Wednesday, July 12, 2017

101 Reasons To Hate Amway

I had a visitor show up at my blog using the search criteria “reasons to hate Amway”. Nothing really extraordinary about that. I get many searchers who end up here with variations of the “I hate Amway” theme.

Seeing as how I already wrote a post about 101Ways to Piss of an Amway IBO I thought I’d take it a little further and do 101 reasons to hate Amway. This is going to be too easy. All I have to do is look at their catalogue and list each product one by one. But that would probably end up being something like 2000 reasons to hate Amway but I’ll still put in the products that I personally hate.

So here goes. 101 Reasons to Hate Amway:

  1. I hate throwing my money at the Amway scam.
  2. I hate the horrible people we have to associate with in Amway.
  3. I hate the overpriced substandard laundry soap that doesn’t get my clothes clean
  4. I hate that every time I use Amway’s dishwasher detergent I still have to wash half the dishes again by hand.
  5. I hate Amway’s dish soap because the bubbles don’t last long enough to clean for the second time around all the dishes that didn’t get clean in the dishwasher.
  6. I hate that Amway allows cult leaders to brainwash IBO’s.
  7. I hate that Amway does nothing to help IBO’s who are abused by their upline.
  8. I hate that Amway customer service has a who-gives-a-fuck attitude when you phone in for assistance.
  9. I hate that I have to read dumb ass books that don’t interest me because our Amway upline bullied Ambot into buying useless tools to “grow our business”.
  10. I hate it when some fucking Amway IBO says “fired up”.
  11. I hate attending Amway functions.
  12. I hate that Amway makes us pretend we’re real business owners.
  13. I hate pretending to be nice to people who don’t give a shit about me except for the money they can make off me.
  14. I hate that Amway turns IBO’s into liars.
  15. I hate overpriced Amway towels that fall apart.
  16. I hate that Amway allows XS Gear to rip off IBOs by sending wrong products and then refusing to exchange or refund after bullshitting for 30 days and then saying their 30 day refund policy has passed.
  17. I hate that everything about Amway is so secretive.
  18. I hate that Amway makes us pretend to be interested in people we’re not.
  19. I hate that Amway doesn’t encourage their cult leaders to hold meetings earlier in the day.
  20. I hate that Amway is creepy.
  21. I hate that Amway’s marketing literature doesn’t tell the full story when it comes to compensation that IBO’s can expect to receive.
  22. I hate that Amway keeps it top secret which Diamonds are still active and which Diamonds fell out of qualification but are bullshitting their downline into believing they’re still Diamonds.
  23. I hate that Amway doesn’t stop its cult leaders from lying that the corporation owns the Amway Arena when the city of Orlando is the owner.
  24. I hate that Amway’s cult leaders tried to counsel us to take out a home owner equity line of credit.
  25. I hate that Amway forces us to be what we’re not.
  26. I hate that Amway makes us trick people.
  27. I hate that Amway makes us lie about the company’s financial state. Made billions and billions of sales last year!
  28. I hate that Amway makes us lie about how well we’re doing.
  29. I hate that Amway makes us look at everyone as a potential recruit.
  30. I hate that Amway makes unqualified people pretend to be “counsellors”.
  31. I hate the side effects from Amway’s Double X vitamins.
  32. I hate that Amway makes us manipulate everyone we meet.
  33. I hate that Amway makes us worship money.
  34. I hate that Amway makes us believe being wealthy means we’re better than everyone else.
  35. I hate Amway XS Energy Drinks - aka cat piss water
  36. I hate that Amway makes us treat upline like they’re royalty.
  37. I hate that Amway takes advantage of people who can least afford to lose money.
  38. I hate that Amway encourages us to make stupid choices.
  39. I hate that Amway Glister toothpaste nearly makes me puke when I’m brushing my teeth.
  40. I hate having to wear business attire for dumb ass late night Amway meetings.
  41. I hate that Amway fills our heads with dreams.
  42. I hate Amway CDs and tapes that we’re forced to buy and listen to.
  43. I hate spending money on Amway meetings.
  44. I hate that Amway uplines pretend they’re helping us and helping others.
  45. I hate that Amway is the devil in disguise.
  46. I hate listening to our Amway sack of shit Platinum.
  47. I hate that Amway has us believing we’ll have residual income rolling in forever.
  48. I hate how embarrassing it is to tell people we’re involved with Amway.
