Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Where Are The Angry Negative Amway Losers?

I think a memo must be out from Amway’s head office to all their cult leaders reminding them to preach to their followers the sins of reading and commenting on websites like Married To An Ambot.

Usually a bunch of angry fucking Amway losers show up to bitch about this blog and spew out their bullshit canned Amspeak propaganda and screech at us for being negative unchristian dreamstealers who are losers and quitters and we’ll be broke or dead by age 65. Most of their comments end up on posts titled 100 Ways Amway Ambots Say Negative. It usually takes 3 or 4 months to fill the 100 slots! LOL!

But recently Ambots have slowed down their bitching. Surprising because that’s the one thing all Ambots do bitch bitch bitch. My latest post in progress about 100 Ways Amway Ambots Say Negative has stalled at about 30.

Now this is the type of blog you’d think Amway Ambots would avoid because of the swearing and Ambots are prudes so you’d think they’d stay away but it doesn’t stop them so much and they show up here to curse at us for running a blog like this. So much for listening to the Amway cult leaders about not saying negative! LOL!

There’s several reason why Amway’s head office doesn’t want their cult followers reading blogs like this is because it talks about all the money they’ll lose in Amway and about being abused by the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. Whenever this blog is read the page views helps bump it up in the search engine ranks. Even more so when comments are left. Plus Amway’s head office must not be happy with the way those fucking Amway losers are representing their company online spewing forth their lies and negative bullshit. It all adds up to why Amway has a bad reputation and a lot of that is thanks to their commissioned sales reps.

Also maybe a man can clue us in here because I doubt it’s women doing this. I compare this to when a woman goes into a clothing shop and she’s looking for a specific style of dress and all the other criteria that goes along with it like color, size and price. So she’s at the clothing rack and flips through it looking for what she wants. And she can probably do this pretty quickly. She knows what she likes and what she’s looking for. This blog gets visitors who are probably Amway losers on their mobile device and they’re clicking the next post button, which goes backward in time. Next next next. Or should I say back back back. Now nothing wrong with going back and reading a few of the latest posts. Except we know the loser isn’t actually reading the posts because the page view stats show how long is spent on that page and no way can you read any of these posts plus comments in 2 or 3 seconds before moving on to the next one. So guys give me some insight. Is it kind of like looking for the perfect dress thing and flipping through looking for the perfect post? Are they looking for a particular title that interests them to read? We try to title the posts to reflect what one could expect to read and so they can be found when doing a search. What the hell are these Amway losers looking for? And of course the good thing is they’re doing exactly what the Amway cult leaders don’t want them to do and that’s giving this blog lots of page views which bumps it up even further in the search engines. And yes it has to be Amway losers. People who have a loved one inside the Amway cult might read a lot of posts too but they’re actually reading them spending a few minutes reading a post before reading another and learning more about the financial and emotional distress the Amway cult brings and looking for support and knowing they’re not alone in this Amway hell they’re going through.

Oh and just in case anyone is wondering it took one person just over 4 hours of hitting the back button to get near the beginning of this blog. They stopped a few weeks before the first post ever. Not sure why. Doesn’t matter. Maybe their finger got tired. I mean who’s got 4+ hours to spend pushing a button over and over on a blog to see every post written but reading none of them. Didn’t they have any Amway meetings to run off to or texts to respond to from the fucking assholes in their Amway upline? But hey thanks for the page views and the bumping the blog higher up on the search engine ranks!

I don’t get it. Read the posts if they interest you or go find somewhere else on the Internet that has stuff you want to read. I don’t know why Amway prudes would show up here in the first place or what they’re looking for. If they’re looking for a specific topic they can do a search to help find what they’re looking for. We’ve covered just about every Scamway topic here. Or leave a comment asking if we’ve written about something. One day someone who was dating a Diamond and the two of them had an Internet presence complaining about someone, showed up here to leave a comment asking about writing a post about this person. Uh no I don’t think so. Don’t want to bore the readers, we don’t profile fucking Amway assholes except the occasional moron who leaves a really dumb ass comment here and then its pasting that comment on a new post and making fun of it cause we don’t know who the author is and probably don’t want to know who the fuck it is anyway. But the Diamond and girlfriend leave comments campaign went on that night into the early hours and they left comments just about on every web page like this like all the ones on the reading list on the upper right of this page, asking the same thing until one of the web owners said Hey I know who you are and take your vendetta somewhere else.

Its just weird that angry Amway losers haven’t been around as much lately to spout off their negative bullshit. Amway’s head office reads the blog and they must get pissed off seeing all the negative comments their sales reps leave all over the Internet so I think a memo must be out to the Amway cult leaders warning their followers to stay off the Internet. Oh well they’ll be back. It’ll have as much effect as that memo Amway’s head office sent out warning their sales reps not to bug customers at Barnes & Noble.


  1. I use to go to Amway seminars and be ultra negative. Then I end it by yelling your wife looks like a Whore. The cult leader would be so red faced almost coming to ring my neck. They have little sense of humor lol

    1. LOL! Too funny! A word foreign to Amway ambots who have no sense of humor because they're too busy being angry.

  2. Anna, here's my own opinion, for what it's worth.

    Folks in Amway really have an attention-span and attention-deficit problem. They just can't be bothered reading a long thread of commentary on some of the postings here. This is proven when you read an Ambot who posts something that clearly shows he hasn't read the entire thread, and is just responding viscerally to one particular comment that pissed him off.

