Wednesday, January 13, 2016

And Yet Another 100 More Ways Amway Ambots Say Negative

It never fails to amaze me that lying scamming Amway assholes show up to a web page that is all about getting the word out that people in Amway are a bunch of fucking assholes. Then these bastards leave comments to prove that people in Amway are a bunch of fucking lying scamming assholes. They do the work for us to help prove our point that people in Amway are a bunch of nasty evil vicious bastards to be avoided unless you want your life destroyed. I’m sure the Amway corporation must be really proud of their commissioned salesforce and how they represent their company on the Internet. Spelling errors and unable to figure out what the fuck they’re saying belong to the fucking Amway Ambots. And yes if they all sound alike its because Ambots can’t come up with fresh material just the same old recycled bullshit that’s been passed down from Amway cult leaders over the years. And then you get the Amway losers who feel it’s their god given right as a card carrying Amway asshole to order us around. Or bitch about how angry or bitter we are like they’re a bunch of fucking Amway psychologists. And you got to wonder why these fucking Amway losers should really give a fuck if someone they don’t know on the Internet is angry or bitter or broke or whatever bullshit Amspeak propaganda they choose to spout out.

#1 on the list begins with some fucking Amway asshole accusing the page of being gibberish when the fucker writes gibberish himself. Then we have lying Amway assholes showing up here and accusing this blog as full of lies and bullshit and making stuff up. Writing about our real life experiences in Amway are lies? Like fuck you you fucking lousy piece of shit broke Amway loser. Don’t like us getting our true stories online? Affects your bottom line? Well that’s what we’re here for. Look around the Internet. Just about everyone has the same thing to say about Amway once they got out of the cult. They suffered financial and emotional distress. We all heard and saw the same things. If you prefer being brainwashed by Amway cult leaders and you don’t like reading the truth then don’t come back here and read the blog you dumb fuck. If we never were in Amway and were just making stuff up we’d have run out of material years ago. Fucking Amway losers lie about EVERYTHING!

Taking it into the political arena, why is Amway sending Ambots to this blog to leave comments about communism? Amway owners have switched party alliances and sending the message downline? I doubt it. Just some fucked up Amway loser screeching bullshit.

It shouldn’t be too long before an Amway employee from Michigan’s head office stops by to read this and just think how proud they’ll be of the comments left by their commissioned sales force and how accurately they represent their company. Looks like a lot of Amway losers need to get more instructions from the fucking assholes in their Amway upline on how not to say negative.

These comments are all part of the abuse that IBO’s have to take from the fucking assholes in their Amway upline. There’s nothing new here.

