Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shittiest Towels EVER Are Sold By Amway

The worst towels I have ever used came from Amway. This was a few years back. I have no idea if Amway still sells shitty towels. I can’t remember what colors Ambot purchased. I definitely remember red. I think the other set was a different color, maybe blue or green.

The first time I used the towels all the little red fluff came off all over my body. YUCK! So I toss them in the washer and dryer hoping that a cycle will get rid of the fluffies. I know from past experience that sometimes a washing or two is necessary to get the lint off.

No such luck. For the next month I washed and dried those suckers multiple times following each use because everytime I used them I was grossed out by all the towel fluff left on my body. Talk about low quality at a premium price! Not to mention how irritating it is to dry myself off and have towel parts stuck all over me. Absolutely disgusting.

After a month I told Ambot I refused to use those shitty towels anymore. I went to the department store and bought Ralph Loren Polo towels. They were lower priced and better quality than the Amway towels. The best thing? No more shedding!

The second best thing is those higher quality RL towels lasted for years. They’d still be going strong except I decided I needed a change and headed to JC Penney to buy some nice plush Egyptian towels. If anyone is looking for good quality reasonably priced fluffy luxurious towels, they’re from the Chris Madden Home Collection at JC Penney.

Getting back to the fluff magnets, Ambot was able to return the towels with the complaint that they shed worse than our dog. I guess our sack of shit Platinum and other fucking assholes in our Amway upline lost some points on that refund too! Upline losing bonus points because of me is, well, always a bonus!


  1. Anna, don't forget one of the sacred tenets of the Church of Amway:

    All Amway products are far and away superior to any competitive products on the general market!

    I'm surprised your asshole Platinum didn't give Ambot a song and dance about that when the towels were presented for a refund.

    1. Anonymous - well I'm sure every Ambot out there believes that Amway's shitty overpriced products are superior to similar products sold by regular retailers. The rest of the world who aren't brainwashed disagree.

      Oh I'm sure that fucker bitched at Ambot for returning the towels. Only a brainwashed Amway asshole could possibly think high quality towels mean getting towel parts left all over your body. YUCK! Amway products are just fucking nasty!

  2. Don't forget Amway's other claim. That their shitty produts have the best value. ROTFLMAO

    1. LOL! Amway might call it a claim. We call it a lie! LOL!

  3. I never used the towels, but my uplink brought around plenty of XS energy drinks (man there are probably so many puns and hidden meanings behind that one), the energy "pills" that were absolutely disgusting to eat, and the "brain gummies" which I'm still lost as to how anyone came up with that idea for a sugary candy. I remember the XS energy drinks actually tasted okay, but they must not have had any caffeine because I could put away 5 of those things and still feel crappy. I can drink a half of a monster and feel jazzed and ready to go for at least a couple hours...and they certainly weren't 5 hour energy. The brain gummies were definitely the funniest item. They were actually supposed to stimulate your mind, or help your memory or some crap. I'm pretty sure all they did was give me a lot of sugar I didn't need, and maybe a step closer to diabetes. I looked up the price for them, and they charge $47 for 112 gummies HOLY COW! Those things must cost them $0.50 to make tops! Such a ridiculous scam!

    1. "Brain gummies"? That actually was the name of the product?

      It looks like Amway is also trying to save money on its advertising budget. Anyone on Madison Avenue who even suggested that as a product name would be fired in a flash.

    2. Mike - just be glad you never used Amway towels!

      But you know a lot of Ambots would have just sucked it up an wouldn't have returned those shitty towels. That happens a lot with Amway products. Ambots don't return them because then everyone in the upline takes a hit on their PV and they'll be in for a shit kicking from the assholes in the Amway upline for returning those "fine products" LOL!

      As for the XS that was like a combo of cat piss and the worse cough syrup ever. My husband bought cases of that piss water! And never before or after getting out of Scamway has he ever bought energy drinks. So much for the old Amway scam that you buy things from Amway that you would normally buy at the store.

      Don't remember the brain gummies but that wouldn't be something I'd buy. My husband might have bought them if he was bullied long enough by the Amway upline. That's the thing with the majority of Amway products such as their make up. With packaging the entire product cost is probably a dollar or less. And then there's this HUGE mark up. Scam!

    3. Anonymous - yeah any marketing guru on Madison would get laughed out of town but we're talking low life losers who work in Amway's marketing department so yeah I can definitely see a name like brain gummies for a product based on the other dumb fuck names that department has come up with! LOL! And can't you see a product named that would appeal to Amway losers who think anything with the word brain in it will make them smarter? Can you say "brain"washed? The only thing that'll make an ambot smarter is to stop buying shitty overpriced Amway products and stop going to Scamway meetings.

  4. Haha @ brain gummies

    They're called "Kids Brainiums DHA" gummies in strawberry and fruit punch flavor.

    I personally think the strawberry is disgusting but the fruit punch is fine.

    About $1.12 per day per kid at IBO cost (if given 4 gummies each).

    5 grams of sugar per 4 gummies

    If anyone was curious haha X-)

    1. Anonymous $1.12 a day - HOLY SHIT!!!! I checked Walmart's website and if you buy Flintstone gummies for kids its like 7.5 cents a day and the Walmart brand gummie vitamins for kids are like 4 cents a day. Amway is a fucking rip off!!!!

  5. Wow, my husband and I almost got pulled into this scam because they first told us its discounts with Target and Best Buy. Then after their brain~washing meeting we find out we actually have to purchase these over priced Amway products. I must say that the DHA kids gummies are not quite the same thing as Flintstones vitamins. Nothing wrong with Flintstone vitamins, however DHA gummies are usually fish oil which are high in Omega fatty acids versus vitamins and minerals like the Flintstone vitamins. However, we buy our daughter bottles of fish oil gummies from the health food store for $10 and the bottle last for 1 month! much cheaper than $1.12/day!

    Now the Ambot potato chips.... I calculated the weight of the potato chips. Their $34 of tortilla chips is equivalent to the weight of what we pay $4 for organic tortilla chips!!! :O This company scams people bad!

    1. Hi violet. Thanks for stopping by! You're lucky that you and your husband were both onboard with not wanting to sign up with Scamway and figured out real fast you didn't want to buy their overpriced shitty products. Double lucky that your husband wasn't prospected by someone your husband liked and trusted and got dragged in. That's usually how it works. And yeah the Ambots lie about how you can save money when you sign up with Amway and discounts with all these "partner" stores and other bullshit. Ambots will lie to you about anything to get you to sign up, they're so desparate to make a buck.

      Now great. I'm craving tortilla chips! Got the salsa. No chips! Damn!


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