Monday, February 29, 2016

Amway IBO’s Are Cheap Ass Bastards?

Our sack of shit Platinum used to taunt the Amway cult followers by saying “I could give you a loan but I won’t because that wouldn’t teach you anything. You wouldn’t learn how to make that money on your own.”

Well fuck! The only reason that sack of shit won’t give a loan is because he has no extra cash lying around to give out a loan. Not only does he have a family and household to maintain on an average salary because he is still working a much hated job that pays the bills but he’s in Amway and that means he’s broke all the time. And will be unless he reaches Diamond which he never will because if that was in the cards for him it would have already happened sometime in the last 20 years instead of falling in and out of Platinum qualification. Probably getting angrier and angrier but unable to quit this scam he has devoted most of his life to. (Sideline – from the time this was originally posted a few years ago the sack of shit Platinum was fired by Amway and defected to Monavie where its safe to say he won’t reach Diamond there either! LOL!)

There were often pre-meetings that took place before the 8pm Amway meetings that the good little Amway warriors had to march off to. These were usually bullshit “counselling” sessions with the sack of shit Platinum. Could take place on a one by one basis or sometimes a small group of ambots would be summoned to meet at a coffee shop. When the sack of shit arrived he’d look around for someone to buy him a snack. Usually at my Ambot who already runs a profitable legitimate business and is older than the other little Amway ambots in the room and more likely to have money or at least room on his credit card. “Buy me a sandwich and coffee” the sack of shit Platinum would order and Ambot would scurry to take care of his Amway cult leader that he worshipped so much.

Other times the sack of shit Platinum would show up at the coffee shop and just call out for someone to get him a coffee and snack. Perhaps one or two of the ambots would scurry to buy the asshole something but usually it was only my husband volunteering. Nobody else had any money and I guess they all looked at Ambot the only homeowner there who owned a legitimate business and drove a nice car as Mr. Moneybags.

Here is a good time to say that our sack of shit Platinum NEVER offered to buy a coffee or a snack for anyone.

What about transportation? It costs money to maintain a car. Almost every Scamway meeting someone drove to the Platinum’s house to pick him up and drive him to where the cult followers were waiting. Price of gas these days its cheaper for the sack of shit Platinum to convince a cult follower that it was a privilege to drive him around. The reality? Saved him putting gas in his car!

The Amway assholes in our upline also expected Ambot to buy the supplies they needed for cult meetings. This was a variety of things. One was a laptop because whoever’s laptop was slower than shit so Ambot would often sneak out of the house with my laptop and give me another reason to dislike those assholes when I decided to go online and couldn’t find my computer anywhere. I mean here are all these fucking assholes in our Amway upline pretending that business is going great and they’re making gazillions of money and none of them can afford to buy a laptop to bring to Amway meetings to use in the presentation. Of which the sack of shit Platinum always led the Amway cult meetings. Why can’t he afford a laptop computer? Especially since he told us he makes about 100k in Amway. People who earn a fraction of that in Amway can afford laptops and he can’t? Scammer and liar!

Someone in our upline who claimed to be a 1000 pin - and perhaps he hit that level at one time in the last 10 years but its not like he did ever again - had a camera that was used for podcasts but it broke. Now instead of him buying another or someone else who was at least 1000 pin level Ambot was ordered to purchase one - $200 cha ching! - to use at Scamway meetings and one of the upline assholes broke that one too. And no we never bought another. That was about the time Ambot had enough of those fucking Amway assholes praying that I would meet another man and leave him. You’d think the asshole who broke the camera would replace it but not that cheap bastard! He probably convinced Ambot there was something wrong with the camera. Blame the victim! Blame the camera! Ambots are always quick to point the finger. I've got one finger I save for people in Amway myself!

You gotta wonder how those Amway assholes are struggling along at their cult meetings once Ambot never returned with a working lap top and camera!

Same with Amway flash cards. Ambot bought them but the sack of shit Platinum refused to do any cult meetings at our house because Ambot wasn’t able to bring any prospects. We had a lot of no-shows. Well no shit! It is Amway after all. No one wants to get involved with that pyramid scheme! But back to the flash cards. Word was out that Ambot had them at home just in case the sack of shit would hold a meeting at our house and soon he was ordered to bring them to all cult meetings he attended so they could be used. Some thieving ambot in our upline stole them. Oh well. Its not like I wanted them back! I would have even sold them to the thieving Amway asshole for $10 - what a deal! But no. Our line of sponsorship was WWDB the most unethical scheming thieving lying bastards around.

