Monday, October 10, 2016

Amway Ambot Dreams Of Smash Alarm Clock And Ride Off In Limo

In keeping with our last post about Amway Ambots smashing the alarm clock. When I was going through old posts to recycle I sometimes look at comments and turn them into their own post. Here’s one from blogger David Brear when the smash the alarm clock post was first posted talking about the smash the alarm clock thing and as he always copyrights anything he puts online I’ve included it here. 

David’s blog is one you can find on the reading list on the top right of this page, MLM The American Dream Made Nightmare

Yes, as you know, it was my deeply-deluded Ambot brother's dream to tell his detested-boss to stuff his detested-job and then drive off into the sunset in a stretch-limo.

I don't know whether he ever acted out this guided-fantasy (i.e. rented the limo), or whether he ever smashed his detested-alarm-clock, but he did regularly read 'Amway' comic-book stories relating how his 'Upline leaders' had all gone through this ritual transformation ceremony - spending many grey years reluctantly turning-up to their detested-jobs in tatty secondhand cars as miserable, inferior 'losers,' but then, one fine day, escaping in gleaming chauffeur-driven luxury as superior Ambot 'winners.'

You probably know that you can see a video of the formerly-deluded, Ambot 'Emerald,' Eric Scheibeler, shooting his detested-alarm clock on the 'Dateline' expos̩ of 'Amway/Quixtar', broadcast in 2003. (Anna here Рto see the video David refers to, see the right side of this page under More Information About Amway and click on the Dateline videos)

It is also important to remember that, prior to his descent into the stale darkness of the Ambot bunker, Eric had been a US Marine Reserve officer and a federal auditor. When he came out of the cult into the clear light of day, Eric finally began to count the terrible cost. But, at first, he was crippled by guilt and suicidal (this was mainly due to his sudden realization that he'd been brainwashed and used to cheat thousands of people, including friends and family members).

As you know, eventually, Eric (who is a very rare individual) was able to write a book in which he courageously accepted that he had wasted ten years of his life playing a pernicious, self-gratifying, cultic game of make-believe. Although he had once commanded thousands of constantly-churning Ambots in his 'Downline,' in reality, Eric lost a total of $100 thousands, but he passed around $4 millions to his own 'Upline' commanders (This cash came mainly from the fraudulent sale of publications, recordings, tickets to meetings, etc., on the pretext that these exclusive materials contained secrets vital to achieving success in 'Amway').

Unknown to his unquestioning 'Downline,' Eric's role in 'Amway' had been that of a machine programmed to recite scripted-lies and to act as a smiling decoy. He'd actually financed his Ambot slavery/addiction by secretly selling-off his own capital assets and by going into debt.

Unlike Eric Scheibeler, my brother is a moral coward who simply cannot face up to the truth. He also financed his Ambot slavery/addiction first by secretly using his own assets, but then by stealing from his family.

It's sad to reflect that today is my brother's 55th birthday. I have not seen, or spoken to him, since the mid-1990s. Even at that time, I wasn't speaking to him, I was speaking to a programmed-machine. Some of the scripted-lies this grinning Ambot decoy kept reciting to me, were:

-'I cannot communicate with you!'
-'Get a life! You are a Negative Loser!'
-'You are too selfish to understand how this Business works by helping people!'
-'There are literaly billions at stake!'
- 'Within 10 years, all supermarkets will be finished in Britain!
-'The Amway business is taking-over!'

Over the years, I've encountered numerous deluded, Ambots, but never one more-brainwashed by the 'MLM' fairtale, than my own brother.

David Brear (copyright 2012)


  1. All supermarkets will disappear because of Amway?

    Yeah, that'll be the day.

    How could anyone believe something as stupid as that?

    1. Anonymous - LOL. You nailed it. Only brainwashed Amway Ambots are stupid enough to believe that.


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