Thursday, June 15, 2017

Amway Bullshit Mantra – Be Dead Or Broke By Age 65

Who remembers sitting through boring Amway meetings listening to some sack of shit Amway asshole spouting off about how 95% of the population will be dead or broke by age 65. And the other 5%? They had their own businesses.

Where do these liars come up with this? Pulling it out of their asses? Ask the cult leader where they got that statistic from. Never question upline! Holy fuck you’ll be humiliated at the next ten Amway meetings for that sacrilege. Our sack of shit Platinum said he thought it was on the census. Yeah I remember seeing those questions on the census form: “If you’re under the age of 65 are you dead?” and “Are you broke?” LOL!!!!

As for people dying before age 65, sadly people die for all kinds of reasons, no point in going into morbid details. No matter how much Amway ambots try to sell you some snake oil pills to save your life! I can’t find anywhere on the Internet what percentage of people died before they turned 65. If I can’t find it how can those lying Amway IBO’s find it? They can’t! They make up these lies and the rest of us who aren’t brainwashed ambots our bullshit meter kicks in and says are you fucked in the head for believing that shit you’re spouting.

These days people are living a lot longer. We have great advances in medical and science and generally speaking people live healthier lifestyles watching what they eat, exercising, and not smoking. People with healthy lifestyles are easily living into their 80’s and 90’s. They grew up in a generation before credit cards and going into debt existed. They own their own homes, collect social security, and have savings and investments that they live off.

How does any Amway ambot know the actual percentage of how many people are broke by age 65. What government survey asks the question “are you broke”. I’m not sure many people would admit to it on a survey anyway!

I can find no government statistics that proves 95% of the population is dead or broke by age 65, therefore its easy to come to the logical conclusion that any Amway ambot who spouts off this bullshit is a liar probably repeating lies that originated from some Amway asshole further upline.

There are lots of people who plan badly for their future. That doesn’t mean they’ll be broke or dead by age 65. There are lots of people who aren’t business owners. That doesn’t mean they’ll be broke or dead by age 65. That’s just some sack of shit Amway asshole trying to instill fear so people will sign up for their Amway scam.

Other things may happen too. A spouse might die, loss of a job could lead to other financial woes such as unable to pay the mortgage and eventual foreclosure, or illness or injury could make earning a living nearly impossible.

The above paragraph defines people that IBO’s typically prey upon to recruit into Amway. People who are already in a sad state of affairs and in a poor financial position and who can least afford to lose money are sucked into the Amway scheme by nasty ambots who fill their heads with dreams of financial freedom.

What about the Amway ambot lie about the 5% of the population who are not dead or broke by age 65 simply by the virtue of owning their own business.

Owning your own business puts an invisible shield around you that guards you from being killed in an accident or dying from a disease or losing all your money by age 65?

Apparently that’s what brainwashed ambots believe. Brainwashed ambots also believe that because someone owns a business they will be successful and never be broke.

Another lie taught by the lying Amway upline assholes. Business fail for all kinds of reasons sometimes at great personal financial loss to the business owner that they might never be able to recover from. Including phony Amway businesses!

The upline brainwashes ambots into believing they are real business owners because they slapped down $200 or whatever the current fee is for an Amway registration fee and $300/month minimum for Amway products for personal consumption, and a few hundred more a month on Amway tools and functions. The upline Amway assholes preaches that this means they are part of the imaginary 5% of business owners who will live past age 65 and will never be broke.

Anyone thinking of signing up to this Amway fantasy business that heard  the old Amway mantra about being dead of broke by age 65 ask the ambot liar to show government documented proof of those statistics. Would be interesting to see what they come up with. Pretty hard to back peddle out of that lie!


  1. Anna, you hit the target again!

    Idiots in Amway actually believe the stupid lie that anyone who isn't in Amway will be broke by the time they are 65.

    What about pensions? What about IRAs? What about 401Ks? What about stock and bond portfolios? What about private savings accounts? What about Social Security benefits? What about the equity you have in your house and property?

