Monday, May 22, 2017

John The Silver Bozo

Did everyone see this bozo John the Silver post a comment on one of Joecool’s blogs?

All you negative people make me laugh!!! DO you relized that you work for a living? Do you relaize that you work for SOMEBODY? Do you realize you will not make more than your boss in the "position" you are at?

All you brainwashed ambots make me laugh!!! Apparently a qualification to be an Amway ambot is to put down people with J.O.B.s.

I didn’t relize (sic) that I work for a living. I did many years ago. What’s wrong with that? Many people have jobs. But ambots can not answer that question on what is wrong with having a job because they are brainwashed to hate their jobs and hate their bosses. Don’t worry. You won’t be working there too much longer!

I didn’t relaize (sic) that I work for SOMEBODY. Oh and by the way John the Silver bozo needs to get his spell check on his computer under control and check his caps lock button! Ha ha! Perhaps John the Silver bozo can point out this somebody. Many of us don’t work jobs and aren’t employees. Some of us are retired or self employed or live off our investments and you do not see us go around putting down people who work for someone else for a living. Again I ask what is so wrong about working for somebody other than according to Amway IBO’s its something comparable to leprosy.

Oh and John finally gets his spell check under control and spells realize correctly when he does the old Amway sneer about do we realize we will not make more than the boss in the “position” you are at. Seeing as how I don’t have a boss all the money coming in is mine, mine, mine. I don’t have to pay an overpriced wholesaler for generic and substandard products. I don’t have to rip other people off. No ambot can claim that!

I wish these thumb-sucking negative weenies would get out of their pitty party and do something in life to help themselves and families instead of sucking the life out of positive go-getters that want the best for their families, and other families with this great opportunity from Quixtar.

Hey John there’s only one t in pity! Talk about Amway Amspeak! Heard this tons of times from the stage or CD or tape. Isn’t it awesome being in a business that is devoted to insulting everyone and everything? John and his cronies seem to fail to grasp that not everyone is capable physically, mentally, or financially to be a business owner. Whether its a scam like Amway or a reputable business. Not everyone has what it takes. Just like not everyone has what it takes to be a pro baseball player, an actor, an artist, or run the mile in under 4 minutes. Not everyone has it in them to succeed at every single thing they attempt.

And they don’t want to be insulted about it!

Like we need any further proof that part of the Amway teaching is to sneer at people who have jobs. Put down people with jobs. Look at them like they have some hideous disease and should be avoided.

Funny that’s exactly the way I look at Amway IBO’s!

Avoid Amway ambots at all costs!

Fuck Amway!


  1. Sounds like someone's brain on Amway. LOL

  2. Amway freaks are also not capable, physically, mentally, or financially, of being business owners. They are losers with a fake title: "IBO"

    Those letters don't stand for "Independent Business owner." They stand for "Idiotic Bamboozled Oaf."

    You don't own a business when you're in Amway. You're working for the Amway Corporation, which is your BOSS. They can fire you at any time.

    You're not "independent." You can't even wipe your behind without consulting your up-line, and seeing if it's OK with him.

    1. Anonymous - that's what Amway capitalizes on when they toss out the phony title of independent business owner: a bunch of dumb fucks who don't know what being a real business owner entails. As you pointed out because they're incapable of being a business owner for one of those reasons.

      Seeing as how they'll probably never be a real business owner of a real business Ambots live in a world of make believe and pretend they own a business. When someone else provides the product, sets the price, and provides a bunch of conditions - that means you're an employee. And yes Amway can fire you at any time as our sack of shit Platinum found out. Where else can you be a big shot business owner and "own your own business" and still get fired! LOL!


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