Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Amway Is Just Another Work-At-Home Scheme

We’ve all seen the ads stuck to telephone poles or on Craigslist or free local papers: WORK FROM HOME.

And for a real creepy podcast, if you’ve got about 20 minutes, check out this anatomy of a work from home scam: http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2016/01/29/464859624/episode-680-anatomy-of-a-scam

And no the podcast is not about Scamway but it could have been. Same manipulation techniques and same bullying that Amway cult leaders use.

Usually these work from home scam ads have a phone number or email address to contact for more information. And most of the time if the person makes contact it’s probably a scam they’ve already heard of like stuffing envelopes or making jewelry which is pretty much impossible to make money at. Think about it. In this day and age big corporations have machines that fold papers and stuff envelopes, address them, and print a stamp on them. Small companies would contract this type of service out if they had a huge mail out campaign going on. As for jewelry, if you really had talent doing this kind of thing you’d be doing it yourself without going through a head office middleman. Instead you buy your supplies, make your jewelry, and sell them on Etsy or markets or put them in stores on consignment.

At Amway meetings they always pushed Amway as a work-from-home scam. OK the word scam is mine but everyone reading this blog gets the picture. Amway is a scam.

And work from home is only a paraphrase to indicate the Ambot is NOT employed somewhere with a real J.O.B. A lot of people who work from home have to hit the road to meet customers, pick up supplies or whatever. In Amway the ambots are constantly on the go attending Amway cult meetings, sniping prospects at Safeway or Barnes & Noble, running around doing errands for the assholes in the Amway upline and so on. Ambots probably spend less time at home than they did when they had a real job because Amway cult leaders keep them constantly busy.

So that in itself is a scam because Amway’s not really a work from home opportunity because you spend more time on the road doing Amway shit than you do at home.

Most scams want their victims to put money up front. Those guys stuffing envelopes probably paid $20 to get a booklet with instructions on how to post their own ad and when the money comes in they copy the booklet and send it out.

The people putting together jewellery probably had to dump a couple hundred bucks to buy supplies and the jewellery they make will never be good enough to be purchased back by the “retailer”.

Amway wants way more money than that. A reader recently said it costs about $170 now to sign up for Amway and that includes that starter pack of shitty Amway products. And of course we all know it doesn’t end there. By the first of the year you got to buy another year’s membership with Amway’s expensive buying club so it really sucks if you signed up in the last half of the year because those fucking Amway assholes don’t prorate their membership or base it on the day you signed up, its based on calendar year starting Jan 1.

There are legitimate work from home businesses out there. Most people can research online or at a library or buy a book and get ideas of the types of home businesses they can run and really be their own boss and set their own hours and their own prices. They don’t need to be a home based business being a lowly paid commissioned salesperson for a scam MLM like Amway where you must answer to the fucking assholes in your upline, ordered to attend meetings, prices are already established, and you’re constantly kissing some fucker’s ass.

You want to work from home? Don’t answer any ads claiming you can do that. Figure out your own business opportunity.


  1. A really obnoxious thing about Amway is the constant meetings! You have to attend endless little gatherings at homes, at coffee shops, at cheap restaurants, or wherever else your stupid up-line orders you to go. Amway has more meetings than the UN.

    And they are spectacularly useless! You either show the boring "Plan" with the silly circles, or you listen to some mindless pep-talk, or you're introduced to some fat-assed Diamond, or your up-line bullies you into buying more products.

    These meetings don't have any legitimate business purpose, in the sense of helping you to retail goods. They just repeat the same Amway drivel over and over. The meetings are solely to indoctrinate you with loyalty to Amway by compelling you to attend without question.

    I advise every IBO reading this to make the following experiment. The next time your up-line calls you and tells you there is a meeting for you to attend, say the following: "I'm sorry but I have something more important to do."

    Then come here to Anna's website and tell us (honestly!) what the guy's reaction was.

    1. Anonymous - I hear you on those constant meetings. Endless meetings and it was all the same shit you heard the last time, and the time before that, and the time before that into endless eternity. The only thing that changes is the sack of shit Platinum's nightly rant. Depends on which Ambot is being ridiculed or something going on in the news that he wants to bitch about.

      The endless Amway meetings are to keep the Ambots brainwashed. No other purpose.

      It's like what if you have a job and three times a day the boss holds staff meetings and all he talks about is people need to put their recycled paper into a different bin than garbage.

      Hey I like your advise to every IBO reading this. I doubt they'd be honest in the response they got when they told the assholes in the Amway upline they got something more important to do that night instead of attending their cult meeting.

      The reality is they'd be changing their song about how wonderful, and loving, and caring, and understanding their upline is once their the subject of a rage attack about missing an Amway meeting.

  2. Amway is kind of like the Mafia in that when the boss calls you to a meeting you go except that the Mafia actually makes money. The Ambots pay money to their upline capo who berates them for not paying enough. "Is youse holdin' out on me? Youse better not be. Da boss sez youse not bringin' in enough. Are ya sure youse hasn't squeezed all yer friends an' relatives yet ta get dem ta pay more? All right den git back to da Barnes an a Noble, da Starbucks, hit da Safeway too an' try a litta harda dis a time, ya unnerstan'?
    Word is Hollywood was going to do a blockbuster movie "The Ambotfather" but scrapped it because it was too boring.

    1. LOL! Too funny Ray. The Ambotfather. Guaranteed to put the audience to sleep! LOL!

  3. Yes -- at least in organized crime, everybody involved makes some money, even the lowest hoodlum in the racket. Amway is just working, working, and working and sending your profits to somebody else.

    That's what we used to call slavery.

    1. Anonymous - very true - in organized crime most everyone makes money. And good money.

      Amway has been compared to organized crime but only those highest on the pyramid are making money.


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