ambot. What are they going to say? You’re fired. And Amway’s just lost another income stream. Ha ha. Not likely.

You never know who you’ll meet at Barnes & Noble but just hope to hell it isn’t an Amway asshole.

So if you’re an Amway asshole - stay out of Barnes & Noble!

If you are an Amway asshole and you see me in Barnes & Noble - don't fuck with me!


  1. Oh god, that sounds awful. People go to book stores for some quiet alone time to get lost in books, not to be pestered by salespeople much less than brainwashed cult salespeople. Thanks for this post though! Now I know where to hang out at if I wanna look for Scambots to go undercover hahaha.


    1. Undercover Ambot luring in Barnes & Noble. LOL!

  2. Persons who shop at Barnes & Noble are most likely literate and intelligent people who read good books and who think for tjnemselves.

    What sort of stupid idiot would think that such people would be good prospects for Amway's con-game?

    The answer is this: the typical Ambot asshole. He'd be the sort of jerk who'd go up to someone in the store and say "Hi -- I see you're flipping through a history of the Roman Empire... how'd you like to join a REAL business empire?"

    1. Anonymous - agreed. Most people in B&N would not be good prospects for Scamway.

      Ambots think its their Great Amway God given right to pester B&N customers because IBO's have a portal to buy things off Barnes & Noble website. Not sure if there's a discount involved or if its just for PV. So because of that affiliation that B&N lets ambots buy from their website, Ambots automatically think that gives them the right to go into their stores and bug the shit out of the customers. And yeah I bet that would be some pick up line the ambot would use. What would they use if the person is flipping through a horror story? The Ambot could walk up to them and say "Hi - I see you like horror. How would you like to live a real life horror story? I can introduce you to a sharp businessman who is looking for sharp people like you that want to know more about horror."

  3. Imagine if the customer were flipping through "Gone With the Wind." The ambot would say "Hi there! How'd you like to join a business where all your time and cash would be "Gone Down The Drain?"

    1. Anonymous - LOL! That's a good one. I'm sure there's lots of books out there that Ambots have an answer to. LOL!


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