Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sniped By An Amway Ambot!

I wanted to share a comment left in a post about buying tickets for Puryear Family Reunion in case readers missed it.

It just shows that nothing ever changes in Amway. The same pitches are going on today that were going on 5 years ago, 10 years ago, and probably since time began with the Amway pyramid scheme.

I separated his/her comment into smaller paragraphs to make it easier to read and to insert my own comments in red!

I went with my friend (IBO) to one of his meetings after getting ambushed on one of our morning jogs.

Ambushed? Check. Ambot sneaky ass strategy.

He was babbling on and on about this year’s family reunion thing coming up July. I guess it’s a “must attend” function or convention (or something…WHATEVER).

Family Reunion coming up in July? Yup. WWDB Amway function. Another “must attend” brainwashing convention. Aren’t they all? Yawn. Ambot trying to build up some excitement so he can be one of very few IBO’s who actually brings a guest and that makes him look all big and important to the upline that he worships.

For starters, let me admit I’ve never before seen such mediocrity in my forty years on this planet!

Mediocrity? That’s one of the nicest things I’ve ever heard anyone say about Amway!

He insisted I borrow and listen to a couple of cd’s from some ‘money-guru’ he says he knows personally. I’m not really into listening to anything that’s not accompanied by some kind of music…and of course makes sense to my mood at that moment.

Those CDs are the shits! Especially when they’re cranked as loud as they can go. Sounds like we’re out in the boonies under a big tent with a preacher screeching a sermon at us.

Well anyway, back to the meeting on Friday night, we get there and of course, the place is pact! There are no more chairs, one of the best-dressed guys in the back of the room ushers my friend’s ‘sponsor’ to give up his seat so I’ll have a chance at enjoying the speaker’s slander.

Sounds like someone on the Amway chair committee fucked up!

This ‘meeting’ felt more like a revival of some sorts to me than anything close to a business meeting. I guess there wasn’t any religion involved, yet it was carried on in a fashion resembling that of religious doctrine.

I guess they held off on the religion because they had a rare appearance of an outsider at this Amway meeting. Usually Amway meetings are peppered with religion as is the norm for any cult's meetings.

After being formally introduced to most of the attending IBO’s in the room one of the attendees (seemed rather prospected), and his wife were being badgered by a group of IBOs to attend that July convention –thing, in a matter of seconds the rest of the group joined in and the guy who urged my friend’s sponsor give up his seat to me walked right in front of them to make certain they would go (he kept insisting they attend in a very weird manner).
Amway ambots ganging up on someone and badgering them? Oh say it isn’t so! Not only are those bastards good at group love bombing but they also gang up to dole out the abuse as needed.

He and a few others (they seemed like the diamonds in the group) carried themselves extremely comfortable! After battling with that couple, he made his way to me and asked a few question about my employment (I lead Pioneer-A medical equipment distribution center for medical schools). Impressed, he seemed to veer towards my personal ambitions, at which I admitted I was going to medical school this fall.

Yup the old Amway FORM strategy that is also used by high closer salespeople to find out more about the victim and put them at ease before going in for the kill.
F - Family
O - Occupation
R - Recreation
M - Money

Before moving on, he suggested I attend this ‘ function’ insisting “I might learn something” and commented that my friend’s sponsor was someone going places and I should maybe meet up with the sponsor and him for coffee some time. I told him no thanks, that I just did this as a favor to my friend whom seemed relentless about this ‘industry’. He became uncomfortable with my comment and with a smile corrected me indicating “this is not a company…it’s a world-wide opportunity for independent business owners with BIG dreams and not afraid of getting their hands dirty”. I smiled back and nodded “most-definitely”, thinking how pathetic this all was!

Everyone in Amway is ALWAYS "going places". Usually straight to the poorhouse and divorce court! Ambots always get uncomfortable when confronted with the truth. You can bet your friend got reamed out later on for being “negative”. The reason you're getting your "hands dirty" in Amway is because of the dirty money you're making scamming victims in this pyramid scheme.

Anyway, a little after 11pm…I told my friend I was heading home, he asked what did I think about the people and the testimonials and I replied they were fine. He asked about my availability to get together for coffee during the weekend and I turned him down telling him I’m not really a “deodorant and soap-door to door kind of guy”. Now, he didn’t show offense to this, but I’m certain he’d love to have retaliated instantly, instead he asked for my cell-phone number and or my email, I gave him one of my email address in case I want to humor myself someday soon. He insisted though, we definitely HAVE TO TALK, and that they could use someone like me in their venture (I’d rather drown myself than tolerate another one of these pitches).

