Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bring Prospects To Amway Meetings Or Be Abused

At every Amway meeting the Platinum cult leader would ride all the IBO’s asses about being failures because no one was bringing new prospects to the meetings.

Well that’s what happens when you’re part of a pyramid scheme. Its not easy finding people open-minded to being ripped off!

Ambot spent hours each week trying to convince friends, family, and people he’d just met to come to a meeting. Infrequently after a few hours of being hounded, someone would break down and agree to see the board plan, but then they wouldn’t show up and spend weeks or months avoiding calls from Ambot.

Years later one of our formerly good friends still refuses to have anything to do with us thanks to the Amway cult. He actually came out and met some ambots and didn’t like them. Join the club!

I had stopped going to Amway meetings. I refused to show up anywhere that the fucking asshole Platinum was going to be. Horrible evil cult leader that he was spreading negativity, draining the bank accounts of people beneath him in the Amway pyramid, and destroying relationships. Yeah just the kind of sack of shit everyone wants to have in their lives! The day that bastard rots in hell can’t come soon enough for me!

Ambot had been hounding a friend for months to come an Amway cult meeting and our friend had been putting him off one excuse after another. Well no kidding. The only people who want to go to Amway meetings are ambots. People who don’t want anything to do with the Amway cult are not interested. It was no big surprise that our friend failed to show up at our house and go with Ambot to the Amway cult meeting. He wouldn’t answer his phone either when Ambot called to find out where he was. The 8 o clock Amway witching hour was nearing and the guest Ambot had bragged to everyone he was bringing was MIA. Ambot begged me to accompany him so I gave in and for the first time in months I went to the cult meeting.

By this time I had done research into the Amway cult and was reading first hand accounts of other Amway victims. They all had the same story we had. Their cult leaders told the same lies I heard. Some former cult followers had suffered severe financial losses including bankruptcy and houses being foreclosed. Some marriages had disintegrated. Forearmed is forewarned. I caught the cult leader in all kinds of lies.

A meeting room had been booked at a local hotel and the upline Emerald was the speaker. Everyone had to fork over $10 to the cult leader to show up and be lied to. We came in and sat down. We watched the Platinum sack of shit circulate the room greeting people. He avoided saying hi to us even though he walked right past us a number of times seeing as how we’d chosen aisle seats. Snubbing us! Like I give a shit that someone I don’t like won’t talk to us. Oddly enough Ambot began to chuckle and I asked him what was so funny.

“He’s refusing to talk to us because I didn’t bring anyone to the meeting.”

That was the cult leader’s way of punishing the downline. Refusal to acknowledge them. Ostracization. Shunning.

I was happy with that. We don’t often get that lucky that the pompous sack of shit doesn’t want to talk to us.

So fuck you asshole. It really hurts my feelings when you won’t talk to me. NOT!!!!!


  1. Ages ago I use to let these jerkoffs think I'm interested. I'd buy these cheap little energy drops or whatever they sold. It's used for people who workout. Then this sob didn't get the hint. Like waited a block away from where I live lol. I swear this fat b stard would always act like it's a coincidence we ran into each other. Most hilarious sh t is when they get into a guilt trip. Like acting like I'm the reason he's not making any $

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yup Amway Ambots get really nasty to others whether or not they're buying Amway shit off them. And they blame everyone else for failing. Amway is a blame the victim scam. There's a post around here somewhere about all the finger pointing in Amway. Ambots operate at pre-school level.

  2. Hi Anna Banana, I wanted to ask you if it would be okay to link to your blog. I've been making huge adjustments in my life. I started my own Wordpress site. Your blog kinda inspired that. I'm currently writing an article titled "3 Things you didn't know about that will pull you away from your dreams." and the first thing being about network marketing. I've also been prepping for a university I'll be attending in NYC.
    Yes, the Amway assholes will do anything and everything it takes to make a profit. They are parasites, cockroaches, sewer rats, and any other nasty creature that you can think of. I told them that they are worse than demons because at least you upfront that a demon is pure evil..with them, it could take years, or a lifetime in some cases. I've said what I needed to say to those bastards. I've threatened them. Told them that the skills I learned while practicing muay thai & boxing will be used on them if they tried to approach me again. I've been training and working out a lot too if the occasion arrived. Hell, I'll be dedicating all of next month to my training and studying SEO, Web Dev, and Analytics. Honestly, I loved them blindly and now the hate that I have for them is much greater. I'm in a hurry to make up for lost years. I'm 27 now, and I'd say the years where I could get shit faced and party my ass off are long gone now, but that's okay. I'll get the chance to spend the rest of my life doing what I truly love to do. As painful of an experience it was, It really taught me something. It taught me who NOT to trust and I also rediscovered my passion. My passions could never be buried to begin with. I remember when I first came across your blog, thinking man... this woman really hates these guys.. I was fresh outta the scamway business at the time. Time started to pass, and all of the emotions that I had suppressed, due to never speaking "negative" began to surface in the worse possible way. I understand clearly why you hate those bastards so much, because I hate them just as much. They all deserve to burn in hell. That douche former sponsor of mine is so pathetic that despite quitting, he is still controlled by them. That douche former platinum upline is still trying to rip people off... He's a dealer from one of NY's worse neighborhoods, now what he deals is a legal product. His wife was a fukcking bitch, and another one of my platinum uplines kept hitting on me despite being married(her husband was supportive of her but not very active)... Lets see, there's so many more stories that I can share with everybody. My life was almost completely destroyed. It took almost ending up homeless for me to realize that they couldn't give two shits about who they rip off. I just want to say thanks to all of those who have shared their stories. They really helped me in a big way. I want to help out too. I want to pursue my creative passions, but I think I can also help expose the evil that those people are.. and maybe not just them either. But for the moment, they are the purest form of evil that I can imagine.

    1. Hey Franklin. Thanks for stopping by. I remember you've left comments here before. Thanks for stopping by to share your story and that you get it about the emotional distress that Amway cult brings. Along with the financial distress of course.

      And that's great you're starting a blog. We can never have enough people sharing our Amway experiences in hopes that others don't fall into this pyramid scheme.

      Leave a comment with your web address so we can send readers your way.


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