Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Beware Long Lost Friends Waving Amway Propaganda

Beware of long lost friends who contact you out of the blue who want to tell you about this new business they’re involved in or asking you if you’re free or if you hate your job or if you want to start up your own business. If its not some Amway asshole its probably a similar MLM scam. Here’s a reader’s story who tells us that nothing ever changes in Amway. The same old 8pm Amway witching hour meeting time. Get there early to find good seats. Insults flung at J.O.B.s. A story from the cult leader preaching to the followers about how poor they used to be and now thanks to someone who showed them the Amway plan they’re rolling in riches.

And of course the right attitude from anyone who attends an Amway meeting – getting the hell out of there thinking this is fucking creepy!

So here’s what you say to those Amway ambots with their bullshit once in a lifetime opportunity – SHOVE IT WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE!

Hi Anna, first, I have to say I love your page and “thank you-straight from my heart for your blog!” Second, I went to a night-meeting this past Tuesday with a LONG-LOST-COLLEGE friend I forgot I EVEN knew! We bumped into each other at the gas station…talked some business and before you knew it, I WAS BOOKED in a network business systems, marketing meeting taking place at a Holiday Inn in town.

Currently I’m working on my MBA, certified in bookkeeping with a 9-5 with an “okay” benefits package. So we get to this meeting, it starts at 8 sharp, but we want to be there a few minutes earlier, he said it gets packed and we want to find seats! I ate before we got there, but still asked about snacks, he said there would be (WATER FOR EVERYONE!). We sit, I was introduced, first to a GOOD colleague of his, and later to the business EXPERT at the front of the room chanting away about why a JOB is being a DEAD-BEAT! I heard some “ I used to eat from the dumpster” stories and “we shared a bed-all four of us, at the homeless shelter” testimonials. Then someone showed them the PLAN, and BOOM, they’re RICH!!! All this time I’m waiting for some relevant Independent Business Owner strategies, customer-base, product-marketing, business-promotion techniques…licensing, location…ANYTHING! At around 10pm, the EXPERT guy goes around the meeting room finalizing the recruitment process on some of the other prospects… “Say you’re joining the business to bring change to your family, to bring your family together, to one day provide them with a brilliant future…say it to them with me now (his holding some young couple’s hands and their friends saying this really loudly).

He does this all around the room, holding hands with couples, instructing them on what to say, telling them there is no other way to bring their families hope, support, and unlimited money.

He told me it will never be too late to join, just to make sure I think about it quick, so I can join right in time with the rest of them and be able to retire, making about $20, 000 a week managing my own company and not having to pay for my groceries or having endless discounts on everything I buy or lease (apparently this includes vehicle-leases or financing…HAHAHAHA). My ‘SO-CALLED’ friend said we could get together the following day to help me DIGEST all this NEW information and ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity…I just had to name the place, the time, and he would bring some of his business partners and if need be someone with a Master’s in Business Administration, they have people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE!!!!!!

I haven’t answered my cell-phone or looked at my email, and if I see him I’ll just say it’s not for me…EVER! That FUCKING meeting gave me the creeps…the way they look at you and the way their voice sounds makes my skin crawl…AND I’M A DUDE!!!!!


  1. @Anna Bananna, Yeah, that "once in a lifetime opportunity" has been going around for over half a century now. Given the fact that today Walmart outsells Amway something like 40 to 1 and something like 1000 to 1 when you only count outside sales (sales not to the Ambot distributor him/herself) one has to wonder why is Amway looking for more distributors when they already have so many distributors losing their ass selling so little product? And if you subtract pity sales to friends and family who feel sorry for poor Ambot then Amway sales are almost non existant. Yeah, I've had those calls come from old friends and even mere acquaintances telling me about this "opportunity" or "important meeting" or "this thing I do for extra money" etc. And the funniest thing is, when being prospected by an Ambot the one magic word you can say to make them go away is... drum roll... AMWAY! You see the look on their face or if it's a phone call you hear this pause and then either way it reveals the Ambot's thought in the moment: "Shit. He's on to me, thought maybe I had a live one."

    1. Ray - yeah that "once in a lifetime opportunity" is old news. No matter how much those lying Amway bastards say that those of us writing about our Amway experiences are outdated. Nothing ever changes in Amway except the prices going up. Same old lies and lines and for the most part the same cult leaders preaching the vision of the Great Amway God are still the same tired out crew slinging that shit decades later.

      Distributors is just another bullshit Amway term to brainwash the followers. IBO's are really members of an expensive buying club.

  2. The meeting described is the essence of cultic initiation.

    Absolutely NOTHING was said about the nuts and bolts of a real business. Nothing was said about the ordinary details of making a profit. Nothing was said about marketing, or spread-sheets, or customer support, or inventory load.

    All that you had was some piece-of-shit "Expert" tell you much money you were bound to make, and some bogus "testimonials" from self-proclaimed successes who used to eat out of garbage dumpsters. How could anyone take this as a serious invitation to a genuine business?

    But the real killer is that smarmy scumbag of an "Expert" walking around the room, holding couples by the hand, and making them chant with him about "change," "growth," and a "brilliant future." This is a BUSINESS? Gimme a fucking break. This a cult for the emotionally infantile.

