Monday, July 18, 2016

Amway Ambots Predict Doom And Gloom

The thing I’ve noticed about Amway ambots is that they are the most negative people around. At every Amway meeting I attended our Platinum would moan and bitch about all the bad things happening in the world.

Seeing as how I didn’t like that lying sack of shit anyway and wrote off everything he said as a lie, I saw it was all a ploy to brainwash ambots into thinking that their only salvation from all the doom and gloom in the world is signing up to be a commissioned salesperson with Amway.

Our country is still recovering from events that happened around 2008. Recession, house values sinking, job loss, and all the other lovely things the Platinum focused on at Amway meetings for the first hour or so. All the bad things going on. He’d talk about how people were at high levels of debt. He’d brag about being debt free but I knew he was lying. He’d recently bought a home and there is no way in hell that he paid cash for it. Like everyone else he and his wife saved up for a down payment, applied for a mortgage and moved in. I’m sure he’s the type of person who has a line of credit on his house. He’d need that credit line to pay off all the credit card bills that accumulate thanks to the Amway business and for faking it to everyone he knows about how good business is going and he drives a nice car, and blah, blah, blah. All of us who own houses and cars and have kids know all about unexpected expenses.

Do I know for sure that our former Platinum has a line of credit against the equity on his house? Nope. None of my goddamned business. I’m different from Amway assholes that way. When stuff is none of my business I don’t ask about. But I say its a good guess there’s a line of credit on the equity because our Emerald tried to convince Ambot to do that so he could pay off his credit card debt he ran up thanks to Amway and then when his credit card was down to zero balance there’d be more room to keep buying Amway products and tools so it stands to reason that fucker is counselling other Amway assholes like our sack of shit Platinum to do that too. Our Platinum told us he was debt free and had paid off his credit card debt and whatever other debts he had thanks to Amway. I don’t think it was thanks to Amway at all other than someone involved in Amway told him to take out the equity line of credit on his house and use it to pay off debt.

Still he bitches about the economy, bitches about the nation’s debt load, bitches about businesses closing down, bitches about house prices sinking, bitches about people losing jobs, bitches about bankruptcy, bitches about foreclosures, etc etc ironically not mentioning the names of Amway Diamonds involved in these proceedings. Shit! Bitch bitch bitch! Those fucking lying scamming Amway assholes fill their lives bitching about everything! Nothing like combining an already depressing Amway meeting with all the depressing stuff that’s going on in the world. Like Amway talk isn’t depressing all on its own without bringing in outside forces! Amway meetings are nothing but doom and gloom! And all those things that the sack of shit Platinum bitches about? Stay in Amway long enough and they’ll all happen to you too! Well, hard to say about the house price shrinking but losing jobs, bankruptcy, foreclosure that’s all part of being an ambot if you’re an Amway lifer.

Then the lying sack of shit tells everyone in the room that because they’re in Amway they won’t have to worry about any of the problems plaguing the rest of the world. They’ll be able to pay cash for their houses and everything else they want. And they’ll be able to do this how? Because they’re loading up their credit cards with more debt buying Amway products?

This is what happens when you take financial advise from an unqualified financial advisor. This is what happens when you “counsel” with greedy assholes in the Amway upline who are only looking out for themselves and how they can make money off you. I didn’t believe any of that bullshit about how they’re helping us and helping others. Helping themselves get rich and causing misery in other people’s lives is more like it.

Go to an Amway meeting and hear about all the bad things happening in the world plus the cult leader’s exaggerated spin on world events.

Remember Y2K? Remember all those doomsday cults saying the world is ending? Remember the Mayan calendar and the end of the world in 2012?

This is the doom and gloom stuff that Amway ambots live for! We should all be dead by now.

Doom and gloom. That’s the life of a Scamway ambot!


  1. Yo! Same anonymous here with the crossline girlfriend. I just came back from Family Reunion and admittedly, I'm quite inspired to achieve (luckily I have the good sense to direct my motivation towards something other than Amway--I've recently started a data analytics business, and some of the speakers at this convention have delivered enough platitudes to get me through the long nights of GENUINE entrepreneurship).

    I'd like to make a correction to this post...Ambots are some of the most positive people on God's green earth...until you mention SOMETHING OTHER THAN AMWAY. Entrepreneur? YAY! Want to start a business of your own that doesn't involve funneling money into a corporate scheme?
    My girl basically lambasted her brother, during the car ride (we all drove together...unfortunately) for wanting to be a bartender in Vegas making $100,000+ a year.
    She critizised his view of Amway as a "side" business and emphasized the power of
    "residual income" over "paycheck" lifestyle.

