Monday, April 17, 2017

Amway Cult Followers Are Insane

Thanks to one of our readers for their thoughts on the scary Amway cult.

Amway followers are insane and need help both psychologically and emotionally and I genuinely mean that. Its down right scary that in today's age the cult (its far more than a scam) continues to feed on weak fragile minds. The unity amongst ambots and continual support for each others dreams, goals, mindset.. whether it be diamond, billionaire, etc is whats frightening.

From an outside educated perspective a simple observation of amway yells scam and begs the question of why in the world would anyone even consider this? what kind of living/ purpose or sense of fulfillment does this provide? yet it somehow infects people like a disease. It attacks those who have a upbringing in a family that did not have wealth or figure that held a job, education, or had/sought any financial knowledge (investments, retirement, insurance). Those who are consumed by amway I believe have no idea where wealth comes from, how its earned, and how it can be maximized. They have conceptualized and are drawn to this idea that one simply becomes a millionaire over night, within a short time period, or to those that think right.

It baffles me that they both listen to "millionaires" with zero credentials and believe they are learning a mindset and travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars to do so? excuse me but do lawyers and doctors and government contractors the list goes on and on ... have millionaire mindsets? NO they work hard at their professions and logically save money, invest long term

The fact that leadership (not a word deserved) deter individuals from socializing with friends, encourage them to doubt higher education, and resist society is absolute EXTORTION. The company (not a word they deserve) literally and I mean literally brainwash individuals. They display wealth (vision), a path (means), and a goal (outcome) to weak minds that buy into this non sense. To combat society, friends (above mentioned) amway develops phrases, monologues, speeches as weapons and if you know an ambot you can recite this shit word for word.

It leaves me speechless and angry there absolute denial of reality focus on money money money money and future success with none thus far scares me. There constant badgering of education, society, is pathetic. I dont understand how grown adults fall prey to this has no function of a real company... (staff support, offices, managers, HR, dude these are basic...)

Where does it end... I wonder. I have never done amway or ever considered it period. I simply had # great friends who have joined and I can barely recognize them now through there social media, etc.

I personally without releasing details have a BBA and hold an analyst position for XX company. I net a substantial amount of money but who cares, at the end of the day its about job fit, enjoyment, and loved ones. I hope this rant did not offend anyone whose been attached to amway at anytime. I simply came across this forum and felt obligated to comment.

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