Wednesday, September 6, 2017

An Amway Ambot In Denial

I had the misfortune of a brainwashed ambot from Atlanta Georgia stop by this blog.

SANDRA said... OMG I really don't know how such negative people can survive in this jungle that we call live. I am not part of any group but just to read this blog make me feel like "GOSH I SHOULD BE DEATH INSTEAD" Please Anna Banana make sure your blog is not read for any person who suffers from depression because you and your anonymous friends will really kill her!!!! LIFE IS WONDERFUL AND SHOULD BE LIVED LIKE A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!

Of course I responded:

SANDRA - You're a fucking liar! But what else do we expect from people involved in Amway? You came to my blog after searching for "Amway convention 2011 Las Vegas". Yeah right keep trying to convince us that you're not part of any group but only a brainwashed ambot would do that kind of search. This was the only one of my topics you read, nothing else in my blog. Life is wonderful as long as you're not involved in Amway.

She came back around 12:30 to see if her comment was published and if I’d responded to her. You think she went to the link Joecool provided? Unlikely.

People who own their own business want to get their name out there say who they are and what they do and drum up business. Not so with IBO’s. They’re too embarrassed to say they’re with Amway. Denial, denial. Lies and more lies.

They’ll bullshit prospects with some line about an online store or Internet distribution or some highly technical industry they’re involved in and want to meet for coffee. At the coffee shop they’ll show the Amway business plan all the while denying it has anything to do with Amway if they’re asked outright. Ultimately they want to get their prospect to a meeting run by their upline Platinum cult leader to close the sale and get them to sign up as an IBO.

I’ve been to enough Amway meetings that I know it takes the speaker at least an hour to say the A word. Some meetings Amway isn’t mentioned at all.

Do depressed people read this blog? Sure people who are depressed about losing their money in the Amway scam come here. People who are depressed because Amway has destroyed relationships with family and friends come to this blog. Reading me cursing out my upline might make them feel a little better. Knowing that they’re not alone helps them feel better. A person who is clinically depressed and has no connection to Amway is unlikely to randomly find this blog.

Nobody finds this blog unless they’ve done a few things. They were either on another blog written by a former IBO and followed a link to this blog or they did a search for something related to Amway and found this blog. Or they work for Amway Alticor offices in Michigan, California, Texas or Germany and have this blog bookmarked.

A person who does a Google search for “Amway convention 2011 Las Vegas” is not randomly pulling those words out of a hat. The only group of people using this search criteria has some interest in this function which means they’re either an Amway IBO planning to attend and looking for information or if the function has ended they’re searching online for glowing reviews written by other IBO’s who attended the brainwashing session. Someone who has no interest in Amway is not going to randomly choose those words and go to Google and do a search.

Writing “I am not part of any group” after doing a search for the Amway 2011 Las Vegas convention is an outright lie and makes you look like a fucking idiot like we need any further proof that Amway IBO’s are liars! The group you’re part of is Amway otherwise you wouldn’t have done this kind of search. Why lie about it? Because you’re too embarrassed to admit you’re with Amway.

Seeing as how one of the criteria to be an IBO is to be good at lying Sandra further lies that she read this blog. Nope. Only that one page about quitting Amway during Spring Leadership.

“Gosh I should be death instead”. Well some people do compare being involved in Amway as death. On the other hand many people end up at my blog by doing a search for something like death to Amway or death to Amway salesmen so stating you should be death is something that a lot of people would agree with. Better dead than being in Amway.

Once people quit Amway they realize that there is a better life out there. Life without Amway is wonderful. Life with Amway is hell.

Here you go Sandra, don’t miss the Amway truck!

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  1. This "Sandra" from Atlanta, Georgia, is a semi-literate asshole. And yes -- she is lying through her teeth about not being in Amway.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Being a semi-literate asshole plus being a liar are all part of the Amway Ambot job description!

  2. The girl with kaleidoscope eyesSeptember 7, 2017 at 6:17 AM

    Anna, you've been fighting the good fight for a long, long time now..... don't you ever get bored? I used to read your blog all the time. I still stop by once in a while, and I'm surprised it's still being updated.

    1. Hi The girl with kaleidoscope eyes! Thanks for reading. Sure I get bored sometimes. Still do with other things too! Fortunately we have enough bananas who help out with writing and keeping the comments and posts updated that it'll probably go on for many more years. This blog is so important to help others not get sucked into Scamway or to help those who have loved ones in this evil cult know they're not alone. All of us bloggers getting the word out about the Amway pyramid scheme is part of the reason that Amway's sales have been declining by about 10% every year. Once Amway closes down for good then there won't be much point in keeping the blog updated. But until then....

    2. This blog has helped me personally in a big way. I was relieved to find it and got humour and advice when I needed it. I don't know what kaleidoscope's intentions are with that comment - it seemed like a dig- but I am grateful to this blog and hope it outlasts amway.

    3. Lorikeets-I'm glad you're enjoying the blog and that's its been helpful to you. I didn't think anything of kaledidescope. Seemed like a curious type of question because many bloggers do get bored and stop.

    4. The girl with kaleidoscope eyesSeptember 12, 2017 at 11:44 AM

      I didn't mean it as a dig, and a 10% drop every year is great! Keep exposing these parasite scum for what they are. The fact that DeVos is involved in the future of education is a disgrace and we need someone exposed the clusterfuck of manipulation that amway is

    5. I didn't take it that way. As mentioned on a post last month 7 years is a long time to be blogging. And we keep at it to help others not to get involved in Scamway. And yeah its a disgrace that Betsy Bitch gets a say in education or more likely to get Amway's products involved in the school system.

  3. I left Amway/WWG after 5 years. I remember your blog when I first got around "the business" and thought you were just negative and stolen your husband's dream. I remember feeling sad for you. Looking back, I know I just drank the Kool Aid!

    It has been a very revealing process leaving the business. True colors of our upline and some downline have been shown. As expected, some of our business friends have completely turned their backs on us. Others have been wonderful and supportive. Our business generates about $1000/mo and when we announced we were going to be leaving, our upline told us the "honorable" thing to do would be to submit our resignation to Amway, thereby giving all our legs directly to our upline. Not a chance is that happening. After slaving away for 5 years we are going to keep the business and allow it to be residual, despite the unrelenting pressure to give it up.

    We are so greateful to have woken up from the Amway slumber when we did before wasting any more time and money on it. Time and money freedom is NOT available in this business. If you want time freedom, don't even think about building your business to a profitable level. You will be doing presentations 5-7 nights/wk and all the other BS during the day. Don't think about planning anything in your life because a meeting for yourself or your downline might pop up. We were miserable building the business. Since we left our marriage and relationships with family and friends has DRASTICALLY improved. I'm actually happy again

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story. From time to time a reader shows up who visited this blog back when they were a smug arrogant Ambot and then leaves a comment saying I should have listened to you.

      When you're drinking the Kool-Aid you refuse to listen to anyone who has an opposing point of view from the Amway cult leaders.

      But once you get out and can see Amway with a clear head you get it about how nasty the Amway upline are and the hell you went through emotionally and financially.

      Glad to hear you got out and are getting your life back together. And really how long do you think it'll be before your residual income dries up when you're not there to motivate and bully the downline into buying more Amway shit. And way to go for getting that much in commission every month. That's a dream that will never come true for most.


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