Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Amway Ambot Chant: Your J.O.B. Is A Pyramid

How many people remember being at Amway meetings and the cult leader would screech out “Your job is a pyramid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And then to punctuate it the sack of shit would draw a bunch of circles, you know how Amway cult leaders love doing that, in kind of a pyramid style. The owner of the company would be at the top and then various tiers down of managers and supervisors and then workers.

According to the sack of shit Amway loser drawing those circles the Ambot will always be at the bottom of the pyramid whether it’s the Amway pyramid or the J.O.B. pyramid that the Amway cult leader is bitching about. That’s also part of the Amway plan to make their followers hate their jobs.

Companies come in all sizes so the J.O.B. pyramids they were drawing would be more like a larger corporation where there could be all kinds of managers. Maybe something like a big box store.

Typical Amway ambot propaganda. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract, and defend. And duplicate. Let’s not forget the Ambots going rabid parroting their Amway cult leaders and accusing everyone that their J.O.B. is a pyramid.

Most people who work jobs don’t have to put so much effort into defending their employer. And if they did, why would they keep working there? Who needs that kind of headache. Wasn’t hired to be a PR machine.

Seeing as how most people when referring to a pyramid scheme think of Amway, naturally Amway warriors have to fight back and defend their beloved employer and try to distract the person who is not an Amway cult member. So that’s why the Amway cult leaders come up with this dumb fuck mantra: Your J.O.B. is a pyramid.

The thing is most people who work jobs, even if it’s a minimum wage job and even if they only work one hour a month, still make more money than an Amway ambot picking up a $10 monthly commission. But most people work more than an hour a month so all those people out there working jobs are making a hell of a lot more money than an Amway “business owner”.

People who work jobs have the opportunity to get benefits, vacation time, pension plan, etc. People who work jobs and if extra training is required, its usually paid for by the employer. If any travel is required either for training or as part of the job, normally the employer pays for travel, hotel, meal allowance, and car rental. People who have jobs don’t have to buy from their company as a condition of employment in order to receive a paycheck.

Amway ambots can’t say the same thing about their employer. Ambots are expected to pay for their own training and the transportation and other related expenses to get there. Amway Ambots have to spend at least $300/month buying shitty overpriced Amway products in order to earn a commission of around $10. Ambots have to pay around $50/month to their cult sect, $40 a month for Communikate, $50 or more on books and CD’s, and hundreds more buying tickets to hear Amway cult leaders speak. Say $500 to $1000/month minimum – depends if there’s a major Amway function that month.

So what’s the better path to take. Be part of the Amway pyramid spending $$$ hundreds $$$ each month to earn $10 or work a “your J.O.B. is a pyramid!!!!!!!!!!!!!” job where you earn hundreds maybe thousands of dollars a month and don’t lose any money.

Which makes better economic sense? Paying your boss to work there like Amway ambots do or having your boss pay you for working there. Except by now Amway Ambots will be screeching “I’m a business owner. I don’t work a J.O.B. and I sneer at everyone who has a boss.”

Pretty sick being brainwashed by Amway cult leaders so you don’t see that you’re a member of an expensive buying club and you receive a tiny portion of commission on the products you buy.

Amway ambots are such dumb shits they can’t see which is the real pyramid scheme. They are brainwashed by the Amway cult leaders to say dumb fuck things like “your job is a pyramid.”

So what do you say when an Amway Ambot screeches at you “your job is a pyramid!”

Response: “Are you one of those fucking Amway assholes? Why does your upline control more of your life than my boss does at my J.O.B.?”

If you’re lucky that’s when the Ambot disappears. No preprogramed response for that one.


  1. Anna, that's exactly right. The Ambot actually is a slave to two jobs. He pays money TO his Amway job, which basically consists of Ambot paying Amway to continually brainwash him and also paying Amway to let him sell their evil Amway business to others for them and turn their own closets, garages and basements into a kind of landfill to fill with boxes of unsellable Amway crap. And Ambot is a slave to his real job because without it he couldn't afford his Amway habit. Question for Ambot: What would you do with all the money you would save and time you would have to do worthwhile things if you just tell Amway "Fuck You" and declare your freedom?