    Second, they've gotten their fingers badly burned here. When an Ambot shows up here saying something stupid, he really does get his ass flamed. So naturally a lot of would-be Amway defenders are scared off.

    Third, Amway IBOs are frequently impatient and in a rush. They are taught that they have to be "go-getters" and "movers and shakers." So when they surf the internet looking for information, they don't have the patience to do an intelligent and careful search for anything, but just type in words quickly. This may lead them here because of all the many search words that are embedded in your posts at Married to an Ambot. They probably didn't intend to visit your website, but they show up, and of course are appalled.

    And finally, yes, I think you are right. The Amway bigshots have no doubt sent out a stern memo warning everyone to STAY AWAY from Anna Banana's blog. The more that Ambots come here to argue, the more foolish and stupid they look, and this gives Amway a black eye, world-wide. In addition, the very damaging negative information that comes out about the fraudulent Amway "Plan" is also going viral by way of the internet. Today, this is Ada, Michigan's chief worry.

    Check with Joe Cool. See if the same thing is happening at his "Amway: The Dream or the Scheme" blog. If he too is noticing a drop in participation from Amway defenders, then I think it's probably the case that the higher-ups in Ada have sent out a forceful memo discouraging anyone from visiting or posting at anti-Amway sites.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your thoughts. Very good. Yeah you got to wonder why Amway losers stop by here to bitch at us when they know we're going to have some fun insulting their choice of employer. And then they'll get really mad and say they're a business owner. Fun times ahead on another post an Ambot just dropped in on.

  3. They are coming up with new words or sentences before they come here to bitch.

    1. Anonymous - those brainwashed Amway Ambots have been slinging the same shit for decades. I doubt they'll suddenly come up with new stuff before coming back to bitch. LOL! They ain't got a brain between them to be original! LOL!

  4. Positive thinking has been taken out of context by many uplines.

    What's the truth about positive thinking?

    Positive thinking ONLY WORKS when you have KATE! What is KATE?

    1. Knowledge
    2. Ability
    3. Training
    4. Experience

    In other words, positive thinking does NOT MEAN that you can do anything!

    From a mlm skeptic

    1. Yes, that's quite true. There's nothing wrong with positive thinking if it is a way to get yourself energized and prepared to do a good job.

      It's when it becomes a form of magical thinking, a kind of blind faith that mere pig-headed belief will carry you through to success, that it is destructive.

    2. Anonymous - that's the Amway Ambot stinking thinking! They're brainwashed not to know the difference between negative and the truth. And are totally fucked up if they think everything in their life is always going to be positive.

  5. Anna, a few months have passed and I think the Ambots are back in full-bitching mode. A bunch of them have been screaming both here and at Joe Coool's website.

    I think we have really gotten under their skin with some of our savage critiques of the Amway rip-off. And that sort of thing gets them really mad, because they are used to an Amway world of pure "positive" bullshit and love-bombing. Tough criticism strikes them as horribly cruel and taboo. And attacking Amway is just unthinkable in their world.

    So, let's just keep on fucking them hard in the rectum. The angrier they get, the more stupid does Amway appear to the internet world.

    1. Anonymous - yeah those negative Amway losers are a pain. They all bitch about the same stuff with their canned Amspeak bullshit. Mostly they show up around times of Amway functions and they crawl out of their sewers at night but lately the comments are shut down here at night so less putting up with Amway assholes and their negativity.

  6. Dear Anna --

    Well, it's been about two years since the last post on this interesting thread. As I see it, there has been a pretty steady drop-off in comments by Amway assholes. They may still come to visit, but they don't seem to want to contribute any statements. It's not like in the old days, when they would come here and foam at the mouth in rage against Anna Banana.

    Maybe they have learned their lesson -- namely, that if they say something stupid here they'll get creamed in response. But more likely the explanation is this: Amway (at least in English-speaking countries) is steadily losing IBOs.

    The loss in Amway sales revenue over the last five years is a telling sign. People aren't buying the crap. Fewer IBOs are out there pushing it. Fewer persons are joining Amway. And the competition from other MLM scams is having an effect.

    But the big reason is blogs such as this one. The lies that are pushed by Amway are no longer going without rebuttal. Keep it up, girl!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Could be a bunch of reasons why there's a drop off in comments left by Amway assholes. When this blog started there were only a few blogs around getting the truth out about Amway and now there's a lot or at least forums like Reddit where an ongoing discussion can continue forever. So years ago when Ambots searched online there were fewer places for them to go and screech out negative. This blog is very high in the search engines for a number of reasons and that could be just the amount of page views that help bump it up not just when comments are left.

      At Amway cult meetings the leaders tell the Ambots to stay away from blogs like this and not to leave comments because it helps search engine rankings. Ambots are told to limit their Internet activity and shouldn't have much of an Internet presence. I guess when you surf the Net that takes time away from Amway activities.

      And yes some Ambots who end up here might read all the comments before deciding to leave one and see another fucking Amway asshole making a fool out of himself and then getting cursed out and decide not to follow that path.

      We get occasional comments here left in foreign languages and who knows if the Ambot is outraged or not. Delete. That's easier to do that plug in Google translate.

      Yup the lies I heard when we were in Amway are still being spouted off today by Amway losers who leave comments here. And that just helps warn others away. There are so many bad things about Amway and having to put up with abuse from negative fucking Amway losers is as good a reason as any to stay the hell away from Scamway.


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