Monday, July 4, 2016

Another Marriage Destroyed By Amway

Thanks to a reader for sharing his story. Different than many other stories here because this time the Ambot is the wife. Moral of the story is stay the hell away from Amway if you’re married and want to stay that way because the Amway cult is all about destroying relationships.

Someone told me once that in order to participate in pyramid scemes such as this, you must either own a certain gene or have damaged your brain somehow to be influenced by these people.

My wife and I decided to undergo a cruel Ketosis diet, which lasted about a month. I'm not sure if that changed something in her brain, but in February she suddenly divorced me for no apparent or logical reason. She just dropped the bomb on me with zero warning. No face to face talks. The bomb landed on me through Skype.

The only reason she ever told me was something in the effect of "My love for you has died and I just don't want you anymore. I saw you were exceedingly unhappy in this relationship and I see no reason continue together, not with these accomplishments".

When we met, she was knee-deep in debt, no steady job, living by her dad in a makeshift apartment made from a metal workshop office: no toilet, no running water. I lifted her from this miserable state to a practically debt-free life with a steady, moderately paying job and got her graduated to two different vocations.

She moved in with me. In few years time, we moved to her city of birth, got married, a joint mortgage, a house, two dogs and a new car. How's that for a list of accomplisments and devotion? For her, that weighed zilch pitted against divorce.

In just a few weeks time I was pushed around. I had to separate our joint bank account, give her control of the car, take possession of the dogs and start selling our house. During these weeks she became increasingly isolated: She single-handedly kicked out every person even loosely connected to me in Facebook, moved from the living room couch to the visitor room and locked access to her tablet and phone by a PIN code and was extremely protective at them. Every time her phone rang, she made a swift walk either outside or the visitor room and slammed the door shut so I wasn't able to hear any conversations. She also started visiting her "friends", while leaving behind those she knew by name. None of these other "friends" were ever mentioned by name.

In June she almost literally threw me and the dogs out because she was having a "business meeting" and according to her was "starting to build a business". No names were given. Just "friends" and "business". Little did I know I was about to witness Amway's descent and what's worse, adultery. The meeting was supposed to take four hours but it went well past it. Our security camera sent me a picture of my wife and a guy I saw arriving there first caught hugging with more than just lovebombing-kind way. It came to my knowledge that she had known this guy for several weeks. Where/How they met is unknown, but it wasn't hard to notice she was head over heels for him and this guy was her prospector, thus her upline. Then came boxes of stuff from Amway and she started attending functions. She was flat broke in just few days after payday. During her summer holiday she packed her car to the brim and moved living with him, leaving me behind. One weekend she coldly texted me that she's not going to pay any bills such as electricity, heating, etc. because "building my business big takes sacrifices and it's going to take at least a few months until I'm going to get something back". This caused my financial situation nearly collapse: All the bills had my name on them so I was forced to pay all of them in full or face penalties and consequences while she happily walked away from all financial responsibilities.

Today it has been a nearly a month since the divorce came legally to power. Because of her job, my ex-wife still loiters around here weekdays, living in a house she owns half of, using all the commodities she's not paying for and it doesn't bother her at all.

We were together for a decade and were married for four years. Now all those years are wasted.
Thanks a bunch, Amway.



  1. What happened to this man is pure Amway.

    And these Amway scum call themselves "Christians."

    1. Anonymous - what happened to this man is a story that's been told many times online but usually from the wife point of view and infidelity isn't always a factor though Amway can always be considered the mistress and that's who the spouse is cheating with - slimy fucking scammy Amway.

      The fact that many Ambots call themselves "Christians" is fucking creepy. The evil things they do is part of being a "Christian" then you can see why so many people want nothing to do with it. Amway has their own twisted brand of Christianity and the shit they do is part of their worship of the Great Amway God.


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