    1. Hi Ray. Other than Amway I've never had an employer who demanded their staff exclusively buy their products or services as a condition of employment. Many years ago when I worked one of my co-workers was dating someone in management at a Safeway store. She was telling us how her mother was out shopping somewhere else, I don't remember which grocery story, when she's out at her car putting the bags in she spots a Safeway manager coming into the store. I don't know if he was going shopping or doing a price check or what. Doesn't matter. So Mom ducks down so she won't be spotted shopping at the competition. I say what managers would really give a shit if one of their employee's girlfriend's mothers is shopping at somewhere other than Safeway. Paranoid much? Looking back maybe she was in Amway too. LOL!

    2. Hi Anna LOL that somehow makes me think about the desperation of the Ambot proselytizing for his cult. He wants you so bad but knows he cannot say the word (ouch!) Amway because he will get told to eff off. Like the guy on a date. He knows that she knows what he wants but cannot just say it right out (in most cases at least) or she will tell him to eff off and he will end up going home and off. So it's kind of like Ambot blue balls, wanting so badly it hurts and being desperate to make a sale or connive to bring some poor sucker to the Amway cult meeting and make his fellow Ambots envious, like showing off a pretty girl companion in public.

    3. Ray - Ambot blue balls! LOL! A condition men will suffer from if they're dumb enough to sign up with Amway! LOL!

  2. Right on target, Anna.

    A real employer pays your salary, and that's it. He doesn't expect you to run around like a lunatic singing the praises of his company day and night. But in Amway, that's what you have to do. You have to think, breathe, sleep, and dream Amway, and you have to be a passionate defender of the scam to everyone you meet.

    A company that imposes that sort of requirement on its employees is very defensive and frightened. Amway is scared shitless of negative perceptions and publicity, so it compels IBOs not just to work for Amway, but also to be P.R. agents for the company.

    And YES, if you are an IBO you are WORKING FOR AMWAY. Let's not have some imbecile IBOs show up here to answer that they are "Independent Business Owners" who don't work for anyone. As long as you're in Amway, you're a slave to your up-line.

    1. Anonymous - yup. Most employers don't run their employee's life when they're off duty the way Amway does.

      And yup there's a lot of fear mongering at Amway meetings. The Amway cult leader threatens the followers that they better not be buying illegal products elsewhere and they better always be positive and say good things about Amway and always say business is going good. Holy shit. I worked for a company a long time ago and they made a bad business decision and within a year business had dropped substantially, like by about 75%, and moral was the shits. Staff were quitting and management couldn't afford to hire replacement. The writing was on the wall they were headed for severe financial difficulty so I finally jumped ship and about 6 months later they sold out. At no time did I ever feel obligated to defend this company. That's not what I was being paid to do.

    2. Your Amway cult leader tells you you can't buy illegal (i.e. the competitors') products. Free trade and competition must be stifled. And that's supposed to be "the American Way"?

      He tells you to lie and always say that business is good, even if it isn't. Cover up and suppress the truth. And that's supposed to be "the American Way"?

      He tells you you have to be positive and never criticize Amway. Give up your right to free speech. And that's supposed to be "the American Way"?

      These things aren't "the American Way." They are the Communist way.

      Amway cult leaders are vicious little political commissars, telling you what to do and what to say and what to think. I'm surprised De Vos and his fellow scumbags haven't opened up an Amway branch in North Korea. The political climate there would suit Amway just fine.

    3. Anonymous - Amway's "American Way" screwed up thinking fortunately isn't the way the rest of us think. And you're right Amway would be more happier in communist countries where everything is controlled except Amway would have to overthrow the government because they want to be in control. Can you just see Amway's army of 8pm warriors marching off to that battle! LOL!

  3. I had to laugh at this post.

    My Ambot girlfriend said this exact thing to me around 6 months ago when I confronted her about Amway and how it's a pyramid scheme and a waste of time, effort and money. I quickly corrected her as her J.O.B. pays for her time, matches RRSP (401K) contributions, pays for her health and dental coverage, and comes with many other tangible benefits such as medical insurance, employment history, building credit rating, opportunity to learn and grow, etc.

