Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Amway Ambot Way To Lose Money In Vegas Without Gambling

Amway assholes claim that the “very important information” at Amway functions 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago is not the same “very important information” being taught today and us old timer bloggers have outdated information.


Nothing ever changes in Scamway except for the names of the worker bee Ambots at the bottom of the Amway pyramid.

The Amway cult leaders claim that every Amway function is the one that is life changing and the not to be missed event of the year.


Where have I heard that lie before? Could it be from our sack of shit Platinum?

They don’t teach piss all at any Amway function. There is no leadership skills. There are no sales techniques. There is no business training. Every Amway function is a social gathering (as determined by the IRS) hosted by Diamonds who earn the bulk of their Amway income from the tool scam and conning ambots into attending these major functions. Instead of the promised training all the ambots get are one Barbie and Ken after another slinking across the stage bragging about how rich they are thanks to Amway and showing videos or pictures of their riches. Or maybe that’s the magic of a Hollywood photo shoot! That’s all there is. For hours on end ambots are tortured listening to the Amway assholes up on the stage. The majority of attendees are brainwashed ambots. They are really creepy screaming like the Beatles are up on the stage and rushing to be close to the scamming lying bastards who are taunting them with their words of wisdom about how much they love you and if they can do it then you can too.

The minority are IBOs or their guests who haven’t been brainwashed into the Amway cult. They find Amway functions really creepy. Then they get angry. They were lied to. Instead of the promised business and leadership training they got stuck listening to a bunch of fucking greedy materialistic Amway bastards.

Here are some observations from new IBO Sammy who went to the WWDB Amway Las Vegas Spring Leadership. He heard the same lies I heard years ago. He was told to be CORE and invest in the Amway tool scam - Communikate, premier membership to WWDB, buy motivational books and CD’s, etc. He told his upline to fuck off when ordered to attend a night owl and did his own thing - went to sleep. He heard the usual lies about no need to bring money, the ever so generous (gag!) upline will help out with his food and expenses. Lies! Yeah I really want to eat a Scamway food bar in a town where I can get a beer and a hot dog for $1. And as typical with the assholes in the Amway upline they already had their hands out demanding he pay up for a ticket to the next Amway function.

Yes Sammy is one of very few people who go to Las Vegas and lose money without even going inside a casino!

He got scammed by Amway!

Glad I came to this site and am not the only one that found this stuff to be bullshit!

I went to the Vegas leadership because i was told its a "Once in a lifetime opportunity" and that it would be "life changing" if I went. 3 days of just nonstop talking about how rich the diamonds are, how we need to plug into CORE, how much they all love us, and on an on and on....I've never felt so stupid for wasting money like that before, ever! We had to sit for 8-12 hours straight and then we went to "night owls" where they just kept repeating the same shit.

I said enough and just went upstairs to the room to get some sleep. The worst part is that Im a med student and I have never heard of Amway. Ive been super skeptical since day one and when the guy told me to take out a loan to get to the convention(again, student so Im essentially broke) I just looked at him like he was insane. Loan? I just paid to get into this dumb idea, paid for a "startup package," paid for my super ultra necessary "communikate" system that gets useless voicemails while I still get txts and phone calls from everyone(I'll never understand that concept) and on top of that, Im gonna pay 50$ a month for cds and books I dont need.

I've already got one foot out the door. Im just trying to bring my friends with me(my buddy who Ive known for 14years) since I thought I was doing him a favor by bringing him into this company. I found myself bugging him to buy once he was my downline and since then, Ive stopped and am doing everything I can to get him out.

Its been only 1 month and theres already a new convention in Washington. Guess what, I cant afford to go since Vegas cleaned me out(must be a first since there was no gambling) and my upline lied to me about costs and food(his words: yea man, just bring like 50$ and we'll help you out and give you meal bars and everything!). He never helped me once while I was there and wouldnt even give me a perfect water without selling it to me.

Guess what, If I miss this one, apparently its the second thing in the world you will regret missing and "you have to be there to set the example for your downline!"

Psh, please, blow it tout your ass ambots.


