Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Not Fuckwithable

Not coachable = not brainwashable

Unfuckwithable – look it up on urban dictionary or somewhere else. I like this one: When you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you.

The above is what being in Amway was like for me. I also like this definition: An individual who cannot and will not be fucked with. This individual is usually unstoppable and is never threatened by anyone.

That’s kind of like what this blog is like. Time after time an outraged Amway ambot leaves a comment screeching at us to stop writing this blog. You Amway assholes unhappy its so high in the search engines for just about everything one could look for when it comes to what being in Amway is really like. Tough shit assholes! The blog keeps going no matter how many of you fucking Amway assholes show up here screeching your negativity. I’ve dealt with bigger fucking assholes in Amway than you. Got that? There’s bigger fucking Amway demons  out there than you and I’ve faced down the evil and made them outraged when they figured out they couldn’t fuck with me. Your Amway negativity and drama doesn’t touch me. Go spread that shit on people whose lives you want to make miserable. I’m unfuckwithable!

Besides being unfuckwithable I’m sure the pompous sack of shit Platinum had a ton of reasons he didn’t like me, mostly because I was such a rebel and disinterested in anything Amway.

He’d hold Amway meetings and say he only does business with people he likes. If he doesn’t like you he won’t do business with you.

Well I don’t like you, you pompous sack of shit, but I’ve obviously done a lousy job of getting that message through to your Amway drunken brain because you seem to be under the false impression that I want to do business with you.

So he would bitch about me to Ambot. He’d bitch about everything: the way I dress, the “other” makeup I wear, I refuse to mingle and love bomb with Ambots, my phone, my car, my dog, the books I read. You name it, he bitched about it. It all leads to one thing. He’d bitch about me not being “coachable”. Pompous asshole. I told you the day I met you that I had no interest in Amway, going to meetings, buying products, etc. And its a huge surprise to you that I’m not coachable?

Fucking dumb ass Amway loser! Fuck you!

I’m also not coachable when it comes to learning how to jump out of airplanes or becoming a lion trainer. If I have zero interest in something or something I deem to be dangerous (both qualities I attribute to Amway) then I’m not going to bust my ass learning anything about it.

Then Ambot would parrot back the Amway speak in an accusatory tone to me: “The dumb ass pompous sack of shit Platinum (OK so those are my words not his) says that you’re not coachable.”

So when did I ever claim that I was coachable?

And right back at the Platinum - why bitch about someone not being coachable when they told you that the first day they met you? Dumb fuck!

Amway speak. “You’re not coachable” is better translated “I can’t brainwash you.”


You Amway assholes fucked with the wrong person.


  1. You have to consider what the typical Amway Platinum is like. He's usually a fat-assed, middle-aged failed used-car salesman from Indiana or Ohio. He wears cheap, off-the-rack suits, and his house is decorated from IKEA. He attends the Holy-Roller Glory Hallelujah True Gospel Church in some little rat's ass town in the boondocks.

    He's ignorant, arrogant, used to bossing his wife around, and obsessed with professional football. And having made his way up the Amway food chain, he's passionately committed to the idea that everybody in his down-line has to obey his orders to the letter.

    When anyone in his down-line shows the slightest inclination to think for himself or ask a question, the Platinum goes berserk with rage. He doesn't tolerate the slightest deviation from lockstep Amway routines. He is outraged by skepticism concerning Amway's promises, or any "negative" statements about the sacred Amway business.

    His livelihood depends on having simple-minded and blindly obedient people underneath him who will never even think of questioning his directives. Anybody else with the slightest bit of independence or self-awareness threatens the Platinum's whole world view.

    In short, he wants and needs persons whom he can "fuck with." If you're not that sort of person, you're his worst nightmare.

    Anna, congratulations. I hope you gave your Platinum plenty of migraines and ulcers.

    1. You have it exactly right, Anonymous. The last thing an upline wants is people who can think for themselves and use logic and reason and does the math. That threatens their smiley lovebombing toothy-grin saying "never question upline. TRUST ME!" They call "negative" anything where a downline has an individual brain and can spot bullshit. That's why they use all the cult tactics. Lovebombing, sleep deprivation, long "motivational" seminars and mind-numbing CD's. As with all cults, the goal is to make the victim stop thinking for themselves and put a wall between them and anyone who can try to reason with them, such as family and real friends.

