Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Amway WWDB World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2017

I can see I have my work cut out for me to find out about Amway WWDB Family Reunion. Can you believe those motherfuckers at World Wide Dream Builders changed their guest login? To keep out bloggers like us from checking out what bullshit they’re peddling.

So if anyone knows what the current user name and password is to log in as a guest, leave a comment so we can get in and find out what top secret bullshit the Amway cult leaders will be flinging this year.

In the past Amway WWDB Family Reunion also goes by either Puryear Family Reunion held in Spokane Washington or Duncan Family Reunion held in Portland Oregon over a July weekend. Friday night is usually a trade show and the Amway brainwashing conference is held on Saturday and Sunday. It also used to start first thing in the morning preaching their bullshit Amspeak until 11pm that night and Sunday usually the brainwashing conference ended around 5pm.

There’s usually some other Amway cult sects Family Reunions floating around in the summertime but they’re top secret stuff. Ask the Amway upline for more information about it and the answer goes something like “It’s a life changing event”. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.” “it’s the not to be missed Amway function of the year” “By going to Family Reunion it’ll put you 6 months ahead of everyone who didn’t go”. Well that tells you sweet piss all so you can see why Amway Ambots end up at this blog desparately searching to find out what WWDB Amway Family Reunion is about.

In the past its been pretty easy for Ambots to go to both Puryear Family Reunion and Duncan Family Reunion because they’re held on different weekends in different states. How many Amway ambots need a double dose of brainwashing? It’s hard to say if Puryear Family Reunion is still going ahead due to the cult leader’s death but others in the family might be picking up the ticket sales to fatten their bank accounts.

Prices for Amway Ambots going to Family Reunion? World Wide Destructive Bastards puts together packages including one night hotel (their choice of hotel) and ticket to the Amway brainwashing conference so pay up whether or not you use the hotel! Or more than likely cram 10 other Ambots into the same room though I don’t know why they would because there doesn’t seem to be individual ticket prices to just go to the Amway brainwashing sessions. Last years prices were $340 for a single or $560 for a couple. Add $10 if you miss the early bird discount. And you don’t want to do that or you’ll be in for a shit kicking from the assholes in your Amway upline demanding you pay up NOW!!!! Apparently it also includes meals on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Amway’s idea of a meal and my idea of a meal is probably thousands of miles apart. Get ready to pick up a food bar and can of XS when you enter the room is probably what’ll happen. If they’re really generous they’ll be passing out a Nutrilite vitamin for you too but I doubt they’ll be that generous. And here I might be going out on a limb and wondering it there’ll be a meal involved at all.

For Amway World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2017 one of our readers let us know that this year’s theme will be INSPIRE. Like holy fuck! Previous years the themes have been just as cult inspriring – DREAM and BELIEVE. Some WWDB bigwig must have been INSPIRED to stop playing hotel reservationist to make extra money and just sell tickets to the brainwashing conference because this year the cost is $175 and is hosted by GL Puryear and Jim and Bobbie(?) Puryear featuring the same old tired speakers that show up every year to get a cut of the ticket sales.

The speakers are always the same old boring bastards who’ve been around forever. Hey what happened to those Diamonds Amway Ambots were bragging about who joined the ranks 2 years ago? No sign of them. Still Diamonds? Does the old guard just not want to share their piece of greed pie with the young’uns?

What happens at Amway WWDB Family Reunion? If you believe the World Wide Destructive Bastards propaganda - and only a brainwashed Ambot would! - it’s a function that may or may not include hotel accommodations and two meals – depending on the Amway cult sect - and now it might just be paying for meetings and some of the speakers will be recently qualified Platinum and Ruby IBOs who talk about the rewards of building an Amway building an Amway business. The rest of the speakers will be Diamonds who talk about the power of having a dream and believing your dream will come true if you want success in Amway. Apparently they’ll be teaching effective business methods (LOL! I guess there’s a first for everything!). All weekend (again if you believe the Amway WWDB propaganda) will be technology training, product demonstrations, and motivational videos. The last I have no doubt about. Videos. Not motivational. Just videos showing how rich Diamonds are thanks to the Amway tool scam.