1.     The entire page is gibberish and i am sure it must be made by sbd who fail in amway.
2.     the writer of this page is a jerk.
3.     Fuck up please
4.     What sore losers.
5.     unfortunately you guys you have not learned the value of working effectively through true concepts of success.
6.     Whine all you want
7.     if you want to judge, judge your fucking self
8.     You're a nobody
9.     you punks would rather work a job fand be told what to do by a boss
10.  your blog sucks full of lies and bs
11.  if you tried it don't blame the system blame your self for not doing what it takes
12.  You're more fucked in the head than I thought.
13.  dumbass
15.  you are a moron.
16.  those that resonate with you guys will be the quitters.
17.  Amway people only hate people who are negative. An example is you we hate you cause your a hater
18.  Let go and better yourselves.
19.  You remind me of donald trump
20.  You say you lose money, just don't put money into it you fuck.
21.  you are an even more dumb fuck for listening to him, it's YOUR business and you could of done whatever you wanted with it.
22.  You're just too dumb to know how to run a business.
23.  I don't think I have the patience to deal with people like Anna Banana
24.  nut cases
25.  get a life lady
26.  the business did not fail them, they failed themselves.
27.  You little broke bastards.
28.  you have no idea how it works
29.  You're just making yourself look even worse, good job.
30.  What sore losers
31.  Look anna saintana fuck off and get a life.
32.  Whine all you want we are getting better and stronger and more efficient each day.
33.  Fuck you're dumb
34.  Wow you guys are a bunch of losers and failures that quit on yourselves and now are employed
35.  may you live a wonderful life in poverty.
36.  i feel bad for your husband cause he has to put up with you.
37.  I'm glad no one in my group would allow some idiot on the internet to steal their dreams
38.  You must be making money to be evaluating an eleven billion dollar company. LMFAO
39.  Clearly have nothing better to do with your life. Instead of spending so much time doing nothing with your life, you could have made money from amway.
40.  What a bunch of lossers
41.  You couldn't cut it in the business or your spouse, possibly because they were married to you... and now you're bitter.
42.  you clearly don't understand the value of what it is you could have had if you spent more time understanding adding value to others.
43.  Your husband didnt have hope or a dream and with your attitude
44.  enjoy your job you little communist punk
45.  jobs sick and so does your junkie blog
46.  Anna Banana you are just so pathetic and miserable.
47.  Your really negative and you have some anger issues.
48.  Once someone quits something they jump to the internet world to complain and put down whatever it is they quit just to feel good about themselves!
49.  you are a loser and a lazy hag
50.  you lived NOT ONLY a meaningless life, but one that ruined an opportunity for others to live out their purpose.
51.  Move on with your life.
52.  people dont want to hear your pethetic little blogs
53.  all you assholes ruining other peoples to be financially free and provide for their family you should be ashamed of yourselves
54.  you bunch of idiots
55.  bitter as fuck
56.  only ignorant people talk like this
57.  you are too lazy and negative to even do the work required to succeed
58.  And the haters gonna hate.
59.  Your a 100 percent real bitch go to hell and rott. FUCK OFF!!!
60.  Omg anna you foreal need to get a life.
61.  Your a little hater and your heart is pure evil.
62.  no one gives a shit what you say or think and go kys bitch
63.  Good bye biatch.
64.  I think you're completely uneducated
65.  I shake my head at you for speaking on something you know nothing about.
66.  Everything you spew is negativity
67.  Who the fuck would want to follow someone like you. (there’s over 40 followers on this blog. I bet this fucking Ambot has zero downline following him)
68.  You're so angry with your own failure that you spend your life entertaining this blog.
69.  you have nothing to offer this world.
70.  Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Anna because of your stupid BLOG
71.  I don't know what made you guys so bitter, But it really seems like you have no idea what you're talking about.
72.  You have a right to your opinion but read what you just wrote and see how crazy and angry you sound
73.  you're just a bunch of bitter sore losers
74.  you dont have a life
75.  Clearly you're unhappy and need to exercise a negative blog to make you feel good about quitting.
76.  you coulf go to hell and rott their. Im pretty sure no one will miss you.
77.  You're bitter because this business exposed you.
78.  Same o'l song and dance from a sore loser.
79.  You don't sound any different then the person who get's divorced and bashes their spouse and blames them for everything that went wrong in the marriage or the person who get's fired from a job and bashes the company they can't take responsiblity for their own actions.
80.  Humanism at its worst!
81.  Anybody who believes your childish word vomit, doesn't deserve to be a part of this wonderul business.
82.  The only people who will resonate with your blog will be all the other quitters and losing attitudes.
83.  Get up off your butt, move away from the computer, get out of your pajamas, go take a shower
84.  Wow, some bitter people towards WWDB here.
85.  From the way you guys have so much anger it doesn't seem like you were willing to grow positively as a person and you missed out on how core can change your life
86.  If people in WWDB were hustling you or pushing you they were building the business wrong.
87.  Hope you guys don't die bitter now.
88.  Blogs are perfect for people like you to spew your negative venom.
89.  grow up and take responsibility for your own unhappy lives.
90.  50+ years this business has been around and there are still small minded folks like yourself calling it a cult and a pyramid
91.  Negative attitudes, quitting spirits..
92.  The only reason anybody fails at anything.. is because they quit. Something you guys should consider studying about yourself.
93.  Retards d johnson moron bible chspel
94.  You fail because you might did the wrong thing.
95.  just because you are broke doesn't mean the products are expensive.
96.  Why is everyone so angry lol.
97.  Just because the business didn't work out for you doesn't mean it's a cult.
98.  do some research before you sound more of an idiot than you do.
99.  Wow reading to all these people's negative opinion about Anway makes me dumber by the moment.
100.  I guess there will always be losers in this world to balance the winners of Amway.


