Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sex Power Increases From Amway? LOL!

Amway Ambots do the damnedest searches on the Internet and show up at this blog.

Yup some dumb fuck Amway asshole is searching online for “sex power increases from Amway”  and ending up at a post where we make fun of another Amway asshole who was searching for “Double X is good for sex”. And if that’s not fucking creepy, those searches keep coming! Multiple ambots doing this exact same search. What the fuck are they teaching at Amway cult meetings these days?!!! LOL!!!! Amway Ambots = fucking creepy! If its fucking creepy then we are here to help Amway ambots out with their searches. This is the info they seek.

Are you Ambot men so fucking fucked up in the head from brainwashed Amway shit do you really think any woman wants to be with a man who is all obsessed about “sex power”.

Are the assholes in the Amway upline giving out the advice that if you’re an Amway “business owner” this means you will have sex power over your partner. Who will preferably be of the opposite sex because if you go to Amway meetings you will hear homophobic rants and the assholes in the Amway upline won’t counsel you to have sex power if it’s a same sex relationship. Instead they “counsel” the ambot to go straight.

Yeah its always interesting looking at the search criteria that brings unsuspecting Amway ambots to this blog. I’d say for anyone out there who’s looking to increase traffic to their website the best keywords to use are “Amway sex”. All these horny Amway assholes out there who can’t get laid because being in the Amway cult is a huge turn off to women so they search online to see what Amway products will give them extra help in that department. Why don’t those losers just counsel with the assholes in their Amway upline who will give them bogus advice anyway like take more double x.

But “sex power increases from Amway” like what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Like anything a fucking Amway asshole say makes sense to the real world anyway. Its like the male chauvinist pig club that Amway is all about. Men have the power. PUKE!!!!!!! It’s the control issue that Amway ambots are all spastic about.

Here’s a big clue guys. Women aren’t interested in men who are all about wanting the “power” when it comes to sex. Spending more money on shitty overpriced Amway products that are guaranteed to increase your sex life or make your partner more excited for you in that department are all snake oil. The best way to better your sex life is to get the hell out of the Amway cult. Whether or not that will increase your “sex power” we can’t say for sure but if you’re inside the Amway cult that’s a huge turn off to women and pretty much guarantees you ain’t getting laid.


  1. Women won't go out with a man if he's a doofus or a nerd.

    Unfortunately for men in Amway, that's the reputation that they have. And for most of them it's quite true. They are pathetic, ineffective little doofuses and nerds who draw chalk circles.

    No woman is going to drop her panties for a guy like that.

    1. Anonymous - normal thinking people would agree with you. Brainwashed Amway Ambots think women should drop their panties for them because they're in Amway and that means they're better than the rest of the world. Sorry ambots. Women don't want to hook up with broke losers who worship The Great Amway God.

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    1. It’s amazing how scammers flogging snake oil think a good place to market their shit is on a site that makes fun of a company that makes snake oil and the losers who sell it.


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