Puts a whole new meaning to tool scam. If ambots can't afford to buy them then they will steal them. Or break them in a jealous rage.

Are Amway IBO’s a bunch of cheap bastards are or they just constantly broke thanks to their involvement in Amway?

Or do they have a sense of entitlement that just because they’re in Amway that everyone else owes them?

I’d say its a combination of all 3.


  1. On the surface, uplines will try to show you their pleasing personality, their pep-talks, their loving acts, charming, seemingly business-minded, their love-bombing persona, their cheerful personality and anything that catches your eye such as dreams, wealth, financial freedom and more.

    They will make a lot of promises about residual income. They give examples of people who are "financially free" before 30 but declines to give a specific name of that person. They make things sound so easy, they promise low risk, low cost investment.

    It isn't until you decided to join and attend one of the meetings held in the house of a platinum member. Here, you will hear that platinum IBO starts spouting on people who are not in the "Business". Then the platinum sneers out at anyone with jobs, then he orders his "sheep" to buy tools from him because "tools are optional, but so is success."

    Your platinum is busy wrecking on anyone's financial record, relationships, and emotionally. Your platinum has the nerve to tell an IBO to starve his family to buy tools, then tells an IBO to write those expenses for tax refunds and even skipping bills and mortgages to buy more tools.

    When you see these things happening, then you realize that everything they promised is a bold-faced lie.

    1. Hi Anonymous - As you said scratching the surface, Amway Ambots are fakes.

      I did know Ambots who had stopped working outside jobs before 30 to concentrate solely on Amway. In every case there was a wife involved who was working a J.O.B. So much for bringing your wife home from work first LOL! More Amway bullshit. I'd also say in every case the snotty Amway Ambot got fired from their job due to their shitty attitude and that's why they focused on Amway seeing as how the household had a second income to support the scam. But no way were any of these above mentioned bastards "financially free" LOL!

      As for the "tools are optional, but so is success." the way we heard it from our Amway cult leaders is "tools are optional but if you don't buy the tools I won't work with you." OK now I see a way out of having anything to do with those fucking assholes in our Amway upline and I tell my husband let's not buy the tools and then those motherfuckers won't "work with us". But of course he was bullied into investing into the Amway tool scam. It even says right on Amway's literature that their various cult sects sell motivational and business learning tools but they're optional. And Amway's literature goes on to say that if you don't buy them the upline is still required to work with you. So clearly WWDB is giving the big old FUCK YOU to Amway. And Amway won't do nothing about it. What are they going to do? Remove that cult sect and all the sales that go with it?

  2. Dear Anna --

    You mention that your husband was the only "homeowner" at these Amway meetings. Is everybody in Amway a renter?

    I also recall someone at one of these threads saying that Amway up-line often urges IBOs who are homeowners to sell their homes and rent instead. If this is true, then Amway is a particularly nasty and vicious organization. Home ownership is one of the benchmarks of financial security in America. Owners who sell their homes in order to rent instead, will NEVER be able to get back into the housing market! It's a financially suicidal act.

    It's clear that up-line wants IBOs to have "ready cash" on hand at all times. Homeowners have real estate and brick-and-mortar assets that aren't immediately liquid. So up-line does something EXTREMELY EVIL -- it tells down-line to "cash in" their property in order to be able to purchase more garbage from Amway.

    There has to be a special place in Hell for people who do something as cruel and destructive as that.

    Come on, all you stupid Ambots out there! Let's see you come here and argue that telling people to sell their homes is a good idea. Come on -- I dare you to try to defend it.

    1. Hey Anonymous. Well the damn blog just ate my response to you! Into the twilight zone.

      The majority of people in Amway are renters and that's due to their young age. Haven't saved or got the credit for a down payment/mortgage yet.