      Amway can only work as a cult because anyone in it who is allowed to think for themselves, question and do math would come to the obvious conclusion "hey... there's no fucking way I can ever get ahead in this pyramid scheme. Everything they are telling me is lies and bullshit".

    2. Hi Anonymous - you described the personality traits of our sack of shit Platinum to a T. And you can do that because you've met another Platinum and their behavior is all exactly the same.

      The thing about these Amway losers is that their personalities also tend to be charismatic and come off sounding believable and trustworthy and they're good at closing sales. if they chose another line of work than being a commissioned salesperson for Amway they'd likely do pretty good financially.

      And yeah flying off into rages at any deviation from his version of the Great Amway Plan. After awhile I flat out refused to go to any more Amway cult meetings because I couldn't put up with that sick bastard anymore. I hope I did give him plenty of migraines and ulcers. And maybe he gave head office too many of those cause after they fired him he moved on to flogging Monavie.

    3. 2nd Anonymous - you listed off more reasons why the fucking assholes in our Amway upline didn't like me. LOL! Like it really destroys me when a bunch of fucking Amway losers that I can't stand don't like me back. Boo hoo! LOL!

  2. @Anna Bananna, excellent post, you have a very good built in bullshit detector. I've learned in my life how to identify people who are manipulators of others and the ways they do it. And Amway is all about lying to and manipulating people because nobody in their rational mind would submit to it otherwise.
    Keep in mind the golden rule of dealing with manipulators: NO ONE CAN MANIPULATE YOU WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. It's so easy and fun to turn the tables on these assholes. Here in my own words are some of the techniques I've learned:
    Just remember this one simple word: "no". Also, don't argue with them. You don't have to. Remember that these people usually have a PhD in bullshit and arguing so don't bother. "Oh excuse me, I already said 'no', maybe you weren't listening."
    You don't have to give them a reason why. "Yes I've heard you and no, you haven't interested me." Manipulators will try to put the onus on you and once they make you feel you have to give them a reason why they have won.
    Just look at them like they bore you with all their bullshit. You can see through it and have no interest in it whatsoever. Look them in the eye for a few seconds, look like you are trying to stifle a yawn (that's how much you are bored with their bullshit) and calmly say "no".
    Don't get visibly angry at them unless they have clearly crossed the line. They are searching for your buttons to use against you.
    Remember that you are no more interested in listening to his/her bullshit than you are in sleeping with the disgusting bastard or bastress, whichever the case may be.
    Here's the fun part: watch as the cracks start to appear in their facade once they begin to see that they have underestimated you. You are unfuckwithable.

    1. Hi Ray. Thanks for posting. Yeah those Amway bastards were good at manipulating my husband. The difference was he actually liked those fuckers. I did not. What kind of control do you have over someone who doesn't like you? None! That totally outraged those fucking assholes in our Amway upline. Control freaks!

      Of course all ambots have PhD in bullshit. They're card carrying Amway assholes which automatically means they are experts in everything and have degrees in anything they want.

      Yeah those Amway bastards should have listened to me when I said NO and stay the hell away from us. But they're part of World Wide Destructive Bastards and nothing brings them more happiness than destroying other people's lives so they went ahead anyway.

      Unfuckwithable! Everyone should take note whether or not they're dealing with Amway losers.

    2. Anna, why did your husband LIKE these guys? Were they old friends of long standing, or something of that nature?

      I nearly got roped into Amway because of my cousin, with whom I was close. And yes, we were both very young at the time.

    3. Hi Anonymous - I have no idea why he liked those Amway bastards. Love bombing? They held the secret to success? They were all going to get rich together? The motherfucker who signed us up to Scamway was a long time friend of his who I can't stand. One of these losers who can't hold a job, always calling wanting to know if we know anyone who's hiring, wanting hand outs, that kind of low life son of a bitch. He's a fucking arrogant prick. But enough of his good points. The reason most people get into Amway is just like what happened to you. You get prospected by someone you already know, maybe trust and like. That's not how it was with me because I've never liked the loser but that's how it is with most people who get scammed into Amway. And yes being young is huge because you're unlikely to have heard of Amway. But the problem with prospecting younger people is they know how to use a computer and to research. The Internet is the worst thing that can happen to Amway because people who've suffered financial and emotional distress have a huge outlet to share their stories.

      Good on you for staying out of the Amway hell hole. No one needs to go through the misery the Amway cult puts you through.

    4. Ray - The thing is that they will manipulate you until they have your consent.


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