Thursday, January 7, 2016

Best Paying Jobs For Women Are NOT in Amway

I read a Forbes article that talked about the best paying jobs for women. and sorry if you REALLY want to read it you got to copy and paste that link maybe a couple of times otherwise the buggers at Forbes takes you to their welcome page if you just click through. The list was rather bogus and sexist. Mostly it listed careers in what used to be predominantly male occupations like anthropologist, science, doctors, the type of jobs that one typically has a university degree and works their way up in the industry. In this day and age these are good paying jobs for either men or women so no need to be sexist and say best paying jobs for women. The list was unrealistic for the majority of the population to obtain. I suppose it fills up space in the magazine. Fortunately Amway is not on the list! Big surprise! Go figure that one out! If you listen to fucking Amway assholes they’ll be bullshitting you up one side and down the other that Amway is the best paying job for women. LOL! In a company known for male chauvinist pigs a woman is really going to claw her way up the pyramid. LOL!

One passage stuck out for me:

Jobs with the lowest satisfaction rates among women include food preparers and servers (median salary: $19,000), retail salespeople ($21,000), production workers ($30,000) and secretaries and administrative assistants ($31,000).
When I look back into the hell hole of the dark Amway days, the jobs held by the ambots I knew were food, warehouse, retail, and office or closely related jobs. Unskilled labor type jobs. Get your training while on the job. Easy come easy go jobs.

Not only are they low paying jobs but I agree there is little job satisfaction in those jobs. They are all fairly mindless jobs that once you get the routine down you can pretty much get the job done without thinking too much about it.

Its little wonder that Amway targets people in those industries to sign up to their pyramid scheme. People are stuck working a dead end job with little pay. Many low paid employees are on the lookout for something better. So when some rotten fucked up Amway IBO comes prospecting they can be easily hooked.

Workers in those food, retail, warehouse, or office are enticed by the material possessions of the upline and believe the lies about how much money can be made at the Amway scam. They are good prospects because they might have a little extra cash to buy Amway products and tools. Or because they’re working they are probably eligible for credit cards which they can go into debt investing in the Amway scam.

Once they get brainwashed enough by the Amway cult leader they believe that jobs are bad and only losers have jobs. They are brainwashed to believe that people who are not involved in Amway are losers. This attitude carries on with them and one way or another they are probably not going to be holding their low paying, low satisfaction job a whole lot longer. But what do they care if they quit or get fired. There is a high turnover rate in food, retail, and clerical so they will probably find another low paying job pretty quickly.

Unless of course their upline tells them now is the perfect time to concentrate on their Amway business and “grow their business”. Then the job search will be stunted while they chase an elusive dream of being their own boss and that declaration alone means they will be financially independent forever.

I concluded many years ago that Amway will never ever be one of the best paying jobs for women. (Or men!)


  1. Amway definitely favors married couples, but only if the couple are in total agreement about the Amway cult. The company is always singing the praises of "Bill and Gloria" or "Tom and Jennifer" or the like, as long as the couple are dedicated to "The Plan."

    On the other hand, Amway seems very distrustful of women in general. Are there any IBOs who are single women? Are there any female Diamonds? From what I hear and read, Amway women are a kind of "ladies' auxiliary" that just helps out. They make the coffee and sandwiches while their husbands draw circles and woo prospective recruits. And they make sure their tired husband gets good sex when he comes home late at night after a long day of flogging Amway's propaganda. (That is, if your up-line allows you to have sex... apparently he decides if and when you can cohabit with your spouse, just as he decides if you can buy a TV or a washing machine).

    Amway wives should declare a sex strike, like Lysistrata. Tell your husband he won't even get a smell if he continues wasting time and cash in the Amway scam.

    1. Amway is a very misogynistic company with far right conservative views. They like to fantasize the old days of the "little lady" waiting at home ready to pamper her adored husband, barefoot and pregnant, deferring to his wisdom on all issues and standing next to him onstage at functions staring googly-eyed up at him silently as he spouts his Amway bullshit.