Now for what really happens at Amway Family Reunion.

And what’s in store for the Amway ambots who are fucked up enough to waste their money going to WWDB Amway Family Reunion 2017. On Saturday they’ll be bored by recently qualified Platinums and Rubys. You know how that goes. Those bastards will stand up on the stage kissing ass and sucking dick. They’re allotted about 10 minutes each. It only seems like it drags on for hours each because they’re so fucking boring and say the same thing. And they’re all going Diamond!!!! Woo Hoo! Go Diamond! Yeah! And all the brainwashed Amway ambots in the audience will scream and cheer “Yeah!” “Right on!”

And now for what happens when those ass kissing Platinums and Rubys are done…. There will be a never ending parade of Ken and Barbie Diamonds stomping across the stage. Brainwashed ambots will shriek and rush the stage to get closer to their beloved cult leaders. The arena’s security staff will beat them off. “Get back to your seats motherfuckers!!!!” Ambot Barbie will talk first. She’ll say something like I was working a minimum wage job as a waitress in a biker bar and had to flash my boobs to make tips. Ken was working for the man cleaning porta potties. Do you know what its like coming home to a man who smells like shit every night???? Then one day a dear friend showed us “the business” plan. We borrowed $20 for gas to make it to the Amway conference. And now we are rich rich rich and we pay for everything in cash. I love Ken so much for giving me the lifestyle of the rich and greedy. He’s my warrior…… Then some lowly piece of shit Amway ambot brings a chair onstage and Barbie sits there and stares down warrior Ken while he brags about their mansion, their fleet of cars, their private jet, the vacations they take and then shows a slide show of all their material possessions that Amway the cult of greed has provided for them. Or maybe its just stuff they rented for the day for the staged photo shoot. They finish by mocking the adoring ambots that if they can do it then anyone can. Meanwhile the only thing on Ken and Barbie’s minds is how much of the ticket sales proceeds are they going home with for showing up today to bullshit the Amway cult followers.

I got two words for all you fucking Amway assholes stealing money and lying to the suckers who forked over a few hundred bucks (or maybe more than that) to attend WWDB Amway Family Reunion and pretend to teach them “effective business methods” and how they can make a difference in other people’s lives. FUCK YOU!!!! The only difference you bastards are making is making your cult followers poorer and even further in debt. We don’t call WWDB World Wide Destructive BASTARDS for nothing!

Time for some keywords to draw in Amway IBO’s who are desperately searching the Internet for information because the assholes in their Amway upline don’t tell them piss all. Putting the wrong years in is intentional because Amway Ambots are so fucked up they don’t know what year it is or just because they’re a card carrying Amway asshole that gives them the power to turn back time.

Amway Family Reunion 2017

WWDB Family Reunion 2017

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2017

World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2017

Puryear Amway Family Reunion 2017

Puryear WWDB Family Reunion 2017

Puryear Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2017

Puryear World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2017

Duncan Amway Family Reunion 2017

Duncan WWDB Family Reunion 2017

Duncan Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2017

Duncan World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2017

Amway Family Reunion 2016

WWDB Family Reunion 2016

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2016

World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2016

Amway Family Reunion 2018

WWDB Family Reunion 2018

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2018

World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2018

Amway sucks!

WWDB World Wide Dream Builders sucks!

Amway Family Reunion sucks!

All Amway functions suck!


  1. Anna, haven't been to your blog in ages. You know the size of the family reunion? Back 20 years ago the fed was 15,000. Just did a search this weekend and Whalen's group grown...and he's edc now. I'm actually surprised. I use to think his group will shrink to nothing. I live in Canada and its amusing to see these Amway groups shrink

    1. Hi Anonymous. Nice to see you coming back again! We have no idea of the size of family reunion. Those Amway bastards won't share that information with us infidels! Its our suspicion that its dropping in numbers because Amway is renting smaller venues than arenas and convention centers like they used to and have gone instead to meeting rooms in hotels and high school auditoriums. Yes we're happy to see that Amway's sales have been dropping by about 10% for the past few years. Hopefully thats partly due to the efforts of those of us who share our stories online about the financial and emotional distress that Amway causes.

