Wednesday, August 31, 2016

100 More Ways Amway Ambots Say Negative

Yup its time for another installment on how Amway Ambots say negative. For a bunch of bastards who are so all consumed and obsessed with “don’t say negative” these fuckers for sure need more instructions from the assholes in their Amway upline on how to live by what they preach. LOL! All the typos and inability to string a sentence together belong to the Amway Ambots. These are all cut and paste from comments left on this blog. So much for listening to Amway cult leaders who tell their followers not to visit blogs like this and do not leave comments because it bumps them up higher in the search engines. And for a bunch of bastards who go around screeching about how we’re not educated you’ll all love # 53 “Not to much educatiopn”. Yup Amway Ambots go around accusing us of not being educated and then they talk out of the other side of their asshole insulting everyone who gets higher education of wasting their money on school instead of wasting their money on Amway. Not everyone wants to get a degree in know it all from Amway University. And this group of commenters is nothing new. I heard bullshit just like this from the fucking assholes in our Amway upline. As I always say the most negative people I’ve ever met in my life have all been in Amway and for some bizarre reason these Amway losers got to keep proving it over and over.

1.     It's amazing how little they think of Amway because they don't have the right attitude and can't put the right effort to maintain a business.
2.     someone who sits behind a computer wasting their life talking down on a successful company.
3.     No point in arguing with idiots.
4.     have a nice wonderful close minded rest of your lives!
5.     you fucking retards
6.     Don't be so fucking childish your whole entire lives to nit pick on every single thing.
7.     Man you guys just lose at everything.
8.     you're just a fucking loser at life
9.     I don't give a fuck if you think that's "ambot mindfucking" where we think we're above you
10.  It sounds like you and your husband must have had a really negative experience to have left you feel so bitter!
11.  Idiots
12.  Anna banana! lmao! That's an intelligent name! NOT!!!
13.  you must be a numb skull to think this
14.  If same effort you would have spend on setting your own Business (may b Amway) you would have earned hell lot.
15.  People fail because they don't want to do hard work.
16.  I think Amway is A Ferrari but sadly you don't know how to drive it
17.  Anna Banana's got wayy too much hate in his heart.
18.  Wow you know nothing.
19.  you most likely didn't support your spouse in the business if you're saying all this stupid shit.
20.  It obviously has taken a negative turn in your life to go to such great lengths to bring down something that didnt work out for you personally.
21.  sounds like a lot of finger pointing
22.  No one forced your will to have a dream at first and to attend functions.
23.  why the hell are you such a bitch?
24.  If you want to be negative, do it by yourself. No sense in poisoning other people's minds because YOU had one negative experience!!!!!
25.  your foul mouth, ignorance, and arrogance is telling everyone what kind of person you are, a person with very poor character!
26.  Did God himself come down to earth and tell you that you are worthless?
27.  Your ignorance bafles me
28.  Wow, you guys are a bunch of cynical idiots
29.  Just because you're to scared to commit to anything your mom and dad didn't pay for doesn't mean it's a scam.
30.  If you ran your business as much as you ran your mouth you would be very successful.
31.  your just rambling on and on like a bitter complaining woman
32.  You're a silly little crybaby.
33.  you are broke and crying about Amway.
34.  you're lazy
35.  Grow up and stop whining
36.  realize it's your fault nothing will ever change that
37.  Cowardly?
38.  You bad mouth a legitimate company
39.  Hahahahahaha I enjoy seeing you gabby gals talk about things you don't understand.
40.  unlike you all I understand that success in anything take hard work.
41.  Enjoy dying working at your desk job next to stinky feet Joe that never shuts up
42.  Absolute cynical idiots
43.  get glad that you're a hopeless idiot with no dream that's gonna die working a job
44.  I love however that because you failed it is all the sudden a cult
45.  you probably just don't have the right attitude, or even skills to do well
46.  Hahaha! You're a silly little crybaby.
48.  I should hire you for a hot air balloon business because all of your useless bashing just further validates what is wrong with this country.
49.  who are you to bash people for what they want to do?
50.  That's why its called 2 cents when someone like yourself gives their negative opinion
51.  you are probably the reason your husband failed at his business.
52.  Negativity breeds negativity
53.  Not to much educatiopn
54.  Stop knocking a great business and knock the dumb people you worked with
55.  You can return products but not stupidity.
57.  It's no wonder you failed backward with a mouth and attitude like that.
58.  You're very rude.
59.  Lol..!! You bunch of cheapos'
60.  you will feel ashamed of yourself about your knowledge and your views
61.  it's obvious you get paid to blow smoke.
62.  You're the true scam artist here.
63.  You had a bad experience "and more then then likely was because of YOU" just proven with your demeanor and your character!
64.  This blog is bleeding negativity
65.  People like your husband looking for something more in their lives see that Amway can provide them with the life of their dreams... until witches like you steal their dream.
66.  you failed in the business and probably in life.
67.  You are a coward who hides behind an ugly website.
68.  Keep being negative, we need you to have the jobs we won't settle for.
69.  Keep crying
70.  Us people that are way more intelligent have a tendency to listen to the smart successful people out there, rather than believing your filth that you get off on posting!
71.  grow up, find god, learn to work, quit pttuing others down who want to succeed farther than you will ever make it
72.  You both seem like ignorant bloggers from your comments that have failed in the Amway business and just want to insult people who believe in it.
73.  do some research and inform yourself
75.  Anna Banana the great cocksucker.
76.  I'm glad you came to this world to be the pest you are
77.  The only idiots are ones that don't succeed and then blame others instead looking in the mirror.
78.  Hey dingbats!
79.  You literally are devoting your time to creating negative vibes.
80.  I was in the military and People like you would have got me killed.
81.  You should put more energy in yourself and grow up!
82.  Wow. You sure LOVE to be negative!!
83.  I know that don't make sense to a small minded person as yourself!
84.  Anna mid life crisis Banana spends all her free time on a shitty blog, with nothing better to do.
85.  this is just fucking sad. What a waste of life.
86.  Lol wow people's lives suck,
87.  you are where you are based on the way you think.
88.  Hope you make money from these blogs.
89.  what kind of "so called" intelligent person calls them self Anna Banana? Lmao!!
90.  Main point is your foul mouth!!
91.  How you talk, and your arrogance, shows your character to be one that pretty much lives in the gutters of life!
92.  So you go ahead and keep running on with your gutter mouth!
93.  I can tell the intelligence of you lines up with an ANT!
94.  Your just another statistic that loves to post bathroom writings on the toilet walls!
95.  I used to be an asshole myself but never as bad as I seen you talk to people!
96.  Amazing and dumb our society has gotten lately with people like you!
97.  I commented on your foul mouth stupid!
98.  you think you can tear other people down because your so hateful within yourself
99.  you look incompetent, and hate yourself, life, and everyone around you!
100.         Oh wow you are the perfect example of a special kind of stupid! Lmao!