Yup ambots always want to go for coffee and they’ll bring along their sack of shit Platinum to close the sale and sign up the victim as an IBO.

And......Better dead than an ambot!


  1. I liked the part where Ambot tells his intended victim that "they could use someone like me in their venture".
    Translation: "I desperately need to sell you boxes of useless overpriced junk to get my dear leader sack of shit upline off my ass."
    And it's so true that MLMers are made to feel important when they bring to the meeting a potential victim... oops I mean "guest" and berated by upline when they can't or don't. And other MLMers that couldn't find anybody to come endure the sales pitch are envious of those who do manage to bring someone.

    1. Ray - this dialogue also shoots down the Amway Ambot protests that they "qualify" any new IBO's. You can see how the "qualifying" is done. Begging and pleading with people to come to their dumb ass Amway meetings. Got a live one! Nothing else matters. That's how desparate Amway Ambots are to "qualify" someone.

      Yup that Ambot envy thing goes around the room on the rare occasion when an Ambot found a sucker to bring to a meeting. A feat that most of them can never accomplish.

    2. "Got a live one!" LOL. Of course they don't say it that way but that's exactly what they are thinking LOL again

    3. Ray - that's right. And anyone who's ever been to an Amway meeting knows that's all there is to qualify a new member into an Amway cult. A live one who's open to being scammed. It's not like they're being qualified for a top management position with a legitimate company.

  2. Evangelical, it's always like watching TBN. Mmy old Amway days have been on my mind a lot lately since I see Trump on TV all the time. I swear watching a Trump speech is like going to Free Enterprise day! Haha!

    1. TAS - about 10 years ago Trump was a paid spokesman for another MLM cult, the name escapes me but it had something to do with selling a phone plan and everytime you signed someone up at $500 you made .50 cents commission. So these other scam MLMers are going around bragging how legitimate they are because Donald Trump is endorsing them. Hell no. Like every other paid spokesperson out there, he'll read from a script and collect his pay. Do these people actually think Trump is out there working a scam to make 50 cents commission on every sucker he signs up? LOL! So maybe that's why you get the Free Enterprise Day feeling. Maybe that phone scam does something similar and he was paid to show up and entertain the dumb asses.

  3. Wow, what a great piece of evidence on what total crap Amway is. This medical student really saw the truth immediately -- an Amway gathering is a revival meeting for mediocrities!

    And the viciousness of browbeating a couple because they don't want to go to a "function"! What arrogance and discourtesy. The couple should have said to that diamond "Take your lousy function, and shove it where your bowel functions!"

    And once again, the lie: how in hell can that guy claim that Amway is "not a company"? It sure the hell is a damned company, incorporated like any other. I suppose he believes that fancy language will pull the wool over a potential recruit's eyes, so he says that it's "a world-wide business opportunity for independent business owners with BIG dreams." Yeah, sure. That's like describing a fart as "a gaseous explosion from the lower digestive tract that leads to BIG satisfaction."

    1. Anonymous - yeah we get a lot of help from our readers who give a play by play of their night of hell at an Amway meeting. And everyone has a similar story because Amway is all the same, they all duplicate each other's meetings. I could have been in the room. Heard the same bullshit myself especially when they got some fresh meat showing up for a cult meeting.

      How can that guy lie? Well he's in Amway. All Ambots are liars! It goes with the territory! LOL!

    2. Try asking the upline like this:

      Your upline talks about working 2 to 5 years and you will have a residual income after that period. Ask this question:

      "So how long have you been involved in "the business"?

      amd see what gets you.

    3. LOL! What will asking that get you? A shit kicking from the fucking asshole in your Amway upline!

  4. Never ask your Amway up-line a clear and direct question, especially one that he is afraid to answer. He'll realize that you have a brain. And he will then put you on his shit list.

    1. Anonymous - I was on the shit list with the assholes in our Amway upline before they even scammed my husband into signing up. They felt my disgust and loathing right from the start. Bad idea to "qualify" someone whose wife can't stand you and doesn't want anything to do with your scam. They could end up starting a blog like this.


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