    2. Shove the banana up your arse you dream stealing bitch fuck off and leave entrepreneur especially amway people to make lots of money
      You fake person

    3. mark - I think you need to go back to the fucking assholes in your Amway upline and get more instructions on how not to say negative. LOL! You're a fucking Amway loser. The only Amway entrepreneurs have the last name of DeVos or VanAndel. Not cutts. Or would that be cunts!

      The only people making money in Amway have the last name of VanAndel or DeVos. Not fucking cunts like you.

    4. Mark's reply is so typical. Devoid of anything to back it up, just parroting the brainwashing given. He's a "business owner" and will be making a lot of money soon and maybe we can drive his limo for him. lol The thing about dreams is they have to have SOME basis in reality, and Amway dreams do not. Only those at the top of the Amway pyramid make any money. The lowly IBO's can't find many people to buy their horribly overpriced products, so they buy them for themselves to fill closets and garages to try to look good to their upline while trying to find other suckers to buy into the scheme under them, but most people know it's scam where less than 1% of them even so much as break even.

      Sorry Mark. I have a dream to be able to flap my arms and fly, but I have about as much chance of doing that as you becoming rich in Amway.

      But don't believe me. I couldn't care less if you drain your bank account chasing the scam. Doesn't effect me.

    5. Anonymous - I agree. And if you're a real business owner you don't hit the Internet and say nasty things. Unless that's your trademark and its expected of you. Amway losers who pretend they're running fake businesses can do whatever they want. Even if they're nice to people that won't help them sell shitty overpriced products.

      Yeah really we don't give a shit if these losers get scammed and cunts like this deserve it. We're here to support people who have someone inside the Amway cult and warn those who've gone to an Amway meeting to stay away unless they want to go down a path of financial and emotional distress.

  2. WWDB (World-Wide Douche Bags) has to hold its functions in high school auditoriums?

    Man, that's a come-down. No wonder WWDB won't give out any public information about the locations of their functions.

    1. Anonymous - I attended a couple of Amway functions held in high school auditoriums. I think they're cheaper to rent. And yup may be the swing that those World Wide Destructive Bastards don't want the infidels to know where their secret cult meetings are being held.

  3. Wow..... you're such a hater... i want to join this group now just to prove haters need to die. LOL

    1. To Unknown at 6:19 PM --

      You call us "haters" but then you express a wish that other people should die. That's really logical. Where did you go to school? In a garbage dump?

      Go ahead and join WWDB. And then come back here and tell us how much money they stole from you.

      Have a nice day, asshole.

    2. Oh go fuck yourself Unknown you lying scamming Amway loser. The only people who are searching for information on Amway functions are already losers who've signed up to Amway. The only people leaving negative comments on this blog are Amway Ambots. The rest of the world doesn't give a fuck.

    3. Anonymous - these fucking Amway bastards show up here and prove to us that being good Christians that Amway preaches is a bunch of bullshit. Amway Ambots are the nastiest motherfuckers around!

      And then trying to bullshit us that he hasn't yet signed up with Amway, says just because you said fuck or you're a hater or you're a negative unchristian dreamstealer I'm going to spite you and sign up to Amway. Like I give a fuck. How does it affect my life if some unknown loser wants to throw their money at a pyramid scheme. When it affects my life then I write a blog!

    4. The original poster's saying he will join Amway just to get back at us is hilarious. That's like someone saying "just to teach you a lesson I'm going to stick this fork straight into my balls!" lol I say "yes, please teach me a lesson. And teach me even more of a lesson by then sticking your head into a pool of piranhas. Oh boy, that will really teach me a lesson." lol!