    People in Amway are so profoundly stupid that it never even occurs to them that persons over 65 can have all sorts of income for many different sources!

    And the idea that you will inevitably get rich by going to imbecilic Amway meetings and buying cds and tapes, and attending glitzy "functions" in distant cities? Well, if you're so big an asshole that you can believe something like that, then maybe you belong in Amway.


    That's what AMWAY stands for.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Timing is everything. About 2 hours before you left your comment someone from Alticor was here reading and I'm sorry they missed the true meaning of the work Amway:

      Love it! LOL! So true! Sign up with Amway and get ass fucked!

      As you pointed out people who have a good employer with pension plans and 401ks and who've been able to save for their retirement with various investments are not going to be broke by age 65. Of course I'm not talking about people who've had unfortunate life circumstances or medical bills wiped out their savings.

      Its just you've got a better chance of a nice retirement if you stay the hell away from Amway and other MLM pyramid schemes. That's a sure sign you'll be broke by age 65.

      The rest of us hope to have income from many different sources by that age. I know I will!

    2. Seems like they're missing a salient part of that line of thinking -- if everyone's either involved in Amway, dead, or broke by 65, who's left to buy Amway products? The mythical "10%" of business owners? Or are they actually admitting to preying on those headed for debt or the grave?

    3. Hi Jecca. That's a really good point. If everyone is dead or broke by age 65 an that would be Amway cult followers because they only pretend to be business owners, then there's no one left to buy Amway's shitty overpriced products.

  2. Dear Anna --

    You have mentioned before that the folks in Ada and elsewhere who are the powerhouse behind Amway come to your blog regularly to see what's being said.

    But lately, I sense a change. At Joe Cool's website a number of pro-Amway posters have appeared over the last two or three weeks. Amway's big up-line is starting to worry. The sales figures for North America (not released) must be horrendous. It's clear that in the U.S. and Canada the anti-Amway blogs in English are starting to have a real effect. (This is not yet the case elsewhere, where English is not spoken or is only a learned second language.)

    Perhaps Amway is allowing ambots to come to certain blogs to defend the business against criticism. They won't come here, of course, since they can't deal with our slash-and-burn high-powered rhetorical style. We really kick ass at this joint.

    But it may be that, out of desperation, Amway is going to try and launch a counterattack on these blogs.

    1. Hi Anonymous. It's possible that there's been a shift but Ambots are still showing up here and other blogs accusing us of being the bathroom wall of the Internet so I'm pretty sure that Amway cult leaders are still warning their followers to stay off blogs like this.

      Instead they may be targeting random blogs that write about other things but may have the occasional post up talking about their experiences and how they got prospected by an Amway loser.

      Check out this blog that has been an Ambot magnet in the comments.

      Amway Ambots are prudes so the cursing around this blog is usually pretty effective at keeping them away but I say if Amway is planning a counterattack - bring it on! I love cursing out those fucking Amway assholes!

  3. Of course we know that the dead or broke by age 65 is BS told by the Amway speakers, but conversely, how is joining Amway going to make it better when more than 99% (or effectively 100%) of people involved in Amway lose money.

    The only ones making money from Amway are the Amway corporation owners and Amway IBOs who also get to sell and profit from tools.

    1. Joecool - that is very true. The only ones who make money in Amway are the owners (or their heirs!) and the old geezers who were smart enough to start their Amway cult sects decades ago and make money pushing the Amway tool scam.

  4. Saddest to me, many upline are Christians yet rationalize perpetrating lies to persuade people to engage. It is pure and simple deception. I would have defended it when I was an IBO. Now, I realize how subtle yet dark the lies are. I suspended almost all common sense and chose to trust people I perceived were honest, godly Christians, even though none of it made sense. The leaders bought the lies and spread them like a crippling virus.

    1. Anonymous - that's the truly amazing thing that most Amway Ambots pretend to be Christians except their behavior of lying, scamming, and abusing others indicates the opposite is true. Amway has its own brand of twisted religion. All worship the Great Amway God.


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