  1. Anna, the first thing one notices about all these quotes is that the persons writing them are only semi-literate. The errors in spelling, grammar, and sentence structure are glaring.

    This tells you something about these Amway defenders. They aren't well educated (despite their repeated charge that everyone else is "uneducated"), and they don't mind displaying their lack of competence publicly. Some of them don't appear to have gotten past the third grade.

    And yes -- they sure can "say negative"! For people who have been trained by their up-line never to say anything that isn't positive, these morons certainly have a nasty streak.

    But since they are all losing money month after month in Amway, I guess they have the right to be angry. It's just too bad that they take out their anger on you, rather than on the greedy scum in their up-line who are fleecing them.

    1. Anonymous - that semi-literate condition can be blamed on hoity tooth Amway University. Only Ambots want to attend that higher education and get a degree in being an asshole.

      The most nasty, ugly negative people I've ever met in my life have all been in Amway and sure some of that might be due to the huge amounts of money they're losing in this pyramid scheme. And maybe they're angry that we get the truth out there and that limits prospects they can sucker into this scam. And maybe they're angry because they're figuring out that maybe we are right and that means the beloved assholes in their Amway upline have been lying to them all along. Yup the rest of us who aren't brainwashed Ambots know that everyone in Amway is a liar.

  2. IBOFB is a A-hole

    1. He was probably an asshole before Amway and after signing up made it a life mission to become the biggest fucking Amway asshole out there.

    2. IBOFB? You mean David Steadson? I heard he ran off with Bridgett Baron to found a new religious order called The Sacred Community of Diamond-Worshippers. They spend their lives attending functions, and eating Amway energy bars.

    3. This response should be flagged for naming-names and gossiping. Take that shit elsewhere!

    4. Who the hell are you -- the Thought Police? We can say whatever we want.

      Steadson and Barron are two Amway shills. They were made for each other, like George Burns and Gracie Allen.

      If you want to "flag" something, stick a flagpole up your ass.

    5. Hey Anonymous using the Android. You don’t get to decide what comments are approved. Especially when we’re talking about someone who has a police record for criminal activity against one of the bananas and we allow them to track suspicious visitors who may be associated. Which is why your comment is approved for all to see for tracking purposes. What you can do is leave a comment with your name and contact and maybe the police can contact you to find out your interest in protecting someone they’re monitoring. If you’re a known associate they’d be interested in chatting with you probably. If it was me and I attracted the cops attention I’d stay away. But then I’m not a dumb fuck.

    6. Anonymous- LOL the thought police. Sounds like a job for an Amway loser!

  3. I totally agree with your blog and this write up. Amway has been a ride through hell, but having a partner who will not wake up and see the truth makes it all seem like I am the mad one. amway took a toll on our life, it morphed my partner into an unknown commodity with Greed as a first name and Contempt as a middle one. Partner would rather leave me than leave Amway. I have been told so atleast a dozen times.I have been called nearly all the above by the upline and the cronies , amway ibo greed is an illness with no cure in sight.
    Some relief to see atleast some others are in the same boat and I am not really the one who is mad.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad you found us and know you're not going through this alone. This blog is meant for people like you so you know others are going through the hell Amway has brought to your life and others are experiencing the same things you're going through.

      Sorry to hear your partner signed up to the Amway cult. The only "truth" Amway ambots believe are the lies spouted off by the lying scamming fucking assholes in their Amway upline. They won't listen to the reality of how much money they're losing or that Amway products are a bunch of overpriced shit. People like you are dangerous to the Amway cult because you have the possibility of reasoning with the cult follower and convincing him that Amway is bringing financial and emotional distress to your lives. According to the fucking assholes in the Amway upline people like you must be eliminated. I've been there myself and it's a horrible helpless feeling when your partner put these fucking Amway assholes ahead of you and listens to them and not you.

      Sounds like now is another good time to send a big old FUCK YOU to Amway and all their cult followers. Amway the Cult of Greed. That turns all their followers into snide sneering nasty Ambot bastards.

    2. Yes, Amway does have a marked tendency to turn its members into nasty, vicious, money-obsessed scum. How many marriages and relationships has the Amway "plan" broken up? Thousands.

      Like every cult, Amway demands that you always "make a choice" between loyalty to the cult, and any other loyalty that you might have. Wife, husband, parents, brother, sister, children, friends -- they ALL take second place in the mind of a loyal Amway freak. The "business" comes first.

      Too bad the business is a fucking rip-off, where 99% of those in it fail.

    3. Anonymous - you are right on. And everything you said is all part of why Amway is truly frightening and evil.


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