Monday, January 18, 2016

“I’m Not In Amway” Lies The Ambot

How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving. Or if it’s the Internet – when they’re typing something.

Why do lying scamming Amway assholes show up on a site that’s all about making fun of Amway losers and try to convince us they’re not in Amway?

Really I don’t give a shit one way or another if someone reading this blog is in Amway but I do know from our time inside the cult that we had to deny any involvement with Amway and that’s still taught today. Amway has such a bad reputation that everyone knows it’s a scam. Well maybe not those young enough who haven’t heard of it before but maybe they should ask their parents or grandparents. Except they’re not allowed to say the “A” word.

Now how do I know when someone says they’re not in Amway and they’re really NOT in Amway. Usually it’s a wife or girlfriend who shows up and says she’s not in Scamway but her husband/boyfriend is and the fucking assholes in his upline are making her life hell and they’re broke all the time because he’s always buying shitty overpriced Amway products. Or it’ll be another family member or a friend who has a similar story – the Amway cult follower has turned into a mean nasty son of a bitch all through his worship of the Great Amway God. Sometimes it’ll be someone who says they went to an Amway cult meeting and HOLY SHIT did they dodge a bullet and are staying away from those Ambot bastards and they’re here to share their story. Occasionally readers leave comments that they used to be in Amway, some from as far back as the 70’s, and sometimes they search it online and they share the story of the lies they heard and the money they lost.

There’s no reason to doubt any of these type of stories from people who say they’re not in Amway.

It’s the ones who show up and say they’re not in Amway but they’re studying it and decide it’s a great opportunity LOL!!!! Or they’re “not in Amway” but randomly end up at an old post after searching for more information on Amway Spring Leadership or WWDB Family Reunion and leave a comment saying they’re not in Amway, spout off a bunch of canned Amspeak propaganda the same bullshit the assholes in our Amway upline were spouting off many years ago and then they insult us. The usual Amspeak screechings and bitchings about how we didn’t try hard enough or the system works if you’re a winner.

Here’s the scoop when someone who isn’t in Amway but has a friend/family member in the scam they’re looking for support, they’re sharing the evil that has invaded their life. They’re unhappy especially if it’s their husband and he’s draining their bank account and running up the credit card. Someone with a loved one in Amway isn’t stopping by to say they’ve looked at “the business” and then gush all their loving and then they spout off a bunch of canned Amspeak bullshit and accuse everyone at this blog of being a negative unchristian dreamstealer who’s a quitter who didn’t try hard enough and who will be dead or broke by age 65.

People who are not in Amway usually have heartwrenching stories to share or entertaining stories about how they figured out Amway was a scam and they’re not getting conned.

It’s like if you work at McDonald’s but you don’t want to tell someone you work there cause you’re embarrassed. If you’re going to deny it you better not be wearing a McDonald’s uniform and eating a Big Mac.

Why show up here and leave a comment denying being in Amway when it’s pretty clear you are? Just don’t leave a comment at all. But I suppose you got to get your practice at lying in somewhere. If your Amway lies ain’t getting you nowhere here those lies ain’t going to work anywhere else you try them.

Next time try finding a job where you’re not embarrassed to work there and don’t have to lie about it.


  1. Hi Anna B. You are so right. When my daughter first told me while she was reroute to her first meeting she said it was a leadership meeting, then it was WWDBs. I researched it immediately and found out it was Amway, which she denied. From the get go, she was encouraged to lie about it and it saddens my heart to say she made the choice to lie about it. I'm not embarrassed, I'm heartbroken that my daughter made the conscious decision to be deceptive as she was not raised to do that. This cult is so destructive. I'm seeing the bills unpaid, the fake it till you make it facade and it breaks my heart. There are times I want to scream and there have been plenty of times I have cried and then there are times you graciously allow me to curse and rant and vent to get all my frustration out. All I can do is humble myself before God and pray that He removes the scales from her eyes to see the deceptiveness that envelopes this cult. Thank you Anna B. I cannot say it enough how grateful I am for your site that exposes the true evil in this cult.

