Thursday, March 10, 2016

Things To Do In Fort Lauderdale Instead Of Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2016

Amway WWDB is holding World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership April 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Date and location unknown. Sometime in April. Amway cult leaders don’t want that information getting out to the infidels.

Keeping up with the theme of finding better and lower priced things to do in cities holding Amway functions, instead of going to the brainwashing convention I’ve tried to round up a few fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale.

So what does everyone think of when they think of Fort Lauderdale? No, not Scamway. Spring break, sun and beaches! Anyone remember a movie, Where The Boys Are.

If you’re not hanging out a beach in the water, how about doing something on the water. There are boat tours of the canal system around Fort Lauderdale and I’ll pick on the Jungle Queen which is probably the best known one. They have different sightseeing tours on a riverboat including dinner cruises, stopping on their island to see gator wrestling, and all different prices starting around $25 so check their website for more info.

The Bonnet House Museum is the type of place ambots “dream” about in all those dream building exercises they do. Costs $20 for the tour

Everglades Holiday Park has all kinds of things going on including air boat tours and alligator shows. $29, less for kids

And some dude named Alen will probably show up to leave comments about the tourist excursions he offers.

There are so many other ways to have fun around Fort Lauderdale that have nothing to do with getting brainwashed at an Amway conference, so have fun.

Here’s some more key words to help Amway IBO’s find their way because the assholes in their upline don’t help out with this top secret information. And because there are a bunch of dumb ass Amway ambots that think they have the power to turn back time and put this into their Google searches: Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2015! And one more for the Amway asshole who is thinking ahead to next year! Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2017. Yup ambots are so fucking brainwashed by their Amway cult leaders they have no clue what year it is!

Las Vegas
Calgary, Canada
Fort Lauderdale

Amway sucks!

World Wide Dream Builders sucks!

WWDB Amway Spring Leadership sucks!


  1. My Amway spy at WWDB has given me the theme title of the upcoming Fort Lauderdale meeting. It's as follows:

    "Aiming For The Future: Business Leadership in the Twenty-First Century."

    The usual pack of superannuated Diamonds will be there, with their faded slide-shows.

    1. LOL! Same old bullshit.

      The Amway plan for "aiming for the future" includes bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, destroyed families, emotional and financial distress.

    2. There is no "business leadership". Instead it made these people known by their illogical reasoning, broken grammar, complicated jargons, paranoid on anything and quick to anger when you tell them the truth.

    3. There is no "business leadership". Instead it made these people known by their illogical reasoning, broken grammar, complicated jargons, paranoid on anything and quick to anger when you tell them the truth.

    4. That in a nutshell is Amway.

  2. If the WWDB Spring Leadership meeting is held in April at Fort Lauderdale, it will coincide with spring break for thousands of college students. The city and its beaches will be packed with partying teens.

    Hey, Ambots -- hang out and party with the college teens. Believe me, you'll have an infinitely better time.

    1. Anonymous - the Ambots might have a better time partying with college spring breakers than going to Spring Leadership but what about those poor students getting prospected by a bunch of scamming lying Amway assholes!

    2. I doubt if a college student on spring break will be interested in hearing about the Amway "Plan." Too much sun, surf, and sex available in Fort Lauderdale!

    3. Anonymous - but we know how those college students will be pitched. It'll go something along the lines of how would you like to quit school and retire in 2 years with gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month. Get those students drunk enough and they'll probably sign up.

    4. They will do the other way. Ambots will lure these gullible college teens and snare them to attend their amspeak meetings.


      Beware of being prospected by Ambots!

      Watch out for some middle-aged schmuck in a cheap off-the-rack suit inviting you to a gathering where you will hear about "a great business opportunity."

      This man is an Ambot! A very dangerous life-form whose purpose is to trick you into wasting your time, energy, and money!

      Scream "NO!" at this man, and run back to the surf and the sun. If he persists, hit him with a surfboard.

    6. Anonymous - that's really possible. Especially if the lying scamming Amway assholes promise the college spring breakers they're going to a keg party. It's all about trickery when you're a lying scamming Amway asshole trying to get recruits to a cult meeting.

  3. Just explore the beaches of FL, it is more enlightening than attending functions and be brainwashed.

    1. Anonymous - very true. The beaches of southern Florida are great. And a lot cheaper to spend the day on the beach than at a shitty Amway conference.

  4. A better title for the Spring Leadership function in Fort Lauderdale would be this:

    "Aiming for the IBO's Wallet: Business Thievery in the Twenty-First Century."

    1. LOL! That would be more truthful based on the philosophy of Amway the Cult of Greed!


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