  1. Dear Anna --

    Let me repeat what I said on a different thread here some months back: the idiots from Amway who show up at your blog to attack you seem to be at the intellectual level of lobotomized chimpanzees.

    1. Anonymous - you're too kind. Those Amway idiots would have to go up several notches to reach that high level of lobotomized chimpanzees! LOL!

  2. Hey Anna,

    I thought you might get a kick out of this conversation I had with "Communikate support." Sorry if it doesn't really pertain to the thread. I utilized the alias John.

    Mary: Thank you for contacting customer care. How may I assist you today?
    John: Hi Mary!
    Mary: Hi!
    John: I was wondering if you can explain the break down for how I get checks every month based on my PV
    Mary: I apologize, I cannot. This is CommuniKate support. What organization are you with, so I can point you in the right direction.
    John: WWDB
    Mary: If you need assistance with your membership, please chat with Worldwide Group support at Click Login, then Need Help?
    Mary: You can also send an e-mail to
    Mary: Make sure you go to and not .org.
    John: Okay! By the way, what is the distinguishing advantage to Communikate over a cell phone with face time?
    Mary: Kate offers voicemail, faxing, email and audio and web conferencing along with mobile apps. It's alot more than just facetime.
    Mary: WWG Leadership sends their messages via Kate, so without an account you may be missing valuable info.
    John: My phone has all of that stuff excluding faxing of course, because let's be honest nobody uses faxing that is under 60 haha.
    Mary: You would be surprised at how many companies still require info via fax for signatures.
    Mary: Were there any other questions I can answer for you today?
    John: Well if I have to get something sealed couldn't I just go to my local postal company and have them send it off?
    John: This is all very confusing to me because I am trying to figure out how I make money, and communikate is just as expensive as my phone...
    Mary: You could, but faxing it is alot quicker and you get a delivery confirmation. You don't get that with just mailing a letter.
    John: What do you mean??? You can always get a delivery confirmation from your postal service...
    Mary: If you do sign up for a Kate account, the first month is free to try out the service. Your Upline can help you with getting started if needed.
    John: Are you saying the post office doesn't confirm whether you sent something or not, even if you ask for a receipt?
    Mary: If you send just a regular letter by mail, then no the USPS does not confirm. Were there any other questions about Kate that I can answer for you today?
    John: Well...I guess I still don't understand how it is worth over $30 a month. You haven't really justified that by saying that I can fax...
    John: USPS offers two types of tracking – retail and electronic. Retail USPS Tracking: USPS sells retail tracking at its post offices. Just fill out PS Form 152, which is a bright green label that is available at the customer desk. You can check the status of your item by entering a code online at USPS’s Track and Confirm page or by calling a number on the form. customers can use retail USPS Tracking by combining PS Form 152 with either NetStamps labels or when printing postage directly onto envelopes. Electronic USPS Tracking: If you print postage from an online service, such as, the program will include electronic USPS Tracking on your package for free for all mail classes.