    She's still in it to win it like a Although now she just simply avoids talking to me about Amway and doesn't have any of her "meetings" at our house anymore. I'm sure the laundry detergents, vitamins, overpriced water and cosmetics will continue to accumulate in the meantime.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 6:54 AM --

      Watch out. Your girlfriend's up-line will be working ferociously on her to break up with you. This has happened so many times and to so many people, that it is as predictable as the eruption of the geyser Old Faithful.

      They may even be grooming some dumb-ass bachelor Ambot right now to be your replacement in her life. Amway will stop at nothing to destroy a relationship if one of the partners is skeptical about the other partner's involvement in Amway.

      So if you really value your relationship with this girl, be careful. You want to be there for her when she finally sees the ugly truth about Amway.

    2. Hi Anonymous. Nothing ever changes in Amway. I'm sure the cult leaders were preaching the your J.O.B. is a pyramid 30 years ago too! LOL! It sounds like your Ambot girlfriend has a good job to afford her expensive Amway habit. Make sure she's not claiming any Amway shit on her tax return or she'll be up shit creek with Uncle Sam. The IRS has a special place in hell whenever they see Amway show up on someone's taxes. And she's never going to get rid of that Amway shit she's stockpiling. Ambots are forced to buy at least 100PV of stuff every month and even though they already have a garage full of the shit they buy the stuff that has the highest PV, basically all the stuff you mentioned.

    3. Hi Anonymous - yup you can be pretty sure that this guy's girlfriend's Amway upline is putting the screws to her to break up with her boyfriend. Nothing brings those Amway bastards more happiness than destroying other people's lives. Maybe the boyfriend can talk her into quitting a week or so after the upcoming Amway Spring Leadership before the assholes in her upline force her to pay for Family Reunion.

  4. It's so sad to see this stuff again. Until stumbling upon this page recently I had nearly forgotten about all these sad people. Though my experience was (slightly) different than most people's in Amway, I was able to clearly see everything being described here almost immediately. I see Amway the same way I see churches and evangelist. People want to belong to the group so bad that all common sense goes out the window. I have heard hypnotist say that some people can't be hypnotized but most can. I believe that's what is happening with Amway and Bennie Hinn the OWN doctor was even hooked and his 2-5 year plan got him divorced and problems with his medical practice. Ever had a deep conversation about the fraud they part of? Just like church, the last line of defense for them is "well, even if it's not real they aren't hurting anyone and are only trying to better people". This seems true on the surface, but once they start influencing your decisions for their own benefit it's now a scam, fraud and cult-like. Sure, I understand some people really do benefit from church...I guess if you are a drug addict and that new sense of belonging to a group helps give you purpose and keeps you clean than there is a place in the world for church, but with Amway it's too many lies. Actually, it's really Worldwide Dick Builders that's really the culprit and Amway is just an enabler. I could really go on and on, I just hate to see people who are otherwise normal and stable become derailed by a small select few that are too wealthy from the bullshit brainwashing they have showered all over these sheep.

    1. Tas - I was able to see everything very clearly about Amway too right away. But could I convince my husband? Nope. He figured the scammer who signed him up was someone he knew and Amway had to be legitimate this one time. He also liked the fucking assholes in his Amway upline. I didn't suffer from that problem. But as you said - Amway recruits are people who want to belong to a group and all his common sense went out the window.

      Yup the old "becoming a better person" bullshit is still around in Amway today. I am at a loss as to how someone who is losing money in a scam can make them a better person. Also as a real business owner I know the reason people start their own business is to make money not become a better person. A person might become a better person because of their business but that's not the sole reason why anyone should go into business.

      If Amway didn't exist then none of their cult sects could exist either so ultimately Amway is the problem. What happens if all our dreams come true and Amway closes up shop? Those cult sects would cease to exist unless they jump ship to Monavie or another scam MLM and restart their cult there. Amway refuses to take responsibility for the action of its cult leaders or cult sects. The company would have a better reputation if Amway actually took responsibility. But Amway's owners prefer to stand around with their dicks in their hands looking the other way.


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