Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Amway Ambots Fueled By “Dream Stealer” Paranoia

Dream Stealers.

It almost sounds like alien invaders descending from an unknown universe ready to suck out the part of your body where your dreams are kept.

I constantly heard the term “dream stealers” during Amway meetings and then parrotted by Ambot.

In an accusatory tone he condemned our friends and relatives who didn’t support his business as dream stealers. “They’re trying to steal my dream” or “they don’t want my dreams to come true”. Those were terms he threw at me too as counselled by the fucking assholes in his Amway upline.

Its a stupid ass term used as a lame excuse by IBO’s to justify their failure at not making money in Amway. Everyone else is a dream stealer. Always blame other people.

There’s a Disney song about how a dream is a wish your heart makes. If your dream is in your heart then no one can steal your dream. Not without some surgical tools to slice you open and kill you by removing your heart.

So what was Ambot’s dream? It was whatever the upline told him his dream was. It had something to do with leaving me. That was the upline’s dream more than it was his because Amway is all about destroying relationships. Nothing gives those fucking assholes in the Amway upline more happiness than bringing misery to other peoples lives.

But how many of those upline fuckers ever asked me once what my dream was? Not a single one of them. I mean really, why would they? None of them gave a shit about me.

And they all probably could take a good guess at my answer: “To get Ambot the hell away from you bastards and quit Amway!!!”

What about IBOs who leave the cult. They’re also called dream stealers. They’re poison screech out the Amway cult leaders. Stay away from them or they’ll steal your dream too.

A dream is a thought, an idea. Its in your head and in your heart. Its not an actual entity. I’m not sure how you can lose something that is not an object like losing your car keys or your glasses. Or the cat got out of the house and is lost. Or I lost Ambot again at Lowes. Someone can steal the keys, the glasses, the cat, maybe even Ambot as attempted by the Amway cult followers. If someone steals your car you call the police to report the theft. How can someone steal your dream? And how do you explain that one to the cops when you phone to report the theft?

Here’s the conversation when an Amway asshole phones the cops:

“Aw, gee, my next door neighbor is a dream stealer and he stole my dream of owning a Porsche. I demand you arrest that son of a bitch and charge him with theft!”

“Dream stealers” is just one of many ridiculous things I’ve heard spout from the mouths of brainwashed IBOs. Dream stealers are further defined as losers, failures, and people going nowhere who want to drag you down to their level.

The reality about “dream stealers” is they are usually people who love you and don’t want to see you fail, lose your money in a scam, and suffer from any kind of distress.

Dream stealers have an alternate point of view from the upline and that makes them dangerous people - at least in the eyes of the sack of shit Platinum and the other fuckers in the Amway upline because they could be responsible for letting those dollar signs slip away.

Is it a bad thing to listen to the “dream stealers”? Instead of stealing a dream they are really giving good advice. IBOs think the “dream stealers” are being negative and trying to “steal my dream”. Instead all they’re doing is trying to save the IBO from making bad business decisions.

Remember those alien invaders who are sucking the dreams out of your body? They’re not so alien after all. The real dream stealers are the people who actually use that phrase.


  1. The real dream stealers are the uplines themselves. They have layers of nerve cells to drain money and time to their lowly downlines, destroy personal relationships and offer bad and dangerous advice to their downlines that these downlines are making banks and tax agencies angry with their acts and passes the blame to their downline when downline is in trouble.

    1. Anonymous - that's right. The biggest dream stealers around are in the Amway upline. There's no end to how Amway losers destroy the lives and steal the dreams of everyone they come in contact with.

  2. Anna, this is one of your VERY BEST postings!

    You have cut right through all the bullshit of Amway, and you have uncovered its nasty, malignant side.

    "Dream Stealers" really means one of the following things:

    1) Persons who can't be propagandized by Amway baloney.

    2) Persons who think for themselves, rather than let their thinking be done by up-line.

    3) Persons who are "uncoachable" in the Amway racket.

    4) Persons who know the difference between a real business and a fake one.

    5) Persons who actually care about their friends and loved ones, and don't want them to be screwed.

    Amway freaks HATE such persons, and want them to be banished from an IBO's life forever. That's why Amway has the well-deserved reputation of destroying relationships, marriages, friendships, and families. Anybody who harbors the slightest doubt about the Great Amway Religion must be excommunicated. "Dream Stealer" might just as well be a synonym for "heretic" or "non-believer."