    1. Living a Nightmare - yup that's what you're taught at Amway meetings. Never say you're in Amway, say you're in WWDB. That confuses people for a bit. But anyone researching it online will find this blog pretty fast or another written by someone who was in WWDB and its all over online. Those Amway liars are only fooling themselves. And you have to keep denying you're in Amway but if pushed then you're supposed to give some bullshit answer that you're in WWDB and Amway is one of your suppliers. Your daughter has been brainwashed to be deceptive. The only way to make a few pennies commission on selling shitty overpriced Amway products is to lie about them. Like this snake oil cures terminal cancer. And stuff like that is really tragic to people who are suffering from terminal illnesses then some scumbag piece of shit lying Amway assholes shows up to give them false hope. Amway is all about sell the hope not the soap. And yes the Amway cult leaders counsel with their followers not to pay the bills or the rent and instead use that money to buy more Amway shit. These bastards have no morals to make a buck. They don't care if their cult followers end up declaring bankruptcy thanks to Amway. They don't care that Amway brings financial and emotional distress to everyone. The lies are so destructive. Amway is evil.

    2. Mike - its just tragic what Amway does to the families of its cult followers. We feel like we're powerless. Desperate. Frantic to save our families from this evil. Incapable of winning back our loved ones. Amway destroys everything it touches.

  2. Amway is a vicious and evil organization, from the fat cats in Ada, Michigan right down the line. What they are doing to "Living A Nightmare" and her deceived daughter is sinful.

    I might ask "Living A Nightmare" -- how old is your daughter? If she's very young, she will probably see the light soon after she becomes aware of the financial drain on her resources. Many young persons get out of Amway pretty quickly, and are resilient enough to learn their lesson and move on. But there is also a danger that, if your daughter is single, her up-line will try to "set her up" with some piece-of-shit Amway bachelor. If they become an item, this will tie her even more firmly to the Amway fraud. Watch out if she brings home some smiling schmuck in a cheap business suit.

    1. Anonymous - you said it - Amway is a vicious and evil organization, from the fat cats in Ada, Michigan right down the line.

      And what they're doing to Living a Nightmare's daughter is no different than what they've done to every other person who's signed up to be an IBO and their families. Out to destroy them.

      That's a good point. An Ambot boyfriend lurking in the shadows for the time when she's thinking about quitting.

  3. You know, maybe when Ambots come here but deny being in Amway, it's a way to protect their asses.

    Up-line orders them to never look on the internet for anything about Amway, and especially not to come to any anti-Amway websites. So if they disobey, the best way to weasel out of it is to put in that "I'm not in Amway, but..." disclaimer. Then they have plausible deniability if their up-line suspects that they came here.

    1. Anonymous - seeing as how most commenters here are Anonymous they're not protecting their asses if the asses in their Amway upline don't know who it is! LOL!

      There was one ambot a few years ago who left a few comments logged in under his Google name, nothing really nasty, you know the type where we're all wrong and trying to sway us to his way of thinking that Amway is the only business out there that works for everyone bullshit. He got lots of responses, mostly quoting what he said in the comments.

      Then I think he must have worried about what you said that someone upline would catch him for being here so he deleted all his comments. Unfortunately it doesn't delete his name. Just next to it says something like "author deleted comments". Now he could have asked one of us who can log in to this blog to delete him completely. Doesn't hurt to ask does it LOL! But he didn't so we left it as is so there his name sits but no comments beside it. We had another guy talk about a family member in Scamway and cursed them out and about a month later came back asked if we'd delete it just in case the family member read it and knows he wrote it. So we did but we featured it in a guest post under a basic title of one of the readers and he was happy with that. His story is out but not his name.

      And even if the ambot's upline came here and read a comment and asked the ambot if it was them, what are they going to do. Lie of course. Its what everyone in Amway does.

  4. Spot on!! Not only that they lie, when you try to ask a critical question to your sponsor: Do you notice their body language? I can't say a word but there's a sense that they are smiling and nervous at the same time. Your sponsor is showing some "evasive mannerism."

    I was nearly prospected because he was so smiling, motivated and charming but when I started to ask a simple question, he suddenly feels nervous, tense and smiling at the same time. Never seen a salesman wearing a formal attire that is nervous to a client. Signs of evasive mannerism. When he mentions the "A" word, I was puzzled and he was so nervous to the end asking me not to "tell anyone" or "google" this so-called "secret".

    1. Anonymous - "evasive mannerism" Good one! Usually the only way an Ambot evades stuff is by screaming "NEVER QUESTION UPLINE!!!!!"

      Yup the Internet has become Amway's worst enemy because people are getting their stories online about the financial and emotional destruction thanks to this cult. That's why you can go to an Amway meeting and the cult leader might never mention the "A" word. And that's why they tell prospects to keep things secret and don't ask their parents or search online. Amway's bad reputation is out there for the world to read.


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