Wednesday, April 27, 2016

An Amway Ambot Tries A New Scam

Hey look at this I got an email from an Amway Ambot who’s trying out a different scam:

Dear friend
Compliment of the day to you.I am Dr. Ali Mahamadou, I have emailed you earlier without a response, in my first email I mentioned about my late client an Engineer who share the same surname with you or he might be your relation and his now dead.

I am sending this brief letter to solicit your partnership to transfer $4.8million US Dollars. I shall send you more information and procedures  when I receive a positive response from you.

Please NOTE; if this proposal does not interest you or not capable of handling it, kindly delete it and forget about this offer because it's not a joke neither a child's play.


Dr. Ali

I don’t remember a first email but it doesn’t matter. So this dead engineer who shares my surname and its ---- friend? And just because we have the same last name that makes him a relative? Well here’s a newsflash I have the same last name as tons of people, many of them have a different skin color and never once have I thought we might be related LOL but that’s the kind of bullshit logic an Amway asshole might use too.

This is not a joke neither child’s play? Don’t Amway assholes make the same bogus claims about their pretend business!? LOL! And apparently Amway isn’t the only scam around where spelling and grammar are not qualifications for getting the J.O.B. LOL!

Don’t Ambots claim millions of dollars are to be made in Scamway?

So what’s the difference between an Amway scammer and a Nigerian scammer. NOTHING! They’re both out to steal your money and destroy your life. Fucking scumbags.


  1. Hi Anna,

    You may find this blog interesting:

    The blogger wrote about her encounter with a church in Singapore that is interestingly identical to what people experience in Scamway. This is quite worrying as a sharp scammer can actually use religion as a guise to run a pyramid scheme similar to Scamway.

    "Here are a few similarities that I quote from the blog
    We were never close, she suddenly turned up one day with this weird statement, claiming that she didn’t know how to be my friend and I look like a “lost soul” and wanted me to come to her church.

    Someone that isn't really close to you suddenly bring up something so personal in such a creepy way. Familiar?


    "However, even then, they were still selling things. First was Sun Ho’s CDs. To me, it was hilarious. It was like having a commercial break in the middle of the service.

    “Do you all love Pastor Ho!?!?!?”

    Then, there was some blurb about how great and godly her music was, we should all water our souls with her godly music (unlike others out there, ahem ahem)."

    Did I just smell brainwashing and cult?! Familiar?!

    "When it came time to throw in tithes, they made a big issue about it. My friend insisted I have to put some money in, even if it was just 5 dollars. As someone who was only working during the holidays, and it wasn’t a holiday then, technically I earn nothing that month. 10% of nothing is still nothing. The cell leader than asked if I was given an allowance, and if I was, I need to give 10% of that – for the glory of my soul and all sorts of nonsense related to that, at which point, I threw in 50 cents in frustration. The awkwardness was overwhelming."

    Forcing people to part with their money... Familiar?

    " Furthermore, we were forced to chant to everyone surrounding us that we will bring in 2 more people the next weekend. if you calculate the number of people you “promised” that to, it equates bringing 8 people to the church the next week altogether."

    Doesn't that sound just like in Scamway?!

    "Also, at the end of the session, there was a cleansing session where everyone is made to chant that we are “backsliders” and we will do better. Then, people who have done wrong during the week need to come up front to be “cleansed”. The ironic part was, while I was fine, my very staunch friend was collapsed in a heap of teary mess. this happened basically all around me and I panicked because, being such an introvert, all eyes were on me."

    Brainwashing at its finest?

    "I was not located “right” for that cell group, but they “accepted” me, I even got presents, and got called a sister! However, nothing seemed genuine. I was actually scared of them."

    Fakey nicey nice... Isn't that Scamway?

    "Needless to say, thereafter I refused to go back. My friend was then told that I will suffer eternal damnation and it would damage her soul and theirs (the cell groups’) if she keeps associating with me. I haven’t talked to her since."

    That just sounds like Scamway!!!

    This is just shocking, somebody operating a religious establishment like Scamway.

    By the way, the founder of this church has recently been sentenced to jail for allegedly using tithes and donations to finance himself a luxury home and his wife's musical career in the States.

    PS: You can also take a look at that post's comments... Familiar?

    - Gene

    1. Hi Gene, thanks for the link and those are great similarities. All cults operate very similarly Amway is no different than other cults out there and all cults are creepy and scary the control they have over their followers. Everyone who isn NOT a brainwashed Ambot knows Amway is a cult.

  2. The similarities between Pastor Ho's fake church and the Amway fraud are uncannily parallel. What a scam!

    This sick bitch Ho and her sleazeball husband start up a church in Singapore to finance a luxury home and a musical career. They drag strangers in and browbeat them into tithing and singing and committing themselves to come back again, with more victims. They involve you in vulgar emotional scenes, make spectacles of themselves, and embarrass the hell out of anyone present who isn't crazy.

    What amazes me beyond belief is that people actually fall for this bullshit! Can they really be that stupid, that naive, that desperate for companionship?

    I hope Pastor Ho's husband spends a long time in jail. And maybe then Pastor Ho will be forced to close down her phony church and become a real "ho" on the streets of Singapore. At least that's an honest way to make a living.

    1. Anonymous - I'd say all cults are out to scam their followers. Steal their money, steal their possessions, steal their minds. They're all scams designed so the grand poopoos can live extravagant lifestyles on stealing from their flock.

  3. What's the difference? The other is illegal and the other is legalized because you have those connections from the officials.

    1. Anonymous - its not much of a difference is it?

  4. IBO's like to think they are "entrepreneurs" and they are hanging out with "entrepreneurs" who will teach them "entrepreneurial mindset".

    They invent a fake title on top of their fake title as a "Business Owner".

    1. So true Anonymous. The biggest fakes around are Amway Ambots.

    2. Those you hang out are nor "entrepreneurs" but people who are "wanting to strike big".

    3. Anonymous - yup. There's a big difference between people who are entrepreneurs or business owners and those who are wanting to strike it big wherever. They'd have better chance of making money if they bought lottery tickets or went to a casino and invested the same amount of money they tithe to the Great Amway God.


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