Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ambot Denial: Amway Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

I can't tell you how many times I heard our sack of shit Platinum say Amway is not a get rich quick scheme.

What he does NOT say is that Amway is also not a get rich slowly business.

Amway is a get rich NEVER kind of business. Except for a fraction of 1% of IBO's who make money though unlikely to be the promised riches some Amway asshole from the stage tells you.

I heard every amount from $100,000 to $750,000 a year promised to us by Amway assholes from our sponsor to the Diamonds.

Lying bunch of bastards!

Ambots spend a lot of time denying that Amway is not a get rich scheme and not a pyramid scheme. Anyone who has to spend so much time denying something and arguing why its not - gotta have them canned Amspeak responses ready! - you know its gotta be exactly that otherwise why spend so much time in denial mode?

I've never heard anyone from McDonalds telling franchise owners that buying a restaurant is not a get rich quick scheme. Owning a McDonalds is kind of the same thing as owning a gold mine! Its always gonna make money. Likewise I've never heard anyone from McDonalds going around convincing the public that they are not a pryamid scheme and they are not a scam. They don't need to spend time denying what they are not. They need to convince people what they are.

Legitimate businesses don't need to spend an enternity denying anything. You don't hear representatives from Dairy Queen going around convincing people that Blizzards taste great. Most people can figure that one out after a couple of spoonfuls.

I saw an interesting article on Yahoo that I wanted to share called How To Retire With $1 Million.

Of course the first thought that comes to mind is if you want to retire with any money, don't fritter it away in the Amway scam!

Anyway its something to think of. People like us who are small business owners don't have a pension to rely on so in our working years we have to figure out other investments to supplement our social security. That small amount coming in each month is all some people have. For others its just a regular amount coming in each month that can be counted on to show up and probably just covers monthly expenses depending on where you live. Its a lot more expensive to live in New York City than somewhere out in the boonies in Oklahoma. People like us need investments to bring in a steady income when we retire for the fun stuff. Or maybe the not so fun stuff when a major appliance needs to be replaced.

What we don't need is some bullshit claim from the lying assholes in the Amway upline about the gazillions of dollars in residual income that will be rolling in forever in our golden years.


  1. Amway is in denial about its essentially fraudulent nature, and like many who are in denial, Amway will use substitute terminology to cover up the naked reality of its scam.

    This happens all the time. A prostitute will say "I'm not a prostitute! I'm a SEX WORKER!" A loanshark will say "I'm not a loanshark! I'm a FINANCIAL EXPEDITER!" A garbageman will say "I'm not a garbageman! I'm a SANITATION ENGINEER!"

    Amway also uses this kind of fake terminology. "We're not a pyramid scheme! We're a MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING OPPORTUNITY!" Or "We're not a scam! We're a SHARED COMMISSION IN-HOUSE RETAIL OPERATION!" Or "We're not a cult! We're an INTERLINKED BUSINESS FAMILY!" Add to this some other meaningless language like "prosumer" and "leveraging technologies" and "direct selling," and you get a glimpse into the dreamworld of Amway self-deception.

    George Orwell pointed out that when you start using this kind of phony, foggy terminology to hide the truth from yourself, you are well on the road to totalitarianism.

    1. Anonymous - Amway is in denial about a lot of things. When you phone head office to complain about a fucking asshole in your upline, they don't give a shit and tell you to discuss it with the asshole. Uh no can't do that because he's a fucking asshole, that's why we're going over his head and calling you, thanks for nothing. But as you say Amway doesn't want to know anything about the antics their scammers are up to.

      When we were at Amway cult meetings we were also told Amway is a leadership and mentorship training program. Just more of that fake terminology.

    2. A "leadership and mentorship training program"? Good grief!

      And not a peep about retail sales.

    3. Anonymous - you'll hear more lies and bullshit at an Amway meeting than anywhere else. And nope not a peep about retail sales. We were instructed not to worry about sales until we reached Platinum level. That's how the Amway "teaching" goes. Home of useless Amway losers spouting off useless Amway propaganda.

    4. Oh, they will also make claims that their products are backed by their "researchers".

    5. Anonymous - yeah Ambots make those claims but when asked to provide a link online or a brochure to back up all these researchers, scientists, experts, etc they run and hide.

  2. Anna, I love reading your posts! You are a crackup!!! I stumbled upon your page accidentally a while back and now I just enjoy reading. I was never really in the business but was friends with the son of a very big WWDB Exec Diamond. I stalk them on the internet once in a while to see if they are still alive or in jail or anything haha! I was invited along and saw a lot of the behind the scenes bullshit and at the time I was only about 19 and I was able to figure out the scam immediately. Anyways, you are awesome. Is your husband still in Amway and are you guys still married?

    1. Hi Tas - glad you're enjoying the blog. Yup what makes this blog work is we entertain as well as educate. You know how people in Amway think they're better than everyone else in the world and how they put down everyone who's not in their cult, well around here we throw that right back in their faces and treat Ambots the way they treat everyone else! LOL! And we have a lot of fun doing it. Nothing like insulting Amway assholes! LOL! Yeah I'm surprised more Ambots aren't in jail! But then we'd have to be building a whole lot more jails to keep those ambots contained! My husband quit Amway within a year of joining, he'd kind of quit but had already paid for the next Scamway function so went to that and was fired up for about a week and then just stopped going but was bombed with angry phone calls and texts from the assholes in our Amway upline. People in Amway are the most vicious bastards around. And the anger when they lose a stream of income. Well what was it pennies in commission. And yup still married that's more than some people can say after Amway got their hooks into them.


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