Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Amway Ambot Over Saturation

If anyone has every worked for a large wholesale company selling products to retailers they likely know about sales reps. The company will hire staff whose job it is to stop by stores and see if they need to stock up on products their company sells. The company assigns each rep a territory and there’s no overlapping stores or cities. The reps might stop by a retailer once a month to get an order and the store manager has their contact information in case they run low on stock inbetween visits they can phone in an order. The sales reps might be paid a base salary plus commission or they might just be commission only.

Unlike Amway where Ambots do NOT get a monthly salary base pay. They work on commissioned sales only. And unlike Amway Ambots the legitimate sales rep has real customers who actually want to buy the product being sold. A legitimate customer who the sales rep doesn’t have to beg and grovel to buy their product. And unlike an Amway Ambot a sales rep working for a legitimate company is making a lot more than pennies on a sale. In other words a liveable wage that pays the bills. Unlike Amway Ambots. Remember? Pennies per sell. And sells are rare.

OK I’m going to pick on a couple of big companies here who are so huge it would be unlikely anyone searching for information would end up at this blog by mistake. These companies get much higher hits in the search engines than this blog.

Coke and McDonalds

Everyone knows about these companies. Everyone drinks coke or might have at some point in their life. And everyone has eaten at McDonalds if not regularly at least occasionally and for sure you can’t drive hardly anywhere these days without seeing the golden arches. Every day I drive by at least one McDonalds. Doesn’t everyone? I drove by 3 today. Last week I stopped in at one. Now the thing people notice about McDonalds when you live in a large city you can drive by a few in a day in different parts of town. And a lot of smaller towns have a McDonalds.

So lets start with coke and a sales rep working there. The rep’s territory is to cover all retailers that currently sell coke and keep their eyes open for new stores opening up that might want to sell coke in their shop. Let’s say the rep’s territory is Sacramento and all towns east to Truckee. Coke isn’t going to hire another rep to serve this section. But let’s just say coke hired 2000 reps to service this territory. God they’d be bugging the shit out of grocery store managers everywhere because many would show up every day begging them to buy coke so they can make commission. Once the shelves are stocked and there’s enough cases of coke in the back storage room to handle sales for the next few weeks the managers don’t need to be bugged about buying more coke.

That’s why big food wholesalers don’t oversaturate a market with sales reps.

Its kind of like if you know an Amway Ambot and he begs you to buy some shitty overpriced Amway products and just to get the fucker off your back you agree to buy a box of laundry soap for $40 meanwhile really fucking pissed off because you can go to Walmart and buy a box of Tide for $10. And then you get even more pissed off when you see what a shitty job Amway’s detergent does on your clothes. Yup you sure got ripped off overpaying for substandard laundry soap that can’t even get the job done. You won’t be buying this shit again. But every week the Amway fucker phones and bugs the shit out of you to buy another box of laundry soap. You already have enough laundry soap to last awhile so you don’t need no more but you can’t get that fucking annoying Amway asshole to quit bugging you. So you just avoid the bastard.

Lets go to McDonalds because at Scamway meetings the cult leader would try to compare owning “your own Amway business” to being a McDonalds franchisee. McDonalds head office owns restaurants and they also sell franchise locations but not just anywhere. They do all their advance marketing first to see if the area can handle a McDonalds or another one if there are other restaurants nearby. McDonalds corporation is not going to put a restaurant in unless they know that location will make money. Say McDonalds holds a meeting in a town of about 5000 people to get interest on opening a franchise location there. 25 people are interested in buying a McDonalds. Head office will say sorry to 24 of them. They know 25 restaurants can’t be opened in a town that small. Logistically a percentage of the population will have no interest in eating there and another percentage of the population are kids who rely on mom and dad’s money to eat out. That might leave about 2500 people who would eat at McDonalds and probably not on a regular basis. I’m not counting on people driving through town who are hungry just the 5000 residents. McDonalds isn’t dumb enough to oversaturate a market with too many restaurants where the need isn’t that great.

