Monday, January 11, 2016

How Do I Get Someone Out Of The Amway Cult?

There’s a podcast featuring Robert Fitzgerald of Pyramid Scheme Alert and one of the questions the interviewer asks is how do you get someone out of an MLM cult.

Fitzgerald’s answer goes something along the lines of that’s the million dollar question and if he had the answer he’d be a rich man.

I get dozens of searchers weekly looking for information on how they can get their husband/parent/child/friend out of Amway. What’s really sad is the number of people searching for that on Thanksgiving and Christmas when the Ambot probably didn’t show up for the family gathering or did show up with the arrogant asshole Amway Ambot attitude - and no one needs that shit at a holiday gathering.

People looking for a quick answer on how to get someone out of Amway or any other cult aren’t going to find it. Depending on how badly brainwashed the Amway cult follower is or if he’s showing signs of leaving the cult you might be able to reason with him and to the extreme hiring a specialist who kidnaps the cult follower and tries to deprogram their brainwashed Amway Ambot mind.

There is no one size fits all answer for how to get someone out of Amway. This is an evil cult. The Amway commissioned salespeople are built up to think that they are big important business owners instead of cult followers and are given this dumb fuck title called IBO = Independent Business Owner. The IBO attends countless Amway meetings where they are supposedly given business advice but instead are actually brainwashing sessions.

And yes I know because I was dragged into many Amway cult meetings disguised as “business meetings”. And no you can’t brainwash someone who can’t stand you and sees you for the lying scamming evil sack of shit scumbag that you are. No actual business advice is ever given at Amway “business meetings”. No information on getting yourself registered as a business, getting tax numbers, getting a business bank account, getting a business license, getting business insurance, writing a business plan, creating a profit and loss statement, etc, etc. Some “business advice” given at Amway meetings is to buy from your own store and buy tickets to the next Amway function. Don’t have anything to do with people who won’t support your Amway business. I have a whole bunch more dumb ass “business advice” given at Amway meetings such as don’t dress like a slut but they can be found on other posts on this blog.

Oh wait lets not forget this piece of advice that I have only heard in Amway not in any other business. You must ask permission from the assholes in the Amway upline before you do anything or buy anything. Cult cult cult cult cult!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People fall into cults for various reasons and commercial cults of greed like Amway have to do with getting rich. And getting rich with all their new ambot friends and in 2 years they’ll all be sitting on a beach drinking mai tais while bazillions of dollars in residual income from Amway come rolling in every month and they can sit back and retire and do nothing forever except walk the beaches of the world with the other ambots.

Cults use something attractive and tempting to con a follower into joining. A cult like Amway promises unlimited riches. Other cults might promise a special place in heaven. All cults promise their followers something appealing or at least appealing to the prospect who signs up. If the Amway cult leaders were honest at Amway cult meetings they’d say over 99% of you will never make money, you’ll lose lots of money, your savings account will be wiped out, if you have a house we’ll send you into foreclosure, if you have credit cards we’ll run up your debt to the point you might end up in bankruptcy court, and if you’re married we’re going to destroy your relationship so you’ll get divorced. But Amway cult leaders aren’t honest. They’re full of lies and bullshit about how everyone’s going to be rich and Diamonds sell tickets to brainwashed Ambots and show slide shows of their riches or stuff they’ve rented for a photo shoot and sneer at the followers if we can do it so can you. If the Amway cult leaders were honest - LOL like that would ever happen! - they’d never sign anyone up. That’s why you’ve got to be a good liar if you expect to make any money in Scamway.

It’s no different than Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. Jones enticed his cult followers to move to Guyana where he conveniently named a compound after himself, Jonestown. A tropical paradise where the followers would be free from the evils of the outside world. A place where colored cult followers could live in peace and not be subject to racism. Utopia. There was about 1000 cult followers living there at the end. If Jones had been truthful he would have said we’re going to a hot, humid insect infected country where you’ll be using axes to constantly cut back the jungle and slaving away at hard labor all your waking hours and then we’ll all drink cyanide laced Kool-Aid and die. Jones would have had much less success recruiting cult followers if he’d be honest up front that they were joining a suicide cult and the end was coming soon.

Cult leaders are LIARS!

That’s the only way they can scam people to join their cults. Promising something they know that individual needs.

Around here we get a lot of search engine hits on how to get someone out of the Amway cult. That tells us there are a lot of desperate wives surfing the Internet who are fed up with the Amway bullshit. Although wives have the most searches other searches are how to get a family member or friend out of Amway.