      One of the lies they dangle out to potential victims is how with Amway they can afford to have the wife stay at home raising the kids while the gazillions of dollars come rolling in. Of course, as we've seen time and time again from stories from Ambot children, just the opposite happens. The home life is fucked up while the parents are off "working" the 99% failure rate scam.

      And for the relationships where the woman doesn't buy into the bullshit... she becomes a target of the upline. A barrier of fleecing their victim that must be done away with, so then begins the poisoning of the victim's mind against his wife who they see standing in the way of them and the victim's wallet.

      Fuck Amway, those evil motherfuckers.

    2. Anonymous - as you pointed out Amway favors married couples. But only is they are man and woman couples. Amway bigots are stuck in another century on their views on traditional relationships. Fortunately most of the rest of the world are not bigots and are tolerant of all kinds of relationships. In other words not only will you not see a single female Diamond you won't see a gay couple as a Diamond either. The cult leaders will never let either of those things happen because it deviates from "the plan". Though they're quite happy to scam money out of anyone. Yeah basically Amway women do the background stuff. Not like the ladies auxilary who might make coffee and sandwiches. Amway women pour little splashes of XS into Dixie cups and slice an Amway food bar into 40 slices and serve those. Old fashioned values. I think you got the picture. And yes sex strike is probably a good way for women married to ambots to get their husbands out of the cult.

  2. Hi, I just posted a comment on a post a few years old thinking this was just an old blog that probably wasn't used much but that maybe you'd see it someday. Only to find out some 2 years later you're still going hard ripping on Amway. I love it, (not so much that its about Anway ;)) but it's exactly what I love about the Internet and the USA. Freedom of speech.

    Anyway, I'm currently an IBO with Amway and love every minute of it! I am curious what you think about my comment from your old post! Keep on keepin on :)

    (Link to the post I'm talking about

    1. Anonymous - the post you commented on is the most looked at post in this blog. It gets over twice as much views as the nearest competitor. As of today its had just over 80,000 views. The next highest viewed post has just over 20,000 views. So much for thinking this was an old dead blog. As long as people are getting scammed by Amway and going through emotional and financial distress we'll be here to offer support and share our stories.

      And you have a very unusual attitude because Amway the company and most Ambots HATE the 1st Amendment.

      And really you have nothing better to do at 2am than search online for information on cosmetics? When I was in my 20's I'd probably still be awake but I have other things going on than reading about lipstick. But whatever turns your crank I guess. Just don't take a page out of the Amway Masturbator's book and come back and share what Amway product you're using to jerk off on at 2 in the morning.

    2. That makes sense about continuing the blog. I am curious however as to how Amway is scamming people? Perhaps your definition of the word scam is a little off? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm honestly just asking.

      If you took a million dollar loan out from a bank to start up a company and your company fell through and you lost all that money for WHATEVER reason (personal or otherwise), would you blame the bank of scamming you out of your money?

      Nope, not the organization within Amway I'm apart off! We love everything to do with America and the fact that it allows ANYONE IN THE WORLD to become wealthy and free. But you have to put the work in (that's the catch most people don't understand ;))

      And in regards to your passive aggressive statement about me commenting on your lipstick post at 2am? I'm on your blog, generating traffic, posting comments, and you make fun of me? Why is that? Have I done anything to personally harm you? Have I been mean? Have I done something wrong? Because if I have could you please point it out so we might be able to have a normal human conversation? Thank you.

    3. Banks lend people money on the assumption and agreement that the money (with interest) will be repaid. How is that anything like what Amway does?

      If you start your own business with a bank loan and it doesn't work out, that's either your own fault, or just bad luck. But Amway doesn't give you a damned thing! All it really does is compel you to keep on purchasing useless products from them, and useless CDs and tapes, and useless services like CommuniKate, and useless "functions." You're not "running your own business" -- that's a pure delusion. The Amway business is running you, as a sucker.