  3. Here is Part 2: I know it is long, but it might be worth the read.

    Mary: Kate offers lots of features along with fax. You can Send and receive voice mail messages, Host video and audio conferences, and Manage contacts and calendars. Your organization is using Kate for it's communications to IBOs, as its a quick way to get info to everyone.
    Mary: You can see more information online at
    Mary: There are even videos on that site to see Kate in action.
    John: So, basically in order to run the business I really don't need Kate, I just need my cell phone and access to transportation?
    Mary: That's up to you, but you may not get all of the information your Uplines and organization are giving out without Kate.
    John: My uplines will not call me/e-mail me? That seems like they don't really care about my success...there are only 6 people in our group.
    Mary: You would need to make special arrangements with your Upline.
    Mary: They may be willing to email you.
    John: By the way, just so you don't make the mistake about postage again. You can track and get delivery confirmation for anything you send by USPS. It is illegal for them not to offer an option to keep track of your items.
    Mary: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    John: Do you utilize all of the amazing features of Kate for your business?
    Mary: I am not an IBO and cannot be because I represent CommuniKate but yes, we do have accounts and use them for our business.
    John: Why would that stop you from being an IBO? It does stand for Independent Business Owner, and they say you can supplement your income any way that you want while starting your business.
    John: That's like saying I can't drink XS because I am a distributor of the product...
    Mary: We are the vendor of the official communication tool. It's ok, the company takes good care of me. Were there any other Kate questions I can answer for you?
    John: I am so confused...the people working with and supporting Kate don't even utilize it to secure their financial freedom as an IBO?
    Mary: No, we are not IBOs. We are a business partner and are extremely happy to be that.
    Mary: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    John: I suppose you have answered by questions above and beyond expectation. You are truly a valuable resource for the business. Thank you for your time.
    Mary: Have a great day!

    1. Hi Mike. Thanks for sharing that conversation! The thing with Mary she's working for a company that supports the Amway tool scam so she's not quite a low life Amway asshole but she's close. The only smart thing is the owners of Communikate and the actual business name is something else that I don't remember. A former employee showed up here to dish on them and told us the Diamonds make commission of the ambots who sign up and so on, I just don't remember what the company is called. So the owner has obviously done a smart thing and told their employees don't sign up as an IBO because Amway is a scam. So no matter what bullshit Mary gives you about not being allowed to sign up due to conflict of interest or whatever, Mary and or the company owner knows Amway is a money losing scam and has advised the staff not to sign up. But they still are working dirty cause the majority of their clients are Amway losers. They were involved in a lawsuit a few years ago, I don't think under the Communikate name but under the business conglomerate's name and it came out that Amway's owners had invested or loaned money to them to get Communikate started. So they're all in bed together.

      As you discovered what the rest of us know and pointed out to Mary what use is Communikate when you can get a cell phone plan that does the same stuff for less money a month. Except fax. And yeah hardly anyone faxes anymore. It's more about scanning a document and emailing it. We do have a fax machine at our business for those just in case times but it mostly sits there gathering dust. Faxes were at their height in the late 80's and through the 90's but technology evolved and they only had a good 20 years out of this technology but its still around.

      Communikate is just another part of the Amway tool scam. The Diamonds or owners of WWDB get a chunk of the proceeds from every IBO who signs up. Our scak of shit Platinum and every other Amway cult leader out there would crack the whip to enforce the cult followers signed up so someone upline could make money off them. They also used this a Big Brother type thing to see who was really signed up and the sack of shit Platinum would send out a message that there was a secret meeting in one hour at his house and everyone was ordered to haul ass there. The ones that didn't show up were basically outed as not signing up to this section of the Amway tool scam. One of our readers left a comment that someone else in his line used to get the word out to everyone when these top secret meetings were suddenly called so even though he didn't have Communikate he still found out and went. So that tells me our sack of shit Platinum isn't the only cult leader out there practicing this bullshit.

      I even had an Amway loser leave a comment a few months ago that Amway was no longer using Communikate and family members of current IBO's called him out for being a liar because their relative was on Communikate. The Amway cult leaders aren't getting rid of a cash cow like this anytime soon, no matter how much better cell phone plans are! They don't make a nickel off you that way!

      The only thing Mary didn't tell you is what the current monthly fee is for signing up this Amway tool scam. It used to be $35/month.