      Why should any of us care that he joins Amway (though as you said I'm sure he's already a member). Him losing his money to a scam doesn't affect a single one of us except for his own depleted bank account. (shakes head)

    5. LOL Anonymous. That's the funniest thing I've seen all day! I might use it against Ambots who shows up here - stick a fork in your balls! LOL! Yeah we always know when Ambots are lying saying they're looking into this business or going to sign up when they already have. How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving. Or in the case of the Internet they're typing something. People who say they were thinking of signing up leave comments thanking us for sharing our stories and they know to stay away. Or if they say they're not in Amway its usually followed by the story of their loved one who is.

      If that bastard comes back again we'll tell him where to stick his fork. LOL!

    6. It's amazing how many people show up at this blog and say "I'm not involved in Amway, but I think it is unfair to attack this business and the good people working in it... blah, blah, blah."

      Who the hell do they think they're kidding?

      If you're not involved in Amway, what the bloody fuck are you doing at this website, which is very specifically ABOUT the Amway business and its lies? Why would you come here at all?

      These people are Amway losers who are ashamed to admit publicly that they are involved in the stupid scam.

    7. Anonymous - that's right. If you're not in Amway or have a loved one who is, or maybe you used to be in the Amway cult, you're not randomly looking for information on Amway cult meetings. And leaving comments that you like Amway and think its a good idea and you're thinking of joining. Losers who leave those comments have already plunked their money down.

      People who show up here after a search and have nothing to do with Amway and realize they're in the wrong place just go away and don't leave comments.

      Its really embarrassing admitting you're an Amway loser and you got scammed but when you show up and leave a comment to say I'm not in Amway but I love Amway, it's like what the fuck. We all know you're an Amway loser cause only one of those fucking Amway assholes would leave a comment like that.

  4. The fake Christianity in Amway is all about social cohesion and groupthink, not about genuine religious faith. Amway assholes spout a lot of pseudo-Gospel buslhit, but they have no actual beliefs other than the idea that God will make them rich if they stay in Amway and obey their up-line.

    1. Anonymous - if Amway Ambots are all about "Christianity" then that's something I want no part of. Pure shit evil.

      And that would be the Great Amway God that is going to make the Ambots rich if they stay in Amway and obey their upline! LOL!

  5. Some of my friends are ambots who are too deep in the rabbit whole to be saved. :(

    I see them posting pictures of mansions and Lamborghini on Instagram with them saying "soon..." like it's ever going to happen.

    1. Hi Anonymous. That's too bad about your friends. Unless they've been in the Amway cult over 2 years they still might quit. 95% of IBO's quit inside 2 years when they realized they got scammed and there's no chance of making money. According to Amway's brochures only a tiny fraction of 1% of all participants make money at this pyramid scheme.

      And yeah the posting pictures on the fridge of mansions and sports cars and other expensive shit that followers of Amway the Cult of Greed want has been around forever. Some of these Amway losers also plaster those pictures up on their walls when they run out of fridge space.

      Yeah right soon. Heard that song before. When the Ambot tries to quit some fucking asshole in their upline says you can't quit now, not when success is right around the corner. Or you're about to go really big really soon, I can feel it.

      The only thing that's going to happen soon is financial and emotional distress. That's all that Ambots have to look forward to.

  6. The image of one of those Amway losers driving a Lamborghini is utterly laughable.

    I've seen the sort of vehicles Amway assholes drive. It's usually a twenty-year-old jalopy held together with baling wire. In fact, Anna frequently refers to these beat-up, grungy cars as "Amway Shit-mobiles."

    1. Anonymous - it is laughable. If the Ambot didn't have an jalopy held together with wire and duct tape, they would after spending more time inside the Amway cult. Amway Shitmobile City!

  7. This Mark Cutts is a Brit. (Notice how he spells "arse.") He's involved in, and his Facebook page shows that he flogs Nutrilite energy drinks and some of those lousy Artistry products.

    The problem for him is that the British government is on to Amway. There have been some major rulings against the scam in that country. I guess Cutts is coming here to this website to let off some of his frustration over those setbacks.

    1. Anonymous - mark cunts is a fucking Amway loser. If our country got its act together and banned Amway the world would be a better place.


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