    1. Hey thanks Anonymous. This was one of the first posts on this blog but it bears a rerun every year or so for the new readers. Yup people like myself are certainly referred to as a dreamstealer judging by comments continously left here by Amway losers. Yeah just so I don't buy into your bullshit Amway propaganda and describe the Amway upline as a bunch of fucking assholes sure means I have an opposing point of view to an Ambot!

  3. If your not a supportive cult member than you ARE in fact a dream stealer. You are trying to steal the dream life those guys on stage are living while mooching off all the suckers in the audience! Once you start trying to talk sense into all those hypnotized saps you are trying to steal the dream those TV evangelist diamonds are living. They need those clowns in the audience to believe, bring their friends along and get them to believe too and keep buying books, tapes, tickets, etc!

    1. Tas - yup no guessing around here that we do not support the Amway cult! LOL! Therefore anyone who doesn't believe in tithing the Great Amway God must be labeled a dreamstealer in an Ambot's mind.

  4. What if my dream is to steal your dream? Aren't you denying my dream by not letting me steal yours?


  5. Hi Anna,

    I just wanted to give you a quick update on my girlfriends decision leave WWDB/Amway about 9 months ago. Firstly let me again thank you and Joe Cool for having the remarkable stamina to maintain your websites. You guys are truly doing thousands of people a great service and I hope that this Karma will eventually be returned to you. It was with your insights I was able to persuade her to choose me over the Amway scam. Our relationship has blossomed and I now hope to one day marry this wonderful woman. Now if I could share with you the financial turn around she has made since leaving. Last year when she did her taxes her business lost $4200.00 in one year of operation and she was spending about $1000.00/month on Amway merchandise. She worked two jobs to support this and also attended meetings at night to support the cult. Now I am happy to say she works one job, has saved $2000.00 and paid off and gotten rid of her Amway credit card that had $4000.00 owning on it plus paid off her other card that had almost $3000.00. Talk about Amway stealing your dreams. There is obviously a difference between a dream and a fantasy. Dreams may one day come true but the fantasy the WWDB will make you rich is just that a fantasy - something impossible. So WWFB and 2-5 years to unimaginable wealth is just a scam. I would invite your readers to visit Transparency of a dreamer blog. Check out the date of his first post May 2012 and it is now 4 years into his IBO and is nowhere near being a Diamond.

    Again thank you so much

    1. Hi Anonymous. That's good news that she left Amway and is no longer throwing her money at the Great Amway God. And good news that your relationship has blossomed. Something that likely would have ended if she'd stayed with Amway and the World Wide Destructive Bastards. It sounds like she's young enough to bounce back financially and emotionally from Scamway.

      So much for Amway's 2 to 5 year plan. I knew ambots in for much longer than that still losing money and bragging about how business is going great. And it probably is going great for Amway's owners and the leaders of their various cult sects. Everyone else is headed for the poorhouse.

      Thanks for stopping back to update the happy ending to your story.

  6. So, I need help and I am looking to all of you, hoping that you can help. My husband is totally buying into this bullshit. Over the last two years, I have been completing a very intensive Master's program; the final stretch of 12 years of slow, painful college to be able to better contribute my portion for our five children.
    During this final stretch (I graduate in May), I have been extremely busy, and my husband has gotten sucked into this scam, big time. Now that I am more free because the educational portion is done, I have attended a couple of meetings with him to finally be able to see what it is all about. By the third session of completely degrading rhetoric about us fools who get educated to work as a slave, I easily saw through the brainwashing and distorted view of reality that they portray. I have managed to get him to hold off "launching" his IBO business until I officially graduate and start bringing in a paycheck. I have shown him the lawsuits, and how ridiculously expensive it would be to start the "business" and such, but he is now telling me how he was warned of negativity from loved ones who are just terrified of a different way of thinking to support the family than what WE have been brainwashed to think our whole life and through school. I mean, it is literally to the point where I feel like our marriage is in jeopardy because I am seriously that against this while he is so for it. What should I do?

    1. Hello Despearate. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's obsession with the Amway cult. I know exactly what you're going through.

      You didn't mention if your husband has already signed up to the Amway scam. Just that he's holding off launching his business. That probably means holding a "grand opening". The majority of the people who show up will be other Ambots looking for free food. If you tell normal people its an Amway party they'll stay the hell away.

      Everything you say I've gone through myself. Well they didn't insult my education but that's because I wasn't attending school. LOL! But at every Amway meeting the cult leaders insult people who go to school. That's becuase the money spend on education could be better spend (their opinion) on tithing the Great Amway God.

