Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Waking Up Even When I’m Not Done Sleeping

Last night was one of those nights when I kept waking up. I couldn’t stay asleep. I finally woke up just after 6am an ungodly hour of the day for me. I’ll probably go outside and lie down on the lounge chair with a book and end up falling asleep in the sun and then I’ll really be groggy for the rest of the day!

At the many Amway meetings I attended the cult leader speaking to the group would say something to the effect of “wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning when you’re done sleeping”. I know I heard our sack of shit Platinum said that at every Scamway meeting that his wife gets up once she’s done sleeping. Sounds a little irresponsible when you have school age children. Their kids were teenagers - a boy and a girl - I think about 13 and 14 at the time. Does mom not want to make sure the kids are getting themselves out of bed on time, eating a decent breakfast, packing a lunch, and making sure they get out the door? Would Platinum dad be doing all this? Unlikely. That asshole is a male chauvinist pig and childcare he would put under the category of “woman’s work”. In which case his wife is very likely getting out of bed when the sack of shit shakes her awake and says “you’re done sleeping. Get up now! I want my fucking breakfast!”

The main reason the Platinum says his wife gets out of bed when she’s done sleeping is to sneer at the downline who have jobs and set their alarm clock daily and get out of bed in time to get to work.

“Wake up when you’re done sleeping” is something I have a hard time getting my head wrapped around. First off most parents who have school age children don’t laze around in bed and get up when they’re “done sleeping”. Maybe - and that’s a big maybe depending on how mature and responsible the kid is - once the kid is a junior or senior and is capable of getting themselves out of bed on time, dressed, eat breakfast and off to school. I know I was just as likely to play hooky as go to school. Just because your kid goes out the door doesn’t mean they don’t have better things to do for the day than go to school. Parents who have younger children need to get them out of bed, dressed, prepare breakfast, fix a lunch bag, and walk them to school unless there are older siblings who can walk with the younger child. Its my guess that most stay at home parents wake up by at least 7am. They probably don’t go back to bed once everyone is out the door either.

Unless of course you’re a lazy ass IBO who is following the upline’s advice about not getting out of bed until you’re done sleeping.

Unlike what the Amway assholes say about wouldn’t it be nice not to have to wake up to an alarm clock every morning I very rarely set my alarm clock. If I set my alarm its because I have somewhere to be early. Alarm clock or not I’d say that I very rarely wake up when I’m “done sleeping”. Like today for example! I ain’t done sleeping yet! So I’m working on a blog post!

Just because Platinums and Diamonds praise the value of staying in bed until you’re “done sleeping” doesn’t mean its something everyone aspires to do and not something that is necessarily practical. I guess none of them ever heard of Benjamin Franklin and “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

I wouldn’t say that I necessarily go to bed early though since we’re no longer in Amway I’m able to get to bed before midnight. Does it make me healthy waking up early? When I get up I walk the dog, have something light to eat, and then I go to the Y to swim or do an exercise class. Healthy enough I suppose. Or healthier than lying around in bed until I’m “done sleeping”.

Let’s compare that to an Amway IBO. Say the lazy bastard hauls ass out of bed around noon. They go to the kitchen to prepare a meal of an XS energy drink, food bar, and vitamins. Next will probably be checking email, text messages, and making lots of phone calls. Next thing its late in the afternoon and the laundry and housecleaning aren’t done. What about yard work? When was the last time the lawn was mowed or the garden weeded? Who’s got time for that? Now its time for counselling with downline because they’re starting to get off work now and then the 8pm board plan meeting and the night owl. Arrive back home around 2am and do it all over again the next day.

Lying around in bed is a waste of time to many people. I’ve always gone with the philosophy that the quicker I can get things done the quicker I can relax. Even though I can lay around in bed until noon if I wanted I don’t do it because the day is getting away from me.

Waking up when I’m done sleeping does not work for me.

Neither does waking up when I’m not done sleeping!

But I still press on.

At least I’m not an Amway asshole who lies around in bed half the day because of a feeling of entitlement because that’s what the upline tells them to aspire to - get up when they’re done sleeping.

And those Amway fuckers call us lazy!


  1. The Amway mantra about "sleeping till you're done sleeping" is related to two lies that the company spreads about itself.

    LIE No. 1 - When you're in Amway you can "flush your J.O.B." and be your own boss.

    LIE No. 2 - When you're in Amway you will eventually get residual income for the rest of your life.

    These two lies are major attractions in the cult. But they are totally false -- the vast majority of IBOs in Amway have to keep their day jobs, or they won't be able to afford being in the expensive buying club that Amway actually is. And "residual income" is a mirage too; Even if you are a Diamond, unless you are slaving away endlessly to maintain your down-line, your Amway income will shrivel up quickly.

    So this bullshit about Amway people "sleeping until they're done sleeping" is nothing but fantasy. In Amway you have to work your ass off constantly, and even then you only have a one percent chance of making a profit.

    1. Anonymous - there are so many lies and bullshit Amspeak propaganda in Amway that I fear we've only touched the tip of the iceberg here in all the years this blog has been running.

      Yup join Amway and you'll work harder than you do at your real job and you'll make a whole lot less money and you'll lose more money than you ever thought possible in a year. And you lose money you don't even have when you run up the credit card bill.