  49. I hate having Amway assholes poking through my house to see if I have any “illegal” products.
  50. I hate that there’s so much pressure to buy more and more Amway products.
  51. I hate those nasty shitty Amway food bars.
  52. I hate that Amway preys on people going through a difficult time in their lives.
  53. I hate how fast we lose friends thanks to Amway.
  54. I hate how we’re told that everyone will get rich in Amway.
  55. I hate how Amway creates trouble in marriages when none previously existed.
  56. I hate trying to find a parking spot at Amway meetings held in crowded neighborhoods.
  57. I hate how Amway doesn’t disclose how much it costs to produce each product and how much profit they’re making.
  58. I hate how Amway controls your life.
  59. I hate trying to convince others to take home an Amway tape and listen to it.
  60. I hate having to deny that we have anything to do with Amway.
  61. I hate trying to beg people to go to Amway meetings.
  62. I hate how Amway shampoo makes my hair oily.
  63. I hate how because we’re in Amway we have to “ask permission” from our upline before we buy or do anything.
  64. I hate how the upline forces us to buy Amway Nutrilite vitamins when we never used to take vitamins.
  65. I hate how we spent hundreds of dollars on Amway Nutrilite vitamins that are sitting unopened on the shelf because nobody in the house will take them.
  66. I hate how late at night we have to stay up for Amway meetings.
  67. I hate how Amway makes everyone lie about their wealth.
  68. I hate that I can’t buy lower priced, better quality products if Amway sells something similar.
  69. I hate how Amway has us believing we’ll be millionaires in 2 to 5 years.
  70. I hate wasting my time going to Amway meetings listening to lousy bastards.
  71. I hate that Amway doesn’t make more of an effort to tell us that 99% of IBOs won’t make money.
  72. I hate that when we’re in Amway we have to call everyone else “losers”.
  73. I hate that we have to bullshit others to believe that Amway has a good rating with the BBB and approval of the FTC.
  74. I hate how nobody loses weight on the Amway Trim diet system lose weight plan.
  75. I hate trying to convince people that the reason Amway products are so high priced is because they’re high quality.
  76. I hate that Amway makes us lie to others about their chance of succeeding.
  77. I hate how we’re told that everything in Amway is tax deductible.
  78. I hate that Amway makes unqualified people pretend to be financial advisors.
  79. I hate how Amway makes us sell the hope not the soap.
  80. I hate that Amway makes us poke fun at people who have jobs.
  81. I hate how we have to convince everyone Amway is not a pyramid scheme.
  82. I hate how we have to leave our children with babysitters because we’re too busy with Amway to spend any time with them.
  83. I hate how Amway forces us to take advantage of people.
  84. I hate that being in Amway means we have to alienate our friends and family.
  85. I hate that no authority seems capable of shutting down the Amway pyramid scheme.
  86. I hate Amway’s high shipping fees.
  87. I hate in Amway that we must “submit to upline”.
  88. I hate how Amway only sells cereals in multiple packs.
  89. I hate that Amway makes us tell others we’re better than them because we’re in Amway and they’re not.
  90. I hate how Amway charges an annual membership fee for the privilege of being ripped off by them.
  91. I hate that we were lied to that we only have to spend 10 to 15 hours a week working on our Amway business.
  92. I hate hearing the lies about how Amway’s Perfect Water is a miracle cure for everything that ails you.
  93. I hate how Amway sucks the life out of us.
  94. I hate going into credit card debt thanks to Amway.
  95. I hate when Amway sends us expired food items and refuses to refund or replace them.
  96. I hate how expensive Amway Artistry cosmetics cost.
  97. I hate how Amway dog food caused our dogs to become shit machines.
  98. I hate how Amway cleaning products come in these huge refill containers and we have to buy little spray pumps to put them in and then we don’t know what’s what.
  99. I hate trying to convince people that Amway sells “prestige” toilet paper and that’s why it costs 4 times more than tp in the grocery store.
  100. I hate that Amway doesn’t take some of its soap and clean up its act.
  101. I hate that Amway is a cult.
OK I’ll stop now!


  1. Amway has to sell a special "prestige" toilet paper, because nearly everyone in the business is getting fucked up the ass regularly.


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