  1. While the Amway cult scam is the mother of all MLM bunco swindles they all operate basically the same racket. Part of that racket is to get their victim to borrow money from friends and relatives to keep feeding more money into the scheme. Even after the victim has tapped out all their savings these greedy bastards keep working on him. "Congratulations! You've just advanced to the next level now you're almost there! You just need X thousand dollars to take the next step that's going to make you rich!" Endlessly. Then the poor sucker might get a buck fifty check in "commissions" money for the thousands lost until they finally bust out and are usually too embarrassed to talk about it while the upline bloodsuckers go looking for their next poor sucker... Thanks Anna for running this site and helping warn people about these creeps.

    1. Ray - Amway cult leaders have all kinds of ways for Ambots to make money to go to Scamway brainwashing conferences and like you said some of that is borrowing the money. Or skipping your rent or mortgage payments. Amway cult leaders don't give a shit what kind of financial distress they're bringing to the Ambots with their shitty advice as long as they get their money. Amway the Cult of Greed.

  2. I have friends attending the Las Vegas event and have heard how game changing it is. I read anti blogs who talk about how these weekends events are marathon bullshit sessions. What I haven't seen is video of the functions. There are the edited clips where people are cheering at the televangelist guy up on the stage with inspiring music, but those are commercials, not the event. It looks like Amway has these things locked down tighter then Scientology.

    Do you know of any of these videos that might be floating around?

    1. Anonymous - sorry to hear about your friends sucked into the Amway scam. And you summed it up nicely: marathon bullshit sessions.

      Scroll up the right side of this page to the section for more information about Amway. You'll see 2 links for Dateline exposing the Amway scam. These are Youtube videos and they're really creepy with all the cult chanting and you'll see the evangelist Amway Diamond waving his microphone in a manner like he's anointing the crowd with his magic biblical lotion. And as you pointed out Amway events are locked down tighter than a Scientology event but most cults don't want outsiders invading and seeing what really goes on.

      You'll also see a link to a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. Read that. It's like a horror novel about Amway except its truth not fiction.

  3. At least when you lose money in Las Vegas the old fashioned way, you can get free drinks at the bare minimum, and potentially meals, discounted or free overnight stays, show tickets, etc. Furthermore, with the sunny weather, all the beautiful outdoor swimming pools and other fun things going on outside in Las Vegas, who the hell wants to sit in some stuffy conference room all day listening to meaningless drivel? You gotta be kidding me.

    1. Anonymous - yup at least a Vegas casino will give you free drinks while you're losing your money there. Amway gives you sweet fuck all in the way of refreshments while you lose money at their Scamway brainwashing conference.

      Whether or not the weather's good in Las Vegas there are tons of better things to do there than go to WWDB Spring Leadership.

  4. Amway depends on these half-assed "functions" the same way that the Colombian drug cartels depend on cocaine addiction. Get rid of the functions, and up-line income takes a big hit.

    The fact that Amway and the various LOS groups refuse to say whether any profit is made from forced attendance at functions is proof enough that these functions rake in plenty of unreported cash.

    1. Anonymous - well some would say that Amway is an addictive drug! And yeah why does Amway and WWDB and all the other cult sects refuse to say how much money they're making forcing ambots to attend and pay for some stupid brainwashing function.

  5. It's strange to me that this fellow had such an awful time at the Vegas location for Spring Leadership and that you were able to blog about his terrible experience 2 days before the conference even began.

    1. Hey Anonymous - its strange to me that you don't recognize this is at least the third year we've run this post and we always run it before Spring Leadership in Las Vegas for the key words to draw in a bunch of Amway losers looking for more information. In other words we're able to blog about Sammy's experience a few years after the conference began, not two days before. LOL!

      Hey be sure to come back in a few weeks and leave a comment on a post we have coming up about an usher who worked at Amway Free Enterprise Days "last week" so you can leave an outraged comment that Amway did not have FED last week even though it was "last week" at the time the usher wrote it.

    2. To Anonymous at 6:45 AM --

      Is that the best argument you can come up with? A total misreading of Anna's post?

      What a jerk you are. But that's par for the course with Amway freaks.

    3. Anonymous - the 6:45 poster who ironically was in Las Vegas at the time of posting totally missed the whole point of Sammy's experience.

      But what else do you expect from an Ambot?

      Lie, deny, distract, and defend.

      Rather than focusing on the message they leave a dumb comment to try to distract.


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