  2. This article was published this year from Forbes:


    1. Hi Anonymous. Good article. Robert Fitzgerald knows his stuff! And yeah I was aware that Trump had been a spokesperson for ACN. That's the thing when you hire out as a spokesperson. You're paid to endorse a product. It's all about the money. You don't think Trump would have endorsed ACN if he didn't get paid! LOL! The same as Miss America that Ambots love to show up here and brag that she uses shitty overpriced Amway Artistry cosmetics. Well that's because she's a paid spokesperson to endorse them. You don't see any former Miss America's going out of their way to endorse it after their paid contract expires.

  3. The Amway diamonds sleep late because they're up late working. They have to show plans, have night owls and stay up all night because their downlines have jobs. Amway diamonds have jobs too but they work the night shift.

    1. Joecool - yeah when you have a night J.O.B. you're sleeping schedule gets screwed up and you sleep later.

  4. How long does a "night owl" last? And if an IBO has a day job to go to, how can he be expected to stay up late at night for these meetings? Just asking.

    1. Anonymous - the night owl lasts as long as the Amway cult leader decides. A common cult tactic is to get the followers tired so they're easier to brainwash. Night owls last at least one hour, and that would start around 11pm after the regular Amway meeting ends. And too bad if an IBO has a day job to get to and wants to go home and get sleep. He'll be subject to abuse from the Amway cult leader if he tries to leave early to go home and sleep and insulted with some line like you can sleep once you're dead.

    2. Let's say Alan sponsors Bill.
      Bill sponsors Charlie, Carrie and Cliff.
      Charlie and Cliff each sponsor a couple of people.
      Carrie manages to sponsor 40 people.

      Who among these folks leads the meetings? Alan seems to be at the top of the heap, but he only sponsored one person and is least 'successful'. Carrie, three levels down, is obviously the hardest working and most 'successful' in sponsorship.

    3. It's clear then, from what you say, that these "night owl" meetings are just a way to domineer and browbeat IBOs. If a regular Amway meeting has just finished, why in hell should your up-line keep you for ANOTHER hour or two? What does he have to say that he couldn't have said during the regular meeting?

      The "night owl" is clearly a way to punish and brainwash IBOs. What low-life scum these Amway freaks are!

      I dare any Ambot to come to this website and try to defend the "night owl." Let's see what half-assed excuses they can come up with.

    4. Anonymous - one of the things Amway cult leaders say at meetings is that anyone in the downline has the potential of surpassing the Amway asshole who signed them up. Such as in your hypothetical situation that Carrie manages to sponsor 40 people. Go Diamond Carrie! LOL! But Alan and Bill are going to make commission on all those people in Carrie's downline as long as they meet Amway's minimum buying quota of 100PV each month. Alan will always be leading the Amway cult meetings because he's the loser who signed up to Amway first.

    5. 2nd Anonymous - yeah I'd like to see any Amway asshole show up and defend "night owls". That is the life of an Amway Ambot after all to lie, deny, distract, and defend. There is absolutely NOTHING that an Amway cult leader can say at a night owl that he couldn't have found a way to say it in the first 3 hours of the regular Amway meeting. But if he's punishing and brainwashing Ambots he probably doesn't want to do it in the first meeting just in case someone in the group found a prospect to bring. Gotta keep up the love bombing in that case and save the punishment and abuse when they're not around. That'll change after they sign up to the Amway cult.

    6. How nice it is - it's Tuesday night and I am enjoying being at home watching TV with my real, loving family. Doesn't get much better than this! It will be like this next Tuesday, and the next Tuesday, and the ...

    7. Anonymous - that's pretty much the story for EVERY night. There were at least 4 Amway meetings a week. Maybe as many as 6 because you always have to be "on call" to the Amway cult leader who sends out a last minute meeting on Communikate just to find out who has really signed up to that part of the Amway tool scam.

    8. FOUR to SIX meetings per week?!?

      That isn't a business. That's some kind of sick, fucking religion.

    9. Anonymous - that pretty much exactly describes Amway - a sick fucking religion.

  5. No wonder, they read your blog and started to call you a "quitter", "lazy", or whatever they want to say and then recite their usual script and brag their income they earn from amway but when you ask a simple question about how much they spend on those tools or started to ask deeper questions, they become evasive and nervous.

    They try to argue you but none of them can really prove this business opportunity using facts and instead they argue with you with emotional-based reasoning (just like me).

    You tell them the truth but they react so angrily, and try to deny the truth. This just shows that choosing to pursue this venture is a poor choice and simply, a financial suicide.

    Best valentine gift? When your husband quits amway.

    1. Anonymous - yup quitting Amway would be a great Valentine's Day present to the wife of any Ambot. Unfortunately the loser has already shelled out the money to Spring Leadership by this point and feels obligated to go. So unlikely to happen.

      Have you noticed a lack of negative Amway losers spouting off their bullshit lately? I think they're still reading the blog but word must have come down from head office again not to leave comments on blogs like this because it increases the ranks in the search engines. Not to mention Amway's head office is probably embarrassed by their commissioned salesforce in the manner they represent their employer on the Internet as you said calling the rest of us lazy and quitters and anything else negative they come up with.

      People in Amway are the most negative, angry losers I've ever met in my life. And when Ambots leave comments here they prove that nothing in Amway has changed.

  6. Anna, they're also not showing up here because they know from bitter experience that we'll wipe the floor with them.

    1. Anonymous - we spoke too soon. A dumb fuck who goes by the name of Unknown and Chris Wong left the same comment on a post that's 2 years old. You know the usual, negative, bitter Amspeak that proves Amway is a blame the victim scam.


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