  4. Hey Anna,

    So communiKate, or as they like to call it (Kate), is only being utilized by world wide dream builders. They do make the option to be purchased by others, and that is why they continue to be vague. Clearly no real business is going out of their way to search up a website called as we can clearly understand what that stands for. It is a shell under the company Parus Holdings. They have very conveniently left Kate (The bastard daughter) off their products list on their main page. One of the investment companies involved with Parus Holdings is Frostmann Little & Co. Some key board members...Donald Rumsfeld (Former Secretary of Defense and trigger finger leading us into the Iraq War under Bush), and Henry Kissinger (Former Head of 9/11 Commission who blamed Bin Laden, and then later had to resign because his company had Bin Laden's family as FUCKING CLIENTS). This hits a whole new level of scary that these guys are fucking connected to this shit! My mind is blown...

    The other thing that is ridiculous is the price. It is $37 a month to utilize Kate and its features. Aside from the use of can do all of these features on your cell phone, or with Skype. If you wanted the absolute cheapest and plenty reasonable cell phone plan, sprint charges you $30 for 6 gb with unlimited talk and text plus $10 for the phone line. I can now download skype for free and do the exact same things communikate can do, and I will have internet access. I will also be able to communicate (real version) with anyone I want and not just the people on their network.

    The biggest issue I have with communikate is that there is actually NOTHING proprietary about it. This drives me crazy when my uplink said I absolutely had to have it, and I confronted him saying I already have all of the tools at my disposal. His response was, well you are entitled to run your business that way, but I can't help you...WTF you are refusing to talk to me via cell phone, which we exchanged numbers on before any of this came to be an issue?

    P.S. Kate has a very strong rating of F on the BBB website vs. Sprint (B+) and Skype (B-) I think I know which ones I will choose...LOL!

    1. Mike - for decades now Amway kingpins have been rumored to be linked with some real nasty bastards. Evil likes to hang out together.

      As for the BBB rating Kate likely doesn't have the small army that Amway has to respond to the complaints. When the BBB receives a complaint they forward it to the company and put a deadline for a response. The company has to respond by that date in order to keep a good grade with the BBB. They don't have to respond favorably to the customer's concern or make things right. Just respond to the BBB before time's up. Amway obviously has a huge staff to deal with that and Kate has none. A few months ago a company was buying out a competitor for just over half a billion dollars and this was all kind of local news. The company being sold had close to 1000 complaints with the BBB and not a single response to them so obviously they don't have staff to deal with complaints. So they get an F. Does that stop the buyer. Hell no. Everyone things half a billion plus is a good deal no matter what the BBB rates them! LOL!

      In other words Sprint and Skype keep up pretty good with their correspondence from the BBB.

    2. Thanks Anna,

      I did not realize the BBB was essentially a terrible version of yelp. It does make sense though because there are plenty of businesses I find to be atrocious with very good ratings. None the less it still proves the point that Kate is a disaster, and not comparable to the other two companies. It doesn't have the staffing, capabilities, or technology to compete with them and yet they are generating gross amounts of revenue.

    3. Hi Mike. I'm sure the BBB does have good success in many instances to resolve disputes to the customer's satisfaction. Just saying that's not the main criteria on how businesses are graded! And I forgot to mention when you wrote above that if your upline refuses to "work with you" if you don't invest in the Amway tool scam that's a violation of Amway's policies. Amway always straddling the legal line and not dip more than a toe in the water has a disclaimer that there are groups within their cult that IBO's are members of and these group leaders will try to sell business materials and the IBO is not obligated to purchase them. Amway also says that their upline must work with the IBO to assist them to "succeed" LOL in their Amway business whether or not the IBO purchases the motivational and business materials.

      What you said I heard the same thing at every Scamway meeting. Where the Amway cult leader says if you don't buy the tools they won't work with you. Threatening little bastards. Personally I was fine with that. My husband went out of his way to do everything possible to get glowing praise from the assholes in the Amway upline. I had no inclination to do that.