      A "scam" means a fraudulent activity that cheats persons out of their money. Banks do not run scams -- they make loans. And as long as you pay back your loan in full, you do not owe the bank anything else. It's a perfectly proper business deal.

      But Amway doesn't function like that at all. It deceives naive and desperate persons into shelling out endless streams of money, month after month and year after year, just on the chimerical hope that they might become rich some day. You think that isn't a scam? Think harder.

      Even a big-bucks lottery is more honest that Amway. When someone buys a lottery ticket, nobody on either side of the ticket counter believes that the buyer has more than an infinitesimal chance of winning the jackpot. It's just a game of chance.

      But Amway lies to its IBOs. It tells them that if they do everything exactly right and to the letter, THEY CAN'T MISS. They will definitely get rich! That's why they keep telling their poor down-line idiots that "Success is just around the corner!" Not even the people who run the lottery would have the nerve to spout a lie like that.

      And of course, if you don't make it in Amway despite absolute adherence to the Amway plan and rules, it's always "Your fault."

    4. Anonymous - time after time Amway Ambots show up here screeching at us that we "failed" at Amway because we didn't "put the work in". Everytime I ask the Ambot for a description of what they mean by that and they disappear. Seeing as how that's a quote from your comment, please define putting the work in or working hard enough. I've done several posts on this topic. I can tell you from first hand experience that putting in 100+ hours a month, doing everything the fucking assholes in your Amway "counsel" you to do, being CORE, going to every Amway meeting and major function, bugging the shit out of everyone you know to come to Amway meetings or buying overpriced shitty products quite clearly is not working hard enough.

      Define please. Everyone around this blog is dying to know.

      Here's what else I want you to do. Phone your bank and make an appointment with the loans officer because you want a million dollar loan for your business. That's your dollar amount not mine. We didn't need that kind of money when we started our real business many years ago. Take in your Amway "business plan", draw a few circles, and tell the loans officer that in 2 to 5 years you'll be making bazillions of dollars in residual income every month.

      And then come back here and tell us how that meeting with the loans officer went.

      As for how is Amway scamming people, as if flogging overpriced shitty products wasn't bad enough, take a look at the small print of the Amway literature where it says a fraction of 1% will make money. Someone stopped by recently and quoted that amount off their brochure but I don't recall. Something like .00367%. You don't think a "business opportunity" with over 99% failure rate is a scam?

      And sure you probably think that you'll be that one in a zillion chance who makes money. All of you do. Amway head office says 95% of IBO's quit within 2 years.

      The odds are stacked against you. As they're stacked against the majority of participants. No matter how much the assholes in your upline try to convince you how everyone's going to be rich - head office disagrees.

      Forget the odds stacked against you, I can tell you don't have it in you to bet that miniscule fraction who makes money in Amway. To be part of that teensy sector you got go be the best liar and scammer around. You got to be a bigger fucking asshole than you are. And I've encountered some of the biggest fucking assholes Amway has to offer and they're still broke losers.

      So come back and define "putting the work in" and let us know how it goes with the loans officer.

      Good luck.

    5. And 2nd Anonymous - good advice but doubtful any Ambot will take it. It's my guess this guy has been in Scamway no more than 4 months. It takes most Ambots between 4 and 6 months to realize they got scammed. And then they still go to the next Amway function and are FIRED UP for about 1 week then they quit.

      A brainwashed Ambot who shows up here with the canned Amspeak will never realize that his Amway cult leader is the liar and not the rest of the world who have a different point of view. Oh well. Hopefully this guy is young enough to bounce back emotionally and financially after he sees the light.

      And yes. Go out and buy a Powerball ticket today! Got a better chance of winning that jackpot than making money in Scamway.

    6. But it CAN HAPPEN. You CAN make millions with Amway if you put your blood sweat and tears into it. You can also make nothing. It all depends on how much work you put into it.

