Thursday, March 31, 2016

How Many Amway IBO’s Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

Who is seeking an answer to that burning question?

How many ambots does it take to change a lightbulb?
The entire “team”!

A lowly newly recruited IBO who still has enough room on his credit card to buy an overpriced piece of shit Amway lightbulb.

Another lowly newly recruited IBO who will be sent up the ladder first to wash down the area. Free IBO slave labor!

Another lowly newly recruited IBO who has been assigned to provide refreshments - XS cat piss water and shitty Amway food bars.

5 IBOs who have been assigned to be a committee to figure out what to do with the old lightbulb.

Another 5 IBO’s who have been assigned to pray that the spirit of darkness has not descended upon this home to spread negativity.

The Eagle who asks permission from the Platinum if they are allowed to change the lightbulb.

Someone from crossline who is a specialist in changing lightbulbs but first permission must be granted from the Emerald for him to fraternize with the crossline enemy team.

The crossline’s Platinum who is only showing up to ensure no MLM espionage is going on here.

The ambot’s Platinum who shows up to whine and bitch that he could be spending time with his family and instead he is here to “help” his downline and “bless” the lightbulb once its installed.

The Emerald who shows up to tell all of them he doesn’t believe in change.

The Diamond shows up to sell motivational books on how to get it done.

One negative dream stealer who claims its a mathematical probability that it can’t be done.

You know all they had to do was find one woman who could do the work of 20 men. Who would then point out the blatantly obvious that the light isn’t even burned out it just needed to be screwed into its socket a little tighter! And then point out the even more blatantly obvious that there were already extra lightbulbs in the cupboard that were stocked up the last time there was a sale at Lowe’s so they didn’t even need to go out and buy those expensive shitty bulbs from Amway!


  1. Absolutely on target, Anna! Doing anything in Amway is as complicated and bureaucratically entangled as the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    Amway isn't about freedom. Amway is about being afraid to do anything without up-line permission.

    1. Anonymous - I just can't get why people get so brainwashed that they have to ask permission from the fucking assholes in their Amway upline before they do anything! But yes being in Amway is complicated. They take the tiniest thing and make a big deal out of it and all the while you got to ask permission like say before you eat one grape.

  2. You also need IBO Fart-back to give a long and tedious argument on a pro-Amway website about why changing a lightbulb this way is absolutely the right thing to do, and isn't a scam or a rip-off, despite what Amway critics claim.

    1. Anonymous - those fucking Amway losers will look at this post and say what's wrong with that! LOL!

  3. ...and a Diamond to rent a cheap hotel room and manipulate downline to sell expensive tickets for "important conference" to keep them up all night long telling them how this new lightbulb is going to break the Amway business wide open!!! and that they need to order up lots of product and recruit lots of new IBOs to be ready for the huge sales bonanza that is just around the corner!!! Hurry hurry!!! before they get a nights sleep or talk to their spouse and come to their senses, if their brain on Amway is still capable of it.

    1. Ray - LOL! That's a good one about the Diamond holding an impromptu meeting right after changing the lightbulb and charging $25 ticket to come in and listen to him brag about the powers of this Amway lightbulb.

    2. Dont forget to rent a luxury car and film outside of a multi million dollar home of where the light bulb was changed and put an inspirational video together with Microsoft video editor. Complete with buzzwords and product placement. They don't advertise though. I hope I can have that team to change my light bulbs one day.

    3. I'm sure the Ambots can find a luxury car parked in the street that would do for a photo shoot and stand in front of someone's nice home and pretend they own them.

    4. Well, how does an Ambot need to stockpile so many bulbs when they only have one light--- in their rented room of course! And most bulbs today can last very long, some energy saving bulbs can last one year or more, and LED bulbs can theoretically last 20+ years. Unless you're saying that Amway bulbs have a lifetime of 2 hours or less!

      Poor ambot! Everytime his bulb blows out after two hours, he has to ask 20 ppl to come and change his light bulb.

      He does know that all he needs to do is to head to the nearest store and buy a bulb of any brand right?

    5. Anonymous - that's very true. And if its a one room occupancy its part of a larger building or a house and the owner/landlord probably takes care of replacing lightbulbs anyway! Amway Ambots are not allowed to get permission to go to the store and buy a product if Amway sells a similar way more expensive product. And seeing as how Ambots have to ask permission from the assholes in their Amway upline before doing anything can you imagine how that conversation will go! LOL!

  4. I know this isn't the right post to share this but I would just like to share an experience I had up here in Canada.
    My boyfriend was being groomed into the cult and I followed along. He recently became an Ibo when we got together and I was supportive because I hadn't heard of wwdb. (he's since left the cult before he got in too deep phew) anyway I attended one of these meet and greet things where they go over the plan with you in a public setting not at their homes. The diamond was throwing around numbers and drawings etc etc on a piece of scrap paper showing him how to budget for his consumer debt and Amway. It was hilarious to say the least but not the important part. We were in a Starbucks and I looked around the Starbucks...the place was full. One single table was of two women chatting away, the rest? Yup you guessed it! People being shown the plan...90% of the customers in there that night were being groomed. Next to us was the diamonds wife being shown the plan to another couple. It was actually surreal and terrifying now that I think back to it. There sure are a lot of sharp people in Canada. I hate this company and wish Canada was not a safe haven for these people but it is... It needs to be abolished. Too many have lost so much from this and it's devastating. I'm glad to have hopped on the bathroom wall of society to do homework on this and that your blog was available when trying to get my boyfriend out.

    1. Hey share it any place is fine. The more recent posts is better rather than posting on something from years ago where people might miss it.

      Glad to hear your boyfriend got out of Scamway before too much damage was done.

      And LOL on the Starbucks thing. Those Amway losers were probably taking up all the tables and not ordering anything cause they can't afford it. I got a Starbucks story coming up here soon too say tuned!

  5. Is that Amway bulb even safe enough to begin with? I hope that bulb doesn't blow then he flips the switch, Haha!

    Years years ago one of my relatives bought a certain Amway floor mop from an Ambot, turns out to have many new features such as a lever where you pull to wrinkle the mop dry. It was vvvv expensive.

    Months later, a street vendor began selling the same mop- same design, only better quality and wayyyy cheaper at a local street market. The guy's mop and Amway's mop looked so identical that I believe they were from the same factory in China. Considering thay Amway can buy more quantities than that guy, Amway must have bought them dirt cheap from that factory! Irony thay the guy sold it wayyyy cheaper than Amway.

    - Gene

    1. Gene - that's a good point. Its that Amway light bulb going to blow up when the switch is turned on. Seeing as how Amway specializes in shoddy quality products I can see that happening.

      You're probably dead on about those mops. Amway bought them at a huge discount and then marked the price up 3 or 4 times compared to a similar products as is their pricing strategy so the owners can make a big profit and lots of people in the upline can get a piece of the commission on each sale. I swear in some cases Amway must be buying up dollar store rejects.

  6. I'll tell you why Amway has to keep coming up with new products to flog. The old ones are generally so shitty that sooner or later no one wants to buy them, and they just pile up in Amway's warehouses.

    So the bigshots in Ada tell their marketing people to come up wit something new -- preferably something that has already been manufactured and remaindered by some other company. This new product is then purchased in bulk, given a new name, a pretentious label and packaging, and Amway's various con-men and shysters start singing its praises to the skies.

    And the brain-dead IBOs buy it.

    1. Anonymous - the shitty products Amway slings you'd think they're dollar store rejects with an Amway label stuck on it. Amway can sell a Ambot shit and brainwash him to think its gold. Or maybe I should say diamond. LOL!


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