Amway is dumb enough to do that. They have too many ambots oversaturating a sales territory. Other things going against them is their reputation precedes them. Most people have already heard about Amway’s shitty overpriced products and a lot of have tried them and realized they got ripped off. And many people have had the shit bugged out of them by a fucking Amway asshole trying to scam them into buying shitty overpriced Amway products or go to an Amway cult meeting. Amway assholes antics are all part of the reason Amway has a bad reputation.

That’s why the Amway mantra is to “be your own best customer and buy from your own shop”. What they don’t add to that sentence is “because no one else will”.


  1. Good post. This underscores why Ambots cannot be successful in a "business" that is more about recruitment than it is about the products. The products are difficult, if not impossible, to sell due to the HUGE mark up from competing products in local stores. Finding customers who are not brainwashed or family members of Ambots who make tepid pity purchases are close to impossible. So the focus of the Ambot becomes selling phony "hope and dreams" to bring in fellow "franchisees" (lol... yeah right) who in essence become customers buying the products themselves. If they really had a real business, as this post shows, they wouldn't want to over-saturate a market for themselves. BUT, since the people they recruit are in reality customers and not business owners, they want to get as many as they can. But that plan always fails because you can't have a bunch of businesses spending all their own money on their own products and bringing no outside money in for long until they are deeply in debt and have to crash and burn. That's why they rely on all the motivational brainwashing tools and seminars. To keep all of them driving up their debt for as long as possible with laughable "success is just around the corner" bullshit lies.

    Could you imagine a McDonalds franchise where the owner is his only customer and tries to rely on recruiting other people to put up a McDonalds on every street corner and all of them basically buying from themselves? How long do you think THAT will last? lol

    1. Thanks Anonymous. The rest of the world who are not brainwashed Amway Ambots can understand that legitimate business running franchise operations do not over-saturate the market.

      That is not a consideration for Amway's head office. Unlike the bullshit "you are a franchise just like McDonald's" that Ambots are brainwashed to believe at Scamway meetings, that's untrue. They are just customers. Amway's head office has no duty to check if an area is over saturated with other Amway sales reps because their sales reps aren't selling products to anyone but themselves. Buy from your own store! So Amway doesn't care how many customers they have all over the place. The more customers they have buying their overpriced shitty products the better. Because Amway knows their shit can't compete with similar lower priced products in the market.

      Amway's a SCAM!

      But even though IBO's aren't making money - they've become better people! LOL! The bullshit those Amway losers believe - LOL!

    2. Amway works best in places where the general population hasn't heard about it, or about MLM schemes as a whole. In places like that, saturation isn't an immediately visible problem, since Amway is something new and nobody has really heard much about it.

      This is why Amway has been forced to spread itself globally. In places like Great Britain and America, the scam is so obvious by now that the very name "Amway" stinks in the nostrils of most people, and it is next to impossible to recruit new IBOs except among the very stupid and poorly educated members of the community.

    3. Anonymous - there's not too many places where the general population hasn't heard about Scamway. The new recruits are usually younger and have never heard about this pyramid scheme before and the Amway cult leader cautions them not to talk to their parents or grandparents because they probably know all about Amway.

      You said it - Amway stinks!

  2. Looking at the CORE steps carefully. Only 2 steps are aimed at making sales. These are showing "the plan" and retailing the products. Ironically and unfortunately. These 2 steps are extremely difficult and often times impossible to perform. The rest are easy but ironically, the rest of the steps are non-income producing and involves a loss. Therefore, if you can do the 2 impossible steps. Either you are gifted in lying or the prospect is highly vulnerable enough to believe in your lies.

    1. Anonymous - as you pointed out those 2 steps are the most difficult to achieve. No one wants to listen to the fucking Amway bored plan and no one wants to buy shitty overpriced Amway products. Unless of course they're a brainwashed Ambot then they'll do those things multiple times. I mean really we saw the fucking Amway plan at every damn meeting we went to. No one new was seeing this plan. Just us poor schmucks who showed up because if we didn't we'd be in for a shit rage torrent of abuse from the sack of shit Platinum. Yup you have to be a gifted liar and scammer to make any money in Amway.


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