      Same goes for a job. If you work extremely hard and put your blood sweat and tears into your job, you will get promoted (or at least that's the way it should be). In the long run you could become the president or vice president of a company. Making you hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Or you could slack off and do nothing and skim by day by day. Pay check to pay check.

      It's the exact same thing. Job promotions can be "right around the corner" for years and years! And perhaps may NEVER come.

      And tell me that old saying we were all raised on of "get an education, get a job, work hard and you'll be successful" isn't the biggest scam of all time. Sure, you might end up with a big paycheck every month but people never tell you about the fine print that you'll be at that job 40-50 (or 60+ depending on your profession) hours a week away from your family and loved ones, two days off a week, two weeks off a year, for the next 45 years! Tell me that's not a scam. Say it. I dare you.

    7. Alright, clearly I'm not going to be changing your mind anytime soon. Not that that's what I came here to do, I can just see you're very set in your ways. Which don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that, but I would suggest that at least in the future to be a little more open minded about things (I'm not talking specifically Amway, just things in life. If you don't already that is! I don't know you at all so maybe you're just like this with Amway). You seem like a very intelligent passionate lady and I honestly think your skill could be much better used in a positive way than a negative one. By all means keep the blog, but really, go write somewhere else too! Maybe try writing for a place like, I feel like you'd be awesome there. Seriously. Please don't take that as sarcasm because I meant it all.

      Anyway, I have things I need to do in my life other than argue on this blog XD. And as for the "put work in" part, I really don't feel like explaining in a fifteen page response what it would take to be successful with Amway cause I know you won't use it anyway ;)

      But if any of you feel like reading up on how my organization approaches this business, here's a link to an article that details an approach that is nearly identical to our organizations.

      Please just remember Amway is a people business. Don't let a few bad apples ruin your perception of the basket.

    8. To the Amway person,

      How many successful people do you know in amway are under the age of 35? For the successful amway people, why are they still working amway if they're supposedly making millions a year? Shouldn't the money come in every minute while they walk barefoot on all the beaches of the world? What kind of part time job is amway when you're putting in 40+ hours a week?

      I'll wait.


    9. And yet another Ambot backs off when asked to define putting the work in. 15 pages? Nope. Maybe like half a page listing off the CORE steps.

      At Amway meetings the cult leader bitches about people who are no longer in the cult. They're quitters, they're losers, they're dream stealers, they didn't put the work in, they didn't try hard enough, they'll be broke or dead by the time they're 65. And then Ambots quote the fucking assholes in their Amway upline but when asked to qualify what they're saying they can't. "Because my Amway cult leader says so that's why" is not a response that logical thinking people will accept.

      Lie, deny, distract, and defend. And then disappear. That's the life of an Amway Ambot.

      Oh and don't waste your time going to the bank's loan officer. I can tell you you'll be declined for your loan and that's because banks don't deal with pyramid schemes.

      And thanks for thinking I'm intelligent. Most Amway Ambots show up hear screeching that I'm not educated. Another canned Amspeak response that's taught at Amway meetings to describe everyone not in Amway.

      And you're right, I am not open minded to scams.

      Perhaps you should try to be more open minded to the experiences of people who've gone ahead of you. Follow the money trail. Who's trying to make a buck off you? Look around this page and you won't see anything for sale. Whose intentions are better? The one you wants to make money off you or the one who doesn't really give a shit one way or the other if someone is dead set to lose their money to a scam?

  3. To A,

    Okay, this is my last response here just because I don't want to keep you up waiting ;) To answer your question I have met and talked to 4 diamonds under the age of 35. If you're just talking success as in a wife not having to work anymore, or both husband AND wife not having to work then just off the top of my head I can think of 25 couples (that I have met personally, not just ones I've seen on videos and on stages). And that's JUST within my organization, and just thinking quick to give you an answer.

    I know you might accuse me of exaggerating but I promise you I'm not. There are many different organizations within Amway and the one I am a part of is top notch. It's not just about circle jerking XS cans and vitamins, it's about bringing people home.