I can’t offer substantial advice other than wait it out and hope your husband is one of the majority who leaves Amway within the year when he finally figures out he’s not making any money. Everyone has different tolerance levels and bank account balances. What pisses off one woman might have little effect on another. Mostly what really pisses off women is the attitude adjustment their husband goes through due to involvement in the Amway cult. Sweet, sensitive husbands are turned into angry, ugly, sneering creatures who constantly criticize everyone who is not in Amway or supporting their Amway business.

But how do you get someone out of Amway? Unfortunately all you can usually do is let the brainwashed ambot dig their own grave. Once they max out their credit cards and drain their bank account they can’t keep tithing the Great Amway God and then they’ll face the anger and wrath from the fucking assholes in the Amway upline when there’s no more money to be sent up the pyramid. They probably are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, maybe divorce. When they stop listening to brainwashing CD’s and attending Amway cult meetings their mind starts to clear. And they quit. Usually happens inside a year maybe two years. Any longer than that inside the Amway cult the person is usually a lifer.

I’ve had a few desperate visitors leave comments asking how to get their loved one out of the Amway cult and there really is no answer but the links in the right side of this page under more information about Amway might help such as reading the free ebook Merchants of Deception, watching the Dateline videos, checking out the Pyramid Scheme website for resources, or looking for groups that can deprogram cult followers such as Steve Hassan who has helped deprogram former Amway cult members.

Wives who are married to ambots and going through the shit the asshole in his Amway upline are putting your through might have to see a lawyer for proper legal advice and get their ducks in a row for when things turn worse. Marriages are hard enough when going through money problems and even worse when the evil Amway cult is the main contributor to money problems.

Hang in there as long as you can and I hope things get better for you.


  1. You have to ask permission from upline for important things like buying car or a new appliance or having kids because upline doesn't want you wasting your disposable income which is how they accomplish their dreams.

    1. Joecool - I remember at one Amway cult meeting our sack of shit Platinum was off on an hour long rant because he'd "counselled" with one of the cult followers not to have babies and not to get his wife pregnant. And guess what. She was now pregnant. Thus the hour long rant of not getting permission to start a family. Or perhaps in this case not taking the asshole's advice. Yup ask permission from the Amway cult leader before buying anything or doing anything which likely won't be forthcoming if it takes money away from the Great Amway God thus making it take more time for some asshole in the Amway upline to accomplish their dream.

    2. A better name would be a Puppet Business Owner or (simply PBO) since the reality is that everything you do is governed by your upline.

      Work on your own hours? You have to work on the hours imposed by your upline such as marching to meetings at 8pm.

      In other words, you have no free will of your own. You are just a "puppet" to your upline boss. To call yourself "independent" is plain absurd.

    3. Anonymous - that sounds about right. 8pm Amway Ambot warriors marching off to the nightly Amway meeting. And Ambots are about as "independent" as any other cult followers.

  2. Only in sick, pseudo-religious cults like Amway and Scientology do they dare to give members orders about their personal and intimate lives.

    Amway is the "American" Way? That's a laugh. Amway is the "Anti-Maternity" Way.

    1. Anonymous - yeah where else can you be an "independent" business owner LOL and get ordered around by a bunch of fucking assholes in the Amway upline.

  3. There are still people in WWDB who teach/preach these things and it's scary.

    My spouse's upline is mixed on the topic.

    One couple upline teaches to wait until you are "eagle" at least so mom can choose to be at home if she wants. (The money you make at the eagle level is supposed to be about how much mom would make at her j-o-b..the actual take home money.)

    The other couple upline ..the wife.. Says do not hold back from having not wait until a certain level etc. You don't know how long it will take for you to get to whatever level that you have them when you want.

    She probably knows things that some of us know eh ;)

    1. Anonymous - that's crazy. If an Amway Emerald makes around $2-$3000/month then an Amway "eagle" is only making a fraction of that, maybe not even $100/month. And lets call that gross because once you add up everything else Scamway they're probably sitting over $500 in the hole. So maybe if a wife is working a minimum wage job less than 10 hours a month that would be equal to what an Amway eagle makes.

      If Ambots waited to reach a certain level before having kids then they'd never have any. Which is a good thing because Ambots shouldn't be allowed to breed.

  4. Your spouse, i.e. "ambot", needs to dump you, and quick.

    1. Well fuck you asshole but thanks for stopping by to prove what we're always saying around here - that people in Amway are pure shit evil and nothing brings them more happiness than destroying other people's relationships. Evil motherfuckers like this Unknown bastard are a good reason to stay the hell away from Amway.

    2. Unknown at 6:50 AM must be an Amway freak. I wonder how much money the shithead has lost so far in the Amway scam.


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