    Amway and all of its various MLM clones are nothing but sick cults. If you don't see that within the first ten minutes of your attendance at one of those creepy recruitment meetings, you're blind.

    And yeah -- watch out if some dorky acquaintance form high school or college gets in touch with you. It's good policy to stay off Facebook, Linked In, or any of the social networking sites. That's where these pathetic dorks will go, looking for the names of people they remember.

    1. Anonymous - this fellow's description of an Amway meeting is dead on. There is never any actual business advice given at a Scamway meeting, the stuff he mentioned and you mentioned. You know actual business advice that people looking to start a legitimate business would want to know about. But Amway is a pretend business so why would there be any legitimate business stuff discussed at one of their cult meetings.

      Amway = the Cult of Greed. Where all followers must tithe and worship the Great Amway God.

  3. I remembered an mlm where they have a function with a theme "raising the future generation of entrepreneurs" and from what I learned, they are far from an entrepreneur because they don't even have a business language just some "rah rah let's go" and "motivational talks."

    1. The whole thing about Amway is mindless hype. As far as Amway is concerned the only important requirement is that you be "fired up" with enthusiasm. Business expertise is not important.

    2. Anonymous - most of Scamway's "themes" around the WWDB brainwashing functions have to do with dreaming. As for the "motivational talks" they run along the lines of taunting the cult followers "if we can do it so can you". How motivating is that? About as motivating as screeching out "don't dress like a slut!!!!"

    3. 2nd Anonymous - Amway is all about "firing up" the cult followers so they'll hang in there a little longer buying their overpriced shitty products and investing in the Amway tool scam.

  4. "Rah-rah-let's-go-team!"

    "Get out there and win one for your Amway line of service!"

    "Achieve that big dream, boy!"

    "If your Platinum can do it, you can do it too!"

    This is the kind of hyped-up bullshit that Amway calls "training" for IBOs. It's all about brainless enthusiasm.

    1. Anonymous - LOL! Where have I heard that bullshit before? Gee could it be at every Amway cult meeting! LOL! You forgot to add in the part about how everyone in the room is a winner. LOL!

  5. This is so crazy! I never heard of Amway til yesterday, when my friend from years ago randomly messaged me on facebook, casually talking then asking what I do for a living and if I'm happy. I thought it was an odd question, then more came. It wasn't the person I remembered talking to me. He legit seemed brainwashed. I asked about the company once, it was ignored, second time I asked he finally said what it was, and that it is a good company, just don't trust Google results except for the first page...

    1. Hi Me! Wasn't this post appropriate! LOL! Did your friend ask if you wanted to be free? Did you want to bring your wife home from your job? Did he say he's looking for some sharp guys to go into business with? Those are all standard Amway lines, though if you're not married they can't pitch the bring your wife home bullshit to you! LOL! Amway Ambots ask very odd questions. If he sends you another Facebook message tell him you're acting and producing in gay porno flicks and raising funds and ask if he'd like to invest and you won't hear from him again. Amway Ambots have a standard canned Amspeak response to just about everything except that one. Ambots are prudes so that should drive him away for good.

      Unless you want a life of misery ahead and want financial and emotional distress - stay away from Amway.

    2. Yes, he went on about why should I work for someone else and make a crappy living to maybe retire at 70, and that he works for himself, and wants to help me to be successful too. Sounded like a bunch of bullshit right from the start! Then I messaged our other old friends, and sure enough he is talking to them too. I warned all of them to watch out. How can people be so gullible??

    3. Hi Me. Amway Ambots have a script of lines they use to sucker other people in. I'm surprised that he gave in and told you his big successful business is Amway. LOL. He can't have been in the cult for too long because they're not supposed to say the A word and they're supposed to try to trick people to come to Amway meetings by pretending its a birthday party or a beer bust or something.

      If we knew how people are so gullible or stupid to get sucked into cults then someone could invent a pill to stop it from happening I'm sure. And make a lot of money. Million dollar question.

    4. Some people have a weak spot in their brain that compels them to "want to BELIEVE!" All cults and MLMs prey on this weakness.

      Think of that asshole Dexter Yager running around the floor of one of his functions,intensely whispering "Do you BELIEVE? Do you BELIEVE?" into the ear of every individual he goes up to. And the individuals get glassy-eyed with ecstasy.

    5. Anonymous - there's a Believe the Movie about MLM pyramid schemes. I'm not sure if you can see it on Netflix or if you have to buy a copy. Somehow I doubt it stars Dexter Yager but maybe a character just like him! LOL!

  6. Dear Me --

    Your friend is indeed brainwashed. He is now an Ambot, a sort of vampiric shell of what used to be a real person.

    Notice the warning against Google results. Ambots are terrified of the Internet, because it tells the truth about the sick company. You can scare off a vampire by showing him the cross. You can scare off an Ambot by mentioning the Internet.

    1. Anonymous - oh yes. Amway vampires. I think we even have a post titled that somewhere around here! LOL!

      Yup nothing terrifies Ambots more than the Internet because people are able to share their stories about getting scammed out of their money and talk about the real quality of Amway products.


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