    And what Diamond to you personally know that works 40+ hours a week? I really don't understand where you got that number. The diamonds (and crowns) I know still speak and do functions because they're financially free and can now afford to do a talk or board plan here and there to help the people within our organization follow in their footsteps. It's called giving back.

    I'll say it one last time, please don't confuse the bad people in Amway with the company Amway. There are PLENTY of great people and organizations within Amway. I promise.

    In closing, to the people being rude and passive aggressive to me on this blog, please consider that if this is the way you are to others in person, perhaps that is why you were not successful with Amway. I'm not saying it's the truth, but maybe take a look in the mirror ;)

    PS I look in the mirror every day and know I can be passive aggressive too. Especially with my winky faces ;)

    1. Don't believe the bullshit that Diamonds are "helping" you and "giving back" out of the goodness of their hearts. The real way to make money in Amway is by selling tickets for meetings and functions and selling CD's and books. We don't call it the Amway tool scam for nothing. Just don't try to bullshit us that Diamonds are giving back. Those fuckers don't show up nowhere unless they get paid for it.

    2. Another thing to keep in mind, when Ambots say they see plenty of couples in Amway who seem well off or the wife is at home, etc, what they don't say is if that couple (and I mean the ones who aren't in on the tool scam/functions scam) have a REAL job where the real money is coming from. That is VERY common in Amway. Someone with a nice paying job but to potential recruits they lie and say it's due to the money they make in Amway.

    3. Virtually everyone in Amway has a real-world job in addition to his or her Amway distributorship. And they keep this job for the entire time they are in, despite all the phony screaming at functions to "Flush that JOB!"

      Originally there was no objection to this -- Amway was supposed to be a part-time thing that just generated a little extra income for you from the selling of its products to your close friends and neighbors locally. But then the evil creeps higher up the food chain decided to turn Amway into a hyped-up, cultish freak-scene, and all of a sudden having a "J.O.B." was considered the sign of a loser and a disgrace. And so you had Ambots bragging that they would "retire in two years," even though they were barely making their mortgage payments.

      So as a result, people in Amway still keep their jobs, but remain shamefacedly silent about it at all times. They shout "Flush that JOB!" at the stupid functions, but they quietly cash their paychecks when they get home.

    4. Anonymous - I highly doubt that he's still an Emerald anymore after our sack of shit Platinum defected to Monavie and took most of his downline with him, but the Emerald bastard didn't work a J.O.B. to the best of my knowledge. The Amway income for an Emerald would be about $2-$3000/month no matter how much our sack of shit Platinum claimed an Emerald made $125,000/year. Other former Emeralds have written or done videos about how much they really made as Emeralds. Anyone this bastard's wife worked. I don't remember what she did but it was a very good union government job, so probably upwards of $60,000/year hell maybe even closer to 6 figures for all I know. So much for the wife being at home to take care of the children bullshit mantra that's preached at all Scamway meetings. I'd say the wives of just about every male chauvinist ambot in our upline did have jobs though not full time. The one who had the nicest job was the Emerald's wife and I guess she can't quit that anytime soon while they try to claw their way back up the pyramid.

    5. 2nd Anonymous - during our time in the Amway cult I saw a lot of Ambots in our group become unemployed. Probably due to their shitty attitude. The assholes in their Amway upline constantly phone and text and they have to stop whatever they're doing to take care of their masters. They spend too much time doing Amway shit instead of the work the boss is paying them for. Plus their attitude sucks once they become brainwashed Ambots and they end up getting fired. Who needs Amway negativity polluting the workplace.

      But yeah as you pointed out Amway was only supposed to be looked at as part time work to make extra money. The reality is most Ambots work harder at Amway than they do at their J.O.B. but don't see the financial compensation. If there was actually a chance to make a few extra bucks and the products were decent and well priced making it attractive to buyers and if the Ambot didn't have to shell out hundreds of dollars a month in personal PV plus the Amway tool scam then .... There's a better chance of making a few bucks a month in side income delivering newspapers or selling Avon. Choose products that the general public actually wants. There's a reason why over 95% of Amway's sells are to Ambots and not real customers who aren't registered IBO's. No one wants to buy overpriced shitty products! Except brainwashed Ambots.