      If anyone is in a similar position they can report the Amway bastard to Amway and say the upline refuses to "work with them" because they won't buy the "business tools". The problem is when you phone Amway's head office you're speaking to the I-don't-give-a-shit department and all they'll do is tell you to discuss the matter with your upline. Yup the same bastard you're trying to file a complaint against. There is no support from head office.

  5. My goodness, you must be a numb skull to think this. You must be fun at parties...

    1. Anonymous - I'm more fun at parties than an Amway loser who only shows up to find new prospects to pitch their shit to. And thanks for being an Amway asshole and providing a negative comment for the next installment in this series.

    2. To Anonymous of 6:59 PM:

      The only party that you'd be fun at would be a necktie party, with you hanging from the tree.

      Now go back to kissing your up-line's ass.

  6. CommuniKate is nothing but a monetary rip-off for your up-line's benefit. That's why Bronstein's up-line refused to talk to him on a normal cellphone.

    And having a FAX machine in the age of e-mail is like having a crank for your car engine in an age of pushbutton ignition.

    Who the hell does Amway think it's kidding?

    1. Right on anonymous. It is bad enough that their products are overpriced,filled with bad and incorrect science, and false health saving claims. They are actually still something you can technically sell and turn into a monetary gain. With communiKate you are literally flushing money down the toilet, burning it in a bonfire, or any other lovely version of destruction you would like to think of. The tools game for these guys is worth so much money, and it costs them virtually nothing so the margins are gigantic.

      The biggest failure with the tools game approach, is that they are supposed to try and enrich their workforce with these items, but instead they are just profiting off of it. This is the number one flaw with pyramid schemes/MLMs/direct selling or whatever the hell you want to call it.

      At least with the CDs you can get to hear the person who is ripping you off give you sunshine and rainbows and blow smoke up your ass. With the Kate program you can't even begin to figure out the rabbit hole your money has jumped into. The scariest part is how many high profile personalities are involved with this junk.

      Anna, I think you should definitely try to make a post about the deception of high profile spokespersons involved with MLM. Just off the top of my head I can think of Drew Brees, Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyosaki (Asshole who wrote the book being held as the bible for Amway), Hulk Hogan, Cristiano Ronaldo (Famous soccer player), Donny Osmond, Chuck Norris (Insert Chuck Norris joke here), Kurt Warner (NFL Champion), Megan Fox and many more.

      These people are abusing their platforms to represent theft and manipulation of others as a viable business strategy for the American Dream.

    2. Anonymous - like everything else in the Amway tool scam Communikate is just another method for the fat cats sitting at the top of the pyramid to get fatter.

    3. Mike - the Amway cult leaders probably think getting their message out fast to their followers is why the gullible should sign up with Communikate. When they could get the message out just as good doing a conference call on cell phones or sending out a mass email of a recording. I mean these bastards just send out messages on Kate as the mood strikes them. Like "I just got off the can and I made more money taking a shit than the rest of you losers make all year." And other similar motivational bullshit.

      No I don't get too involved in the business end of Amway and the hired spokespeople. Other bloggers do that. This blog is all about cursing out the assholes in the Amway upline and making everyone look foolish.

  7. How about this:

    - Your dreams will not come true if you listen to an advice from "negative" people.

    1. Anonymous - that's standard advice given from Amway cult leaders at every meeting. Their viewpoint is the rest of the world are "negative" and only people inside the Amway cult aren't. Which is a bunch of bullshit because the most negative people I've ever met in my life have all been in Amway.

  8. In the Amway cult, the word "negative" is just code for "not convinced by Amway's various lies."

    It's like using the word "Fascist" if you think someone is too conservative, or using the word "Communist" if you think someone is too liberal. The terms are meaningless, except as pejoratives.

    1. Anonymous - I've been called just about every word out there by those negative Amway assholes including being a member of just about every political party out there too.

      The words Amway Ambots fling out are as useless as those Amway losers.


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