Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ambot NOT Invited To Top Secret Amway WWDB Spring Leadership Meeting

Seeing as how Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2017 is HOT on the search engines right now I’m keeping my blog near the top by resurrecting some previous posts of Spring Leadership memories. I’ve said it all before so I don’t have too much new to add! But I’ll keep reeling in dumb ass ambots desperate for any information!

On Sunday morning I’m driving Ambot to the arena where Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership is being held. I’ve got to circumnavigate the entire complex to get to the front doors so I can get Ambot there early enough to stand in line with all the other keeners. I’m about two blocks away when Ambot spots the sack of shit Platinum standing on a sidewalk or parking lot area with about 30 cult followers standing around him in awe listening to him spout off his bullshit. Fucking morons! Worshippers of the World Wide Destructive Bastards cult! Fucking Amway losers!

Ambot panics! He’s late for some meeting that he doesn’t remember being told to attend. He’s mostly scared shitless because he’ll be berated by the sack of shit Platinum and ridiculed in front of everyone for being late. That’s the way Amway cult leaders operate. Fear and obedience. Because I’d rather tell everyone in my upline to fuck off than listen to their lies I’d never make a good Amway cult follower! So I let Ambot out of the car and continued alone to entertain myself for the day.

Later Ambot tells me when he’s rushing to join up with the cult followers that the Platinum’s henchman springs out of the group and wants to know what he’s doing there. Ambot explains we were driving past and he saw the cult leader preaching to his flock and didn’t want to miss out on this very important meeting that he clearly was not invited to.

The henchman explains its for another World Wide Destructive Bastards downline in the sack of shit’s Amway business and because Ambot is in a different crossline and the brainwashing methods are different he was not invited to this cult meeting.

Splitting hairs, the henchman is in the same line as Ambot so why is he being subjected to this other line’s brainwashing? Ah ha some cult followers are just gluttons for punishment! Or there’s some MLM espionage going on!

But then the henchman tells Ambot he can stay if he wants to. And of course he does. Can’t miss a word of wisdom from the beloved cult leader.

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!!!!

World Wide Destructive Bastards suck!!!!

The fucking sack of shit Platinum sucks!!!!!

Fuck Amway!!!!!

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