Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Amway Ambot Brags Billions To Be Made

I had an Amway ambot stop by and leave a comment on a post where there’s a link to the top 50 cosmetics companies. Ambots take a look and freak out when Amway Artistry isn’t on the list. That’s partially due to it being a closed market for sales. The majority of customers are Amway IBO’s and you have to be a member of the Amway buying club to purchase or know someone who is and buy from them. The rest of the world can buy their cosmetics in the stores where they’re more readily available. But so what. Here’s a comment that was left:

Who's to say I am an Amway IBO? I came across this page whilst researching Artistry products and was disgusted at how rude somebody could be. Amway may not be your thing, it doesn't mean it won't work for anybody else. In fact, yesterday I was at dinner with my partner and a couple that have been a part of Amway for 25 years. Their income? Billions. Purely from Amway.

To which I responded something to the effect – Billions! Wow there’s Amway IBO’s who make more money than Oprah!

OK everyone have a good laugh now. 

Remember that Forbes list that had the billionaire families listed and how they got there. Whoever this multi-billionaire Amway salesperson is throwing dinner parties they failed to make that list. LOL! Ha ha ha!!!

Let’s start with where he – and yes probably it’s a he – says how do you know I’m an Amway IBO. Lets see. LIAR. That’s our big clue. How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? When their mouth is moving! Or in the case of the Internet – when they’re typing. The only people researching Artistry products are Amway ambots. Nobody else in the world gives a fuck about Amway cosmetics!

Let’s get to the good stuff! Amway IBO’s can earn billions!!! Wow! Holy fuck that number has gone WAAAAAAAYYYYY up from when we were in the Amway scam! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

What a dumb fuck! Well, what can you say, that pretty much sums up the Amway fleet. That Forbes billionaires list included the VanAndel family as billionaires but not DeVos and no Amway salespeople made the list either. I have no idea what kind of investments Amway’s owners have made over the years but apparently VanAndel did a better job at it to hit the billionaire list. And that billionaire standing isn't from money solely from Amway.  Unlike the dinner hosts the outraged scambot above knows! Read it again: the dinner hosts income is BILLIONS – purely from Amway. A feat that even VanAndel couldn’t pull off! LOL!!!!!

So according to my outraged scambot commenter there’s an Amway IBO running around out there who makes billions purely from Amway, has bypassed the DeVos family to become Amway billionaires, and the media engine at Amway isn’t blowing this out their asses so everyone in the world knows about it?

And is a billionaire going to invite some lowly IBO to dinner? That’s like giving someone a pity fuck!

So who are these mysterious Amway billionaires? The person who left the comment won’t say. And neither will Forbes! LOL!

Lets see. Lets chalk that up to yet another lie from another lying scamming Amway asshole.

These lying scamming Amway ambots continue to damage a company that already has a bad reputation. And make themselves look like assholes while doing it.

Yeah like we really can’t see through your lies. Amway billionaires!

Oprah, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg  – you all got in the wrong business! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!


  1. The guy claimed that he knew an Amway couple who made "billions" from Amway alone? What a gullible, credulous idiot he must be! Or more likely, a liar.

    What is the name of this couple? Where do they live? What proof can they provide of their income? Why hasn't Amway blared the fact of their financial success in a huge, worldwide publicity campaign?

    Moreover, who the bloody hell goes around the internet "researching Artistry products"? Nobody in the world has even heard of that crummy brand of cosmetics unless he or she is involved in some manner with Amway.

    The giveaway? This person (who is not in Amway) just happens to be "researching Artistry products" and also just happens to be having dinner with a couple involved in Amway. Wow, what a coincidence! I wouldn't be surprised if this non-Amway guy also "just happens" to have a garageful of SA8 and Dish Drops.

    It's amazing how these Amway freaks just lie through their teeth, shamelessly.

    1. Anonymous - as you said: It's amazing how these Amway freaks just lie through their teeth, shamelessly.

      That's the life of being an Amway Ambot: lie, deny, distract, and defend. And then disappear. Like when they get asked to provide proof on anything. As you noted: What is the name of this couple? Where do they live? What proof can they provide of their income? Why hasn't Amway blared the fact of their financial success in a huge, worldwide publicity campaign?

      Just some random fictional couple the Ambot is making a fairy tale out of.

      It only took a couple of sentences to figure out real fast that this another lying scamming Amway asshole. Nobody but Amway Ambots "research" Amway products online because the rest of the world doesn't give a fuck about those overpriced shitty Amway products.

  2. Billions of dollars:

    1. LOL! Zimbawe might be the only country out there when an Amway Ambot in a couple of months! LOL! Yeah you go to a phone booth and the operator says insert a billion dollars to make your call.


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