      If you haven't already done so download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. A link is on the right side of this page under more Amway information. Read it for a very accurate description of what life in Amway is really like. Its a horror story. The author was an Emerald, 1000 people in his downline and earning about $3,000/month. Not the riches promised by the Amway cult leaders. Does your husband know 1000 people he can sign up and keep motivated not to quit? Probably not. Once you read it get him to read it too. The story might be 20 years old but nothing has changed in Amway except the prices have gone up.

      You need to protect yourself. If you have close friends and family let them know what's going on. See a lawyer. You need to get your ducks in a row in case things go bad. And here I'll tell you that the assholes in your husband's upline will be "counselling" with him to end his relationship with you. There's nothing that gives those Amway bastards more happiness than destroying other people's relationships. That's the sick cult he's gotten involved in. I'm guessing if you're still in school you're still young. You need to know what to do if this cult destroys your marriage and that also means asking a lawyer about suing those bastards for fraud and anything else the lawyer can think up. Like I said get your ducks in a row.

      Now the good news is most people quit Amway within a year. After a few months they realize they've lost a lot of money and aren't making any money. If you can hang in there for a few months he'll probably get out on his own. Can you bounce back from the financial and emotional damage that Amway will bring to you? That's where you need the advice of a lawyer and family and friends.

      Start off reading the ebook and try to get your husband to read it too. Maybe that will scare him off for good from sticking with the Amway cult.

      Good luck!

  7. Your husband is a dangerously brainwashed Amway cultist in the making. This a serious condition.

    You can talk and argue with him, but that doesn't usually help in the beginning of an Amway infatuation. Right now he is seized with a brainless enthusiasm,and he won't want to give up the pleasure that such enthusiasm brings to him.

    Your wisest step now is a financial one. Make sure that your bank accounts and property are held JOINTLY, and that your husband is not able to make major financial decisions WITHOUT CONSULTING YOU, or WITHOUT YOUR EXPLICIT AGREEMENT OR SIGNATURE. If you don't take this precaution, he might very well bankrupt himself.

    Amway is a totally predatory, immoral, bloodsucking organization that will drain money from its members as ruthlessly as the Mafia does.

    And remember something else: as soon as your husband's close associates in Amway find out about your skepticism, they will work viciously to poison your relationship with him. They will denigrate and bad-mouth you constantly, hoping to cause a divorce. Be prepared for this.

    1. Anonymous - yup. That story is a desparate wife watching an Amway cult follower in the making. It's a horror story. Lived through it myself as did so many others around this blog.

      Yeah she needs to get advice from disinterested 3rd parties such as lawyer and banker and the support of people she's close to.

  8. I was invited for a job fair so I went there for workshops and at one point. I asked a person who is musical, has a pleasing personality and dressed with a corporate attire to correct my resume. That person did the correction and asked my number for "career consultation". I did it and I have to met him at a coffee shop. So I went there and instead of the "career consultation" I expected, he talked about marketing literature, e-commerce and then HE TALKS about AM*** and "The Plan" like you know, complicated diagrams. He coerced me to sign up and asked me not to Google about this "secret".

    I went to google it when I reached home and I found your blog and Anna Banana's plus other past IBO experiences and I realized I was walking into a trap. The reason I ended up here for an advice was because that sponsor was trying to suck me into "the Plan".

    But because the IBO number was not activated. I initiated a refund despite that person who calls me repeatedly although uses a musical tone to convince me that I will be a "business person." but I was quick to resist the offer. The refund was successful and I decided not to go through this kind of "business".

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for alerting us to current scams Amway Ambots are using. Recruiting new cult followers at job fairs is probably just one step above the scammers who place phony job ads when its just an Amway pitch in disguise.

      Yup Ambots avoid saying the A word but they say "the business" all the time. Yeah those Amway bastards will give you the business all right if you hand all your money over to them.

      The Scambot is only trying to convince you that you'll be a "business person" not a "sharp" business person? LOL! Those Amway scammers are always sucking up to people calling them "sharp". Nothing ever changes in this scam.

      Good for you to figure it out fast enough to get a refund asap. Stick with companies at the job fair who will pay you for training not the other way around. Most people don't have to pay their employer big bucks just for the privilege of being a commissioned salesperson.

  9. the real dream stealers are those uplines who calls themselves "mentors" while they are vampires on the inside.

    1. Anonymous - that is correct. The real dreamstealers are the fucking assholes in the Amway upline.


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