      And yes the assholes in the Amway upline were all over us to sell the house and find a rental and then use the proceeds of the sale to stockpile shitty overpriced Amway products. And where were we going to keep them seeing as how we no longer have a house with a garage? Like do these dumb fucks even have a brain amongst the thousands of them? The other thing those fucking assholes in our Amway upline tried to do was get us to take out a second mortgage on our house or some other loan against the house and use those funds to buy shitty overpriced Amway products. Uh yeah that sounds like a recipe for foreclosure. Those fuckers were FURIOUS that I refused to go along with their scheme. Ambot couldn't do nothing because I'm on the deed and I refused to sign away one of our major assets. Same thing with our business. The insults hurled at us for having a profitable business that has nothing to do with scamming people. The pleas for us to sell it and use that money to invest in the Amway tool scam. Its just incredible the way these Amway motherfuckers go out of their way to destroy other people's lives.

      We don't call them World Wide Destructive Bastards for nothing.

      And yeah let's hope all Amway Ambots land in the worst place in hell for the evil they've inflicted on other people.

    2. Anonymous there is a very important story for this sort of issue.

      There are 2 men raising cattle. The two men raise their cow very lovingly, and when they are fully grown they turn their cows into lucrative investments. The first man milks his cow, and he makes butter, milk, and cheese. His profits are small, but day after day the cow continues to provide him with a steady source of income. The second man kills his cow and harvests its meat for many steaks yielding an immediate reward that is far higher. He enjoys his immediate money by buying a car, and laughs at the other man for working so hard for so little. Very quickly, his money dries up, and he is left with no income until his next cow is ready to be raised. He learns that the man who uses the milk for a continuous source of revenue is a far greater investment than having to worry about continuously purchasing a new cow, raising it, and killing it. The process is actually more strenuous than working day to day. This is a shortened version of how the story really goes, but you get the gist of it. What seems like an annoying difficult process investing in your house and paying a mortgage actually turns out to be easier to generate wealth than selling off your house and spending all of your money on one quick idea, that could run out very quickly.

    3. Mr. Dover --

      I see the point of your story about the cows, and I agree with it totally.

      But the fact is that, in many business schools in America today, they teach the exact opposite. Simple and safe investments with a small but steady return are denigrated and made fun of. The new mentality in these damn schools is "THINK BIG! TAKE RISKS! MAKE MONEY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!"

      And frankly, that's the sort of insane thinking that drives Amway up-line when they give IBOs ridiculous suggestions about selling their homes or taking out a second mortgage. It's mindless, enthusiasm-driven thinking of the most dangerous sort.

      It's a stupid and thoughtless mentality, but it's there, and it influences the way many people invest. The scum who run Wall Street are totally committed to it, which is why they have forced the government to keep interest rates at near zero. It's all about forcing savings money into wild, risky ventures.

    4. Dear Anna --

      What kind of Svengali-like hold did your husband's up-line have on him? The idea that he was willing to sell your home is bizarre. And the Amway assholes actually wanted him to SELL a profitable business?

      Thank God you were there to stop it from happening. I'm a man, but I have to admit that sometimes men are the stupid sex.

    5. Anonymous - when I first read Ben Dover's story I thought that is actually something than an Amway cult leader would say at a meeting. However the ending about how you take all your money, say from the sale of your house, throw it all at one idea, say the Amway scam or stocks that go downhill, that money you invested could run out pretty fast. Hard to say which side of the fence he's on.

      And as you pointed out sometimes you got to take big risks. If that means selling your house to fund something that could be a risky investment, well at least you had funds. And that investment could go either way. When it comes to Amway if you sink all your money into that pyramid scheme its pretty clear for over 99% of participants that they'll never see that money again. There are some wildly risky investments that might pay off but I wouldn't put a pyramid scheme like Amway or any other scam MLM into that category.

    6. Anonymous - the hold that the assholes in the Amway upline had on my husband and the hold they currently have on many cult followers is frightening. And that's one of the reasons this blog exists is to get that side of Amway out there on the Internet so others know how scary and creepy that Amway cult is. Why would a husband literally discount anything about his wife and family who he's known a long time in favor of going against her wishes and doing whatever the fuckers in his Amway upline order him to do. And Amway's not the only cult over there that has that kind of hold on its followers. Its really fucking scary the control these Amway bastards have over their downline.