  4. You know Anna, I think I sense something happening here.

    This blog and its vigorous commentary are starting to get under the skin of the fat cats in Ada, Michigan. Questions are being raised publicly here that are just too damn embarrassing for them.

    They can't get around the First Amendment (though they and their thuggish lawyers would love to send jackbooted police to raid and shut down every anti-Amway website).

    So in their desperation, they've come up with a different plan. Have a few mild-mannered, fairly literate, non-confrontational Amway defenders show up here (having been granted up-line permission to visit your blog) to be all sweet and reasonable. They'll be friendly and polite. They'll admit that there are "bad apples" in Amway. They'll even compliment you on your feistiness, and urge you to take part in other discussion groups (as a convenient way to distract you from running THIS blog, no doubt).

    And then there are the usual mantras: education is a "scam," a job is a "scam," everything is a "scam." And "hard work and sweat will always guarantee success!" And "why are you wasting your great talents and energy on this negative campaign?" Then there's the pious plea for moral rearmament ("Be a better person, Anna!"), and even a link to a WWDB website.

    Anyone in the intelligence community would recognize this an undercover move by Amway to--once again--distract your readers from the truth about the Amway fraud.

    Congratulations honey -- you are really starting to piss them off if they've gone to this length.

    1. Yes -- the intelligence services call this operation a D.D.I., or "Diplomatic Detente Initiative." It's fairly simple: you make nice to the enemy, throw him a few compliments, agree that some of his complaints are justified, ask a few non-aggressive questions, and then oh-so-gently suggest a new direction for his energies. With the friendly climate thus generated, you can infiltrate his side and gain an advantage.

      The main thing to remember is this -- no D.D.I. can be operated without the express consent of an intelligence service's political superiors in the government. That's why I smell Ada, Michigan behind all this.

    2. Hi Anonymous. What you say makes sense ---- but do you really think anyone in Amway is smart enough to think that up? LOL! You might have given them ideas though.

      For every 300 Amway defenders that leave comments on this blog one will be mild mannered, sounds fairly intelligent and makes you wonder what the fuck are you doing in Scamway when it sounds like if you started a legitimate business you'd probably do good. Just goes to show that a good con man can reel in anyone. This Ambot did a search for something like the world's best make up and landed on another post. Then was surprised (?!) to see this blog still has current content and chose to post comments here where they'd have a better chance of being seen. Unlikely an Amway plant. Just some Ambot researching what he heard from a liar in the upline.

      Yeah blogs like this piss off Amway's head office. We're people who lived through emotional and financial distress and are here to share our stories and offer support to others who have a loved on inside the Amway cult and they hate watching the nasty personality change that's taken over the Ambot and hate seeing their money going down the drain to buy overpriced shitty Amway products and to tithe the Great Amway God.

      The Internet has become Amway's worst enemy so they counteract it at cult meetings by telling the followers not to search on the Internet and claim its a bathroom wall. Kind of makes you wonder where ambots are taking a shit LOL!

    3. 2nd Anonymous - DDI? How about DDIA - Dumb Dicks In Amway. There's no way to know what covert operations Amway has going on but I doubt this ambot leaving comments is involved in any undercover op. Just some poor loser who got conned into Scamway.

      The life of an Amway Ambot: lie, deny, distract, and defend. And then disappear.

      There's got to be better paying jobs out there where an employee doesn't have to go through that shit.

  5. Try missing out few functions and see if the Diamond is going to "help you."

    1. Very true Anonymous. The Ambot who bestows loving praise on their upline should be a no show for a few meetings without asking permission from the fucking assholes in the Amway upline or tell the sack of shit Platinum they're not coming to the next Scamway function - and then see how "nice" and "loving" these phony thieving bastards are.


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