Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Amway Ambots Brainwashed To Believe They’re Entrepreneurs

Does your Facebook feed or your emails or running into people result in some sales pitch for an MLM scam?

Amway Ambots aren’t the only shysters out there scamming people. There are all kinds of pyramid schemes where people think they’re going to get rich quick and they have to prospect everyone they know and everyone they don’t know too. They look at people as suckers they can con into buying their shit. They become all possessed with the almighty dollar.

The Internet is just blowing up with someone who’s hitched their wagon to a scammy MLM scheme and wants to sell you their shit.

Mostly people get involved with MLM scams to make extra money and work from home.

Just think of the Amway pitches out there. How would you like to work part time from your home 10 to 15 hours a week to make a few thousand dollars a month.

Like many other MLM scams Amway has a bunch of overpriced shitty substandard products for sale and they have a huge flock of salesreps flogging their shit.

The Amway cult leaders brainwash their flock to believe that they’re “Independent Business Owners” and that they’re big shot hot shit entrepreneurs.

OK Figure this out Ambots! An entrepreneur is a person who has created their own product or service that they sell to real customers.

We’re not talking about making fake accounts for your cats and your comatose aunt who’s in a nursing home and buying products to look like you have downline buying products the way Amway Ambots do.

An entrepreneur is NOT a commissioned salesrep for another company’s products and services. You have NO control over the product, the price, or even how to sell it. Amway has non-compete clauses in the IBO contract the Ambots have to sign restricting how a product can be marketed for sale. If Amway has an Internet presence then Ambots can’t sell online too. All Ambots can do is create a landing page and refer suckers to buy overpriced shitty Amway products.

The sane world understands that. An Amway Ambot who’s been brainwashed by his (her?) cult leaders doesn’t “get” that.

Here’s the other thing. If your scam MLM has 100 other people in your area flogging the same shit its called oversaturation in the marketplace! Legitimate companies who use sales reps have a set number of people covering a region and they don’t overlap. Because they’d be dumb fucks. You don’t see Coca Cola sending 100 sales reps to cover all of Sacramento. That’s because these 100 reps would be bugging the shit out of all the retailers. No one makes money and then the retailers get pissed off and decide to stock only Pepsi.

Look at Amway Ambots as bugging the shit out of everybody to recruit them into the Amway cult or convince them to buy Amway’s shitty products. No one wants that. Except Amway Ambots are such arrogant pricks they don’t see they’re making assholes out of themselves.

Being an entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to make money at something you’re good at doing. Maybe you’re good at making pillowcases, photography, fixing cars, whatever.

If you’re good at being a commissioned salesperson then that’s what you should do and depending on the industry you may sort of be an entrepreneur. If you sale houses you probably work out of a head office and you’re still bound by their rules and commission structure but your hours are dictated by what’s good for your customers. You might work independently but still part of a bigger picture. Or you might start your own real estate office. Same if you’re a lawyer or doctor. You might start out working for a company or a group of similar professionals and eventually you might start up your own office when you get more experienced.

Being an Amway Ambot is not being an entrepreneur. It’s being a low paid commissioned sales rep and you’re probably not very good at it anyway. No one wants to buy boxes of your overpriced shitty laundry soap. No one wants to join your scummy Amway cult.

What are you great at? Find a way to make money at it and become an entrepreneur.

Are you really great at selling laundry soap that another company has created and priced and sets the rules for?

Entrepreneurs who have a product or service to sell to other people have a better chance of becoming wealthier than people who help other people sell their stuff. Amway Ambots help DeVos and VanAndel sell their overpriced shitty products. Well mostly Ambots self consume and stockpile that shit buying it themselves. But you get what I’m saying.

Amway Ambots are brainwashed to believe they’re entrepreneurs.

The rest of the world is laughing at you Amway losers.


  1. The notion that an Amway IBO is an "entrepreneur" is about as believable as the idea that a prostitute is a Vestal Virgin.

    All you are in Amway is a little dope with a garage full of unsellable products. You have an obsolete voicemail system and a lot of CDs and tapes. If you are really stupid and listen to your up-line religiously, you also have maxed-out credit cards and a second mortgage.

    You're an "entrepreneur"? Don't make me laugh. You're a pathetic schmuck.

    1. I hear you Anonymous. Not only do Amway cult leaders brainwash the IBO's that they're entrepreneurs they also brainwash them to believe they're "winners". LOL! The rest of the world who ain't brainwashed Ambots know that everyone in Amway is a loser!


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