      And when you say that men are "sometimes" LOL the stupider sex when it comes to Amway the fact that they are so vulnerable to being brainwashed and obeying their Amway cult leaders over their own wife's wishes. That kind of control is fucking scary.

  3. About Ambot up-line being cheap bastards who won't pay for anything:

    In Vietnam, during the war, American soldiers on leave would hang out in Saigon's various bars and pickup spots. These places were filled with Vietnamese hookers who of course were anxious to make money.

    Well, American soldiers had enough cash to make these girls happy by buying them drinks, giving them small presents (usually nylons or cologne), and of course paying for their excellent sexual services. The girls were quite happy.

    But there were some American soldiers who were tightwads, and who never seemed willing to be free with their cash. The Vietnamese hookers hated these cheapskate guys, and would scream at them the following: "YOU NUMBAH-ONE BOO-KOO CHEAP CHARLIE!" This meant "You are the absolute number-one total cheapskate!"

    The way you describe these penny-pinching cheap up-line creeps in Amway, they deserve the same language that the Vietnamese hookers used:


    1. Anonymous - LOL! That describes cheap ass Amway losers pretty good: "YOU NUMBAH-ONE BOO-KOO CHEAP CHARLIE!"


  4. Okay, whatever if I'm tagging on to a post not this subject. Well, on second thought, any post to tag onto that cusses out this fucked up Amway cult is good enough for me. The fucking rat bastard Amway upline just texted my daughter to attend some loser's plan. Her kid is sick and she wants to run out the door to attend. I'm sick with disappointment and ABSOLUTELY LIVID WITH FUCKING AMWAY I COULD SCREAM. Ha, thus my post. This fucking cult is fucked. I would love to meet her fucking upline who texted her to attend this rat bastard's plan presentation. Hey, sending a huge FUCK YOU to all of Amway!

    1. Hi Living a Nightmare. Yeah! Feel free to show up here and curse out those fucking Amway assholes! That's what this blog's all about! As for abandoning the sick kid - this is all part of why no one in Amway should have kids. Or no one in any cult. Kids should be signed off to the state or another willing family member because the Amway cult member abandons them. NOTHING is more important to an Ambot than worshipping and tithing the Great Amway God and obeying the Amway cult leader. And all she's doing is going to a bored plan meeting where they repeat the same bullshit from last night and the night before and the week before..... There's never nothing new at Amway meetings. If your daughter didn't go the Amway cult leader would spend an hour mocking her in front of the other cult members and she'd been in for a shitload of abuse the next time she sees the bastard. Those of us who've never been brainwashed by a cult might find these behaviors sick and frightening but what you've described is normal Amway Ambot behavior.

  5. Hi Anna B. Just want to report a good piece of news regarding my last post. My daughter chose not to go to her meeting and instead stayed home and tended to her kids. Yay!!!! No news of any backlash. Although, she doesn't disclose much to us. Still a big score on this one though. Keep up the great work you do. Thanks for letting me drop by and curse out the bastards too!

    1. Living a Nightmare - at least that's good news she stayed home that one time. And no it would be unlikely she'd disclose any of the abuse she's taking but if she has no downline and no customers (like most Ambots) she'll be the subject of mocking and humiliation at Amway meetings. Cult leaders are all about punishing and then validating their love. I think you've got to make yourself scarce every night in the early evening before your daughter can get her clutches into you for childcare. Ambot warriors march off to 8pm Amway meetings and that means they have to be there at 7pm if they're "serious business builders" in other words to set up the chairs and bullshit with the other ambots. Maybe earlier if they have a pre-meeting meeting with the sack of shit Platinum. I'd suggest every weeknight you get out of the house around 5 or 6pm and turn off your cell phone. Go visit a friend, go to Starbucks, go shopping, go to a movie, go for a long walk, go to the library, go wherever you can't be found so you don't get dumped on to babysit which also makes you an enabler to this Amway addiction. Unless you've got a court order, other people's kids are not your responsibility. Go into hiding and come home around 9. Let her take care of her own kids or hire a babysitter. She won't be able to afford that too long on her Amway salary.

      Yup stop by whenever to curse out those fucking Amway losers. That's what we live for around here.


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