Monday, September 12, 2016

Ben Goes To Amway WWDB FED And Escapes Ambotsville!

A lot of people get sucked into the Amway cult because they bought into the bullshit that they’ll own their “own business” and be able to provide for their family and retire at 21 and walk the beaches of the world while bazillions of dollars roll in every month from Amway in residual income. These suckers are easy prey for Amway shysters but once they got sucked in and lost their money, many realize the only way they can recover some of their losses is by lying to others and sucking them into Amway too and most people’s morals and conscience takes over and they quit. And good. You don’t need to be brining financial and emotional distress to other people’s lives. Going out on a limb here I’d say many people who get recruited into Amway think they’re getting into something good and instead they’ve landed in the middle of a horror story. The promised riches will never be there. And I just know I’m going to get some snotty snobby Amway Ambots showing up here and leaving a comment on how could Ben have gone to Amway Free Enterprise Days FED when it hasn’t actually happened yet for 2016. OK you dumb ass Ambots – that’s because Ben wrote this AFTER he attended FED so in other words not this year but I have to spell it out because people in Amway are dumb fucks and don’t get it. We’re posting his comments now because Amway WWDB Free Enterprise Days is coming up and its called keywords to get people to read this post and to keep this blog high up in the searcher engines. Thanks Ben for sharing your story about Amway World Wide Dream Builders WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED. And stay tuned folks. Ben recently gave us a first class review of Amway FED that will be posted soon. This is from an earlier comment.

The FED function will come up was a 3 day account of cognitive dissonance mixed with social ineptitude (not being able to fit in with the rest).

The red flags were not as pronounced at the time, because I still had the desire to make money and truly believed the guy was there to help me. One of my favorite expressions is 20/20 hindsight, and it couldn't be a more perfect example here. The other one, roughly summarized from Mark Cuban is, nobody gives out good advice for free, and if the deal is really good, the last thing they are going to do is share it with you. As I look back, it is really easy for me to truly pick apart my story and highlight the terrific nonsense that was used on me.

I went to the FED function for a couple of reasons, and sadly none of them are good.
1. The tickets were approximately $150 for the weekend, but because I was new, I got a guest pass for free.
2. I was told that this was the biggest event of the year (obviously not true as they hold at least 4 of these stupid things a year), and I was about to stop trying to learn about this nonsense but figured if there was anywhere I would would be there.
3. I still really liked the guy, and even though he was terrible at explaining the business and deflected everything to his mentor (upline), he had a certain sense of innocence and honesty. I truly believe, especially because he was new to this as well, that he wanted it to be a real thing, AND he was trying to help others...not realizing he was doing the opposite. That opinion has changed recently as he became so detached, and fell off the deep end. However, originally I believe he had good intentions.

I never pursued the internet for answers until after the honestly never dawned on me to try and learn more until I felt as though I had been had.

There were a couple of other reasons for why I kept going down this path that are truly embarrassing...but they are all connected to two things.
1. I wanted to provide for my future I am getting married soon.
2. I was vulnerable when I got out of college, and still am, but have a better understanding of my vulnerabilities, and therefore I was easy prey for the scam. I would've tried anything short of selling blood and semen (which looking back are both much better answers).


  1. I was part of Amwsy for 2 years, I finally clued in to what a scam it was this past June and left the business. The moment I quit I felt such a sense of relief, not to mention it nearly destroyed my relationship and left me in debt
    I love your blog and what it exposes, I wish I would have found this a long time ago, would have saved me from making the worst decision of my life.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. I'd say you were nearly a lifer. 95% of Amway IBO's quit inside 2 years. Any ambots that stick around longer are likely putting in a lifetime committment to this cult. Yeah eventaully most figure out Amway is a scam and yeah its a relief to leave and not have to put up with Scamway and the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. Hopefully you're young enough you can bounce back from the debt Amway left you in. There's some sad stories online of seniors dropping all their retirement savings into the Amway scam and at the end of their working life they'll never have a chance to rebuild those savings. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I wish there'd been one like this when we were involved in Amway. There's a lot of good blogs that talk about how Amway is a bad investment and about losing money but none at the time talked about the emotional and financial distress Amway brings. And none were cursing out the fucking Amway assholes. Brainwashed Ambots believe their upline are godlike creatures and cursing out those bastards is awful and therefore I'm awful too. Like I give a shit what Amway bastards think.


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