    I bit my tongue. I wanted to tell him I thought it was a great idea, but I decided I wouldn't get involved. If you're wondering why, you don't understand at all how much I love my Ambot GF. I don't believe in what she's chasing but I believe in HER. She's very sensitive and gets defensive about "the business."

    My personal experience is that Ambots are generally VERY positive, up until the moment you mention income outside of the "incredible business opportunity" that is Amway.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Well at least you took something away from the Amway meeting - to get away from those losers and start up your own legitimate business.

      Yup that's pretty much true about Amway Ambots. They go around pretending that they're the most positive people around and they're all schizoid paranoid about everything negative but as soon as you mention starting another type of business or talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Amway - the Ambot's "positive attitude to life" goes down the shitter! LOL!

      As for your girlfriend lambasting the brother about how Amway is a side business - she is wrong. That's exactly how the Amway cult leaders describe Amway: a side business where you can earn thousands of dollars a month working part time 10 to 15 hours a week out of your own home.

      And thanks to your comment Las Vegas is probably going to get an influx of wannabe bartenders heading their way! Now really we just talked about this in a recent post. Why would someone who makes good money like $100,000 a year want to leave that behind and go make less money in Scamway?

      As for "residual income" did you know that's a violation of Amway's policy to promise people they'll make residual income? Because head office has issued a statement that its not true. However most Ambots give the big old fuck you to head office and do their own thing. That's why we make so much fun of the bazillions of dollars in monthly residual income the Ambots are going to make.

      And your girlfriend is just like all Amway Ambots out there - they all get sensitive and defensive about "the business". Being an Amway Ambot means you lie, deny, distract, and defend. Really have you ever had a job that you had to put in that much effort defending your employer or would you just say fuck it I'm out of here.

    2. In any cult (religious or business), there is a fixation on the cult itself as something primal and sacred. If you mention anything outside of the cult in a positive way (or even just mention it at all), you get a very negative and disapproving response from cult members.

      A guy working as a bartender in Las Vegas and making $100,00 per year could easily parlay his savings into a millionaire's retirement by the time he's 40. He could put those Amway assholes to shame.

      But just mentioning this fact is heresy to an Amway freak. Financial opportunities other than Amway's fucked-up MLM scheme are taboo. You can't even THINK about them, much less mention them. For Amway freaks, Amway isn't just the American Way -- it's the ONLY way.

      That's why this guy's girlfriend is a sad case. She needs to snap out of it real soon, or else she'll be a lifer in Amway. Her brother sounds like the more intelligent sibling in that family.

    3. If your girlfriend gets defensive about the Amway business, this means that, deep down, she has the gnawing suspicion that it's a scam.

      Use that weak spot. Gently tell her that even Amway's official literature admits that 99% of IBOs will not make money in Amway.

      She'll get mad at first and scream at you, but believe me, when she's alone thinking about what you said, it will begin to gnaw at her even more. And that will be the beginning of the end of her Amway fixation.

    4. Anonymous - I agree. A guy making $100,000/year in Las Vegas where its relatively low cost living as long as you're not a compulsive gambler, can sock away a lot of money and invest and retire in his 40s.

      Amway losers can't do that!

      And yup try mentioning other ways to spend your money to an Amway Ambot or other ways to make a living only ends up in a fight.

    5. 2nd Anonymous - as time goes on, say at least 3 months in a lot of Ambots start to question if they got involved in a scam. And yes they become defensive and angry and protective of the Great Amway God so they don't lose face with all the people they sneered at for being losers who won't join the Amway cult and bragging about how rich they're going to be and retire in 2 years, etc.

      I don't know why that makes some Ambots more determined to stick it out. To prove that everyone else was wrong when they say Amway's a scam.

  2. IBO's are Imaginary Business Owners:

    They run a business that has:
    1. No physical existence
    2. No control of its own.
    3. No definite long term objectives.
    4. No real customers.
    5. No name of its own but amway.

    Imaginary Business Owners are:
    1. Not even business owners because of the characteriatics above.
    2. Hoping, Dreaming and Imagining that they will achieve diamond success.
    3. Not really at their own, they have to report to their new taskmasters (upline)
    4. Are students attending a pseudo-education consisting of meetings and functions.
    5. those with onion-skinned, crab mentality and uber-hyped beings.

    1. Anonymous - yup those points sure describe life as an Amway Ambot playing their make belief game of pretending to own their own business. IBO = Imaginary Business Owner.


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