Monday, March 27, 2017

Amway Ambot Boarding House

Our former Platinum is a very religious man, no work on Sunday the lord's day, yet he is an arrogant sack of shit who worships money. He didn’t care about us or our success. The only thing he wanted was to sell us websites, voice mail systems, books, CD’s, standing orders for Amway products, and buy tickets to functions. And preach the twisted Amway religion like the good cult leader he is.

At every meeting he brought up God. He peppered the first hour of every meeting with religious references before he’d even get around to mention Amway. The next hour or two or however long he decided to torture us with his brainwashing session also had a good religious mix.

I’ve been to many business meetings pertaining to real professional businesses. Nowhere else have I ever been forced to endure someone else's religious beliefs in a professional business setting.

But then Amway is not a professional business. Its a pretend one. Part of the brainwashing process involves the twisted religious teachings whether you want it or not because that’s how a cult operates.

Our sack of shit Platinum had a screwed up definition of friendship. His true friends signed up as Amway IBO’s and purchased to above mentioned websites, Communikate voice mail, books, CD’s, put themselves on ditto standing orders for Amway shit, and bought tickets to every Amway function and event. The sack of shit offered his undying friendship and assured the cult followers that he would always be their only true friend who understood them and supported them and loved them.

The Platinum is a friend who only loves you as long as your money flows in his direction. Shut the bank down and he shuts down his friendship.

That sack of shit Platinum was one of the biggest bastards around who couldn’t mind his own fucking business and forced his personal beliefs on everyone in his LOS and ordered them how to run their lives.

Ask permission. Submit to upline.

It really bugged the shit out of that bastard that we had extra bedrooms in our house that were going unused - in his opinion. In reality the other bedrooms in our house have been assigned other tasks of our choosing. Spare bedroom for guests and an office. It works for us!

It didn’t work for that meddling sack of shit Platinum. He thought we should open our homes and our hearts to transients, ie IBO’s inbetween accommodations.

Uh no I don’t think so. There are homeless shelters in this town for people who need them. We don’t need our lives disrupted by brainwashed ambots taking over our house.

I have no idea why that sack of shit had such a bee up his ass about our house other than the fact we were one of very few in the Amway cult who actually owned a house. He could count on one hand how many of his cult followers owned their own homes and still have fingers left over. Perhaps the bastard was brought up in a kibbutz.

That kind of living ain’t for everyone!

And neither is Amway for everyone!

And neither is belonging to a cult for everyone!

And neither is submitting to a sack of shit Platinum!

Let’s just send out another big old FUCK YOU to Amway.


  1. Your Platinum was a real piece of shit.

    Genuinely religious people don't presume to tell others what acts of charity they should perform. I can't believe that this asshole actually wanted you to give free room space to transients! What a presumptuous, overweening arrogant bastard the guy is. Telling others how they should manage their household is an unspeakable intrusion into someone else's privacy.

    What if an IBO is an atheist or an agnostic or a Buddhist? Would this shithead of a Platinum still insist in giving religion-packed speeches to his down-line? Who does he think he is? Saint Paul?

    I'm sure this Platinum was consumed with envious rage over the fact that you owned your own home. Amway freaks simply DON'T LIKE IT if you have any property or freedom or independence that they don't have. It irks them no end. That's why so many of them will say "You haven't EARNED the right to own that! You haven't suffered and slaved the way good Ambots are supposed to!"

    To which an IBO should answer: "It's my house, it's my money, it's my property, and it's my stuff. If you can't deal with that reality, go fuck yourself."

    We need more IBOs telling their up-line Platinums to do that.

    1. Anonymous - yes our Platinum was a real piece of shit. But reading stories of others involved in Amway or women married to an ambot, they all have similar stories. The Amway upline are a bunch of assholes. Is being a sack of shit in their DNA or is it learned through Amway teachings at brainwashing meetings. I personally think it has to be something already in their system to be a sack of shit fucking asshole and Amway is their best excuse to help bring their true self out there.

      Our sack of shit Platinum and other fucking assholes in our Amway upline were constantly on our case about how we were running our household and what we should be buying like major purchases or substituting products we already use for shitty overpriced Amway products. These fuckers just can't mind their own business. CULT!

      Of course they had no control over me. I was just as likely to tell them to fuck off.

      If you've ever gone to a major Amway WWDB function held over a weekend there will always be a church service on Sunday morning where they hope to convert atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, or any other groups to worship the Great Amway God. They pass a hat around for donations and don't think that money is going to an orphanage in Africa. It's all part of the Amway tool scam and the cult leader preaching the Sunday morning service can buy a lobster dinner that night with the collection.

      You haven't earned the right. You haven't earned the privilege. I heard that at every Scamway meeting. And in most cases I was pretty fucking glad I hadn't earned that right yet because it might have involved dusting and cleaning at the house of some fucker in the Amway upline. That would have never happened.

      Yup like your response the best because it matches mine when dealing with the fucking assholes in our Amway upline. "It's my house, it's my money, it's my property, and it's my stuff. If you can't deal with that reality, go fuck yourself."

      Cult leaders hate hearing that one.

      And at the next private meeting Ambot had with the fucking assholes in the Amway upline they'd sure be putting the screws on him to leave his unchristian, unsupportive dreamstealing wife. Nothing brings those Amway bastards more happiness than destroying other lives.

  2. I can't stop smiling at the amount of firepower you have against Amway, since I was also part of the scam for the better part of 3 months, until I learned that Google is my friend and I also saw the amount of bullshit being dispensed in generous quantities by the then Quixtar leader. They weren't Amway back then in 2003.
    I would like to point out, that there's plenty of cults/business-opportunities around like Amway. I have a friend that has invited me to form part of the empire of selling overpriced, shitty coffee. Something called Organo Gold.

    1. Hi Bill. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah we know all about the Quxtar scam. A company can change its name but not it's reputation when it has such a bad one.

      Yeah usually around the 3 month mark is when IBO's start having questions about making money in Amway. No one wants to sign up and buy their shitty overpriced products. How can anyone make money? The compensation plan starts to look suspicious. You ask an Amway cult leader questions and get screamed at to never question upline.


      Some people have left comments and mentioned Organo Gold but I don't anything about it. I'm sure as you suspect it's another scam to sell an overpriced shitty product and lots of people in the upline will all make pennies per sale. These MLM scams operate pretty much the same.

  3. These MLM scams are popping up like mushrooms after a spring rain. How can people be so stupid as to believe them?

    "Organo Gold"? Talk about an asinine name for coffee!

    1. Anonymous - that does seem like a silly name. Perhaps the scammers decided not to call themselves Organic Coffee in case some legal issue hit the fan down the road.


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