Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ambot Brother Is A Nut And Kook

A woman talks about a recent family reunion and her Ambot brother who’s a lifer in the Amway cult.

My brother is a NUT !!!!! He lives in the past, he cares nothing about any one except himself. He talks non-stop, he thinks he's the only one that knows anything. Then he would make up stories .... but some of the stories were just flat out lies ! I mean 3 full days of him was enough. He left early Tuesday, before any of us were up.... actually, I'm glad he did. I revealed to my Mom that the reason he didn't come with his wife and daughter back in 1982, for a family reunion, was because he was mad at ME cause I told him I wasn't interested in listening to his 3 hour presentation about AMWAY ! So, he was mad and didn't come. We are off to go look for a floor lamp... my brother broke ours while he was here!!!! I was worried he'd break my dining room chairs, so at least it was a cheap lamp !!!!! BUT, he doesn't admit it... he's sneaky. I hate sneaks...My brother has gotten super weird. Sad. He's a nut.... a kook!!!

Arrogant, ignorant and self centered are ways that Amway Ambots can be described and we got it. That’s how she described him.

It sounds like she was being kind when she described Ambot brother as a nut. LOL! Around here we describe Amway Ambots more descriptively and accurately LOL!

He lives in the past. Don’t all Ambots. They howl and screech about an FTC ruling from 1979 and claim it means Amway isn’t a pyramid scheme. I think they need to read it over. Amway is a pyramid scheme that the FTC allows to operate. Why is anyone’s guess other than greased palms probably. Amway Ambots also like to talk about how much Amway made in sales years ago and pretend that Amway is still making that much in sales instead of losing around 10% in sales every year. Ambots claim that Amway has made changes over the years. Sure they’ve made changes to product lines and the prices have gone up but actual changes that mean something to people would mean stop ripping people off and ripping families apart. Nothing ever changes in Amway except the faces.

The brother thinks he’s the only one who knows anything. Yup snotty snobby Amway assholes are know it alls and go around claiming that the rest of the world who aren’t in the Amway cult know nothing.

He’s a liar and makes up stories. That’s the main criteria to be an Amway Ambot.

He annoyed his family for 3 days before sneaking out while everyone was asleep to crawl back under whatever rock he came out of. Probably pissed off that none of his relatives would buy any of his shitty overpriced Amway products or sign up to his scam. It’s been more than 30 years you dumb fuck. Get a clue. Your relatives don’t want NOTHING to do with Amway Scamway.

Everyone was glad he took off. Yeah don’t we all feel the same way when an Amway asshole fucks off and leaves! LOL!

Yup Amway Ambots get furious when people won’t listen to their 3 hour Amway presentation. Then they stomp off in an angry fit and sneer and make fun of people who are “too stupid” (Amway Ambot opinion) to join their scam cult.

Seems like nothing has changed since 1982 for this Amway Ambot. Judging from the rest of what this person told me the Ambot brother is in his late 60’s and working a dead end job while he’s still waiting to strike it rich in Scamway so he can retire and have bazillions of dollars rolling in for the rest of his life.

Now if this dumb fuck had got a decent job back in 1980 with a pension or put money aside for retirement he’d be well off by now. Instead he’s working in his retirement years to support his Amway habit.

The sister has to replace a floor lamp because this Ambot brother broke hers. She was also worried he was going to break the dining room chairs. At least the lamp was cheap but I suppose busting the dining room set would have been more expensive to replace. I mean talk about a fucking nut. How many people here worry about their relatives showing up and breaking their chairs? How many readers who have an Amway Ambot relative showing up who will break their stuff? Whole different answer isn’t it? The fucking assholes in our Amway upline broke and stole some of our stuff that I’ve brought up in other posts. I don’t worry about my real friends breaking and stealing my stuff. Pretend Amway friends is a whole nother story!

It all goes back to the jealousy that Amway Ambots have towards other people and how Ambots want to destroy the things other people have, especially more so if they don’t have it themselves.

Remember my nice recent model car our sack of shit Platinum wanted me to sell so I could buy a $200 Ambot Shitmobile and then use the leftover money to buy and stockpile shitty overpriced Amway products. My reaction was fuck you asshole. What about when those Amway motherfuckers wanted us to sell the house or take out a second mortgage so we could use those funds to “invest” in our Amway business – stockpile shitty overpriced Amway products. Amway is all about destroying other people’s lives. People in Amway don’t own nice cars or own a house so if they don’t have them then there’s no way in hell someone in their downline should have these items because they haven’t earned the privilege yet or they shouldn’t be ahead in life of someone in the Amway upline. Fuck that shit!

Amway Ambots are out to destroy what other people’s have. It sounds like this woman got off easy in that it was only a cheap lamp the Ambot destroyed. Guess that Amway asshole didn’t have a floor lamp and decided his sister should be allowed the privilege of having one either. Sounds like he doesn’t have a dining room set either if he had it in his head he should break her chairs. That’s the life of being an Amway Ambot. You have to ask permission from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline if you can buy things that normal people have to furnish their house. And of course the answer from the Amway upline is “No – use that money to buy Amway products.”

She also complained that her brother is sneaky and she hates sneaks. Yes! Amway is all about teaching their followers to be sneaky. Be sneaky so others don’t figure out you’re inside the Amway cult. I had that problem when those fucking Amway assholes were sneaking around getting my husband signed up to Amway. It was ALL ABOUT sneaking around. Being sneaky about their affiliation with the Amway cult.

Her description of her brother describes all Amway Ambots – nuts and kooks!


  1. First off, how stupid can this guy be, to want to give a THREE-HOUR presentation of a business plan? If you are going to sell someone on something, you need to make your presentation short and smooth and sweet! This is especially so if the prospect is skeptical.

    THREE HOURS?!? Is the guy insane? Only adolescents with arrested development blather on for hours about something, and think that others are listening.

    1982? This guy has been in Amway for over three decades? If he hasn't become a Crown Ambassador yet, why the hell is he still in the bloody business?

    This woman is right. Her brother is a total nut.

    1. Anonymous - 3 hour presentation is about average for Amway. 8pm Amway cult meeting that ends around 11ish and then the nuts & bolts or night owl or whatever they call it happens next. If the ambot was unlucky to be summoned by the sack of shit Platinum for an earlier meeting time invested could be 8 hours or more in Amway activities all night long.

      The fastest I ever heard an Amway meeting that was not given by the sack of shit Platinum lasted just over one hour. Ambots don't have short and sweet down the way real business owners do. 15 seconds man. That's the max it should take to describe who you are and what you do.

      The brother can't quit now. Not when success is right around the corner. LOL!


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