Monday, November 20, 2017

How Does Amway Fuck People Over More Than Once?

A question I’ve often asked myself is how did Ambot get involved with a shitty organization like Amway?

The next question I ask myself is how did Ambot get involved with a shitty organization like Amway twice?

Ambot is hardly alone. There are stories on the Internet where former IBO’s have tried Amway multiple times. I don’t know what the record holder is for the person who has tried and quit Amway over and over. The term we heard during round 2 of WWDB Amway hell for multiple attempts at being an Amway IBO was “retread”. Just some dumb ass Amway slang comparing IBO’s on round 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 to car tires that have had some work done on their rubber. Wikipedia says some tires can be retreaded up to 10 times. What about IBO’s? Are there some people out there who are dumb enough to sign up and quit Amway 10 times? I hate to think such a possibility exists but it wouldn’t surprise me. That would be the person with the scarlet G on their forehead - gullible.

On the other hand I think its very likely that an IBO is recruited on all the hype, pays the Amway membership, and then does nothing. A year or two goes by and he gets prospected by another Amway IBO, gets all excited again about the perceived business opportunity, buys another Amway membership, and does nothing. That might repeat itself a few times. Its possible.

I wonder if IBO’s believe that if they stick it out in Amway for two to five years buying Amway products and buying Amway tools and attending functions that their reward will be money rolling in from Amway for the rest of their lives even if they have no customers and no downline. Our sack of shit Platinum told us at the board plan meetings that we were winners just by showing up. Is the message that nothing else is required other than simply showing up and having your attendance recorded? In return IBO’s live off the hope that Amway rewards all winners who show up with lots of money rolling in forever?

The first time Ambot got in was probably for 2 reasons. The son of the Platinums who signed us up was a business colleague and Ambot thought the Amway business opportunity looked good though maybe he should have asked himself if it was such a good opportunity why wasn't the son an IBO. Find 6 people who can find 6 people and so on and so on. I told him the numbers looked good on paper but what was the reality of pulling it off? Could we actually find 6 people who would religiously buy $300 worth of Amway goods each month and could they in turn find 6 people and so on? I didn’t think so. Ambot got caught up in the hype and excitement. He went to Family Reunion and got fired up and motivated and all the other bullshit that goes along with it. I joined him to Free Enterprise Days and I wasn’t impressed. All those Diamonds parading across the stage had pretty much the same story. They’d been working minimum level jobs, a dear friend showed them the plan, Amway saved their lives and they roll in dough now. They’re some of the biggest bullshitters around, most of them had annoying voices, and they were boring as hell.

After a few months Ambot finally figured out this Amway business opportunity was bullshit. We were spending money, not making money, and no one we knew were interested in buying overpriced Amway products and we couldn’t convince anyone to come to meetings or sign up with Amway.

OK over and done with. We lost some money. Bad experience. Move on with life.

Which we did for several years.

Anyone who’s been following this blog knows it's about the last time we were in Amway and WWDB and the fucking assholes in our upline. I’ll try not to rehash about how our sponsor is someone I’ve despised for many years. I don’t know how he thought sponsoring us in Amway when I had no interest in getting involved in the Amway scam again would improve my opinion of him.

So let me just stop for a minute and say fuck you to that arrogant prick!

Captain Fuck Up sneaks around behind my back and introduces Ambot to the pompous sack of shit Platinum. A very charismatic person. Strong personality. A good people person. An excellent cult leader. He convinces Ambot that his group is much better than the last group he was in. Um, it was World Wide Dream Builders the last time and aren’t you with WWDB too? He promises better leadership and mentorship the things that Ambot was lacking the last time. He is a very convincing liar. Scary. Frightening. If Hitler, Charles Manson, and Rev Jim Jones could be rolled into one person, the sack of shit is him. Someone to be both worshipped and feared by his cult followers. Terrifying!

Ambot actually likes the sack of shit Platinum. He wants to impress him. He wants to spend time with him. The only way he can accomplish this is to sign up with Amway and spend lots of money on the scam because the sack of shit won’t be friends with anyone who doesn’t give him money. I tried to convince Ambot that nothing had changed in Amway including the business plan. We still had to buy lot of Amway products every month. They were still overpriced. The products weren’t as good as name brand or generic brands we can buy at Walmart for much cheaper. We still had to find 6 people who had to find 6 people to find 6 people to find 6 people, ad nauseum puke city over and over....

Our friends base hasn’t changed all that much in the past 10 years. So who is Ambot going to prospect to become an IBO? The same people. They’re still not interested. Who is he going to chase down to buy shitty overpriced Amway products? The same people. They’re still not interested.

Nothing is different this time except the lies told by the fucking assholes in our Amway upline.

As I see it some people can sign up for Amway and then quit again (and again and again and again) because they meet different people who are very likeable people and lie about how things are different now in Amway than they were the last time the IBO was in. They lie about how their LOS group is better than the last one they were in: better training, better leadership, better counselling, better mentorship, better people, etc. They offer friendship. They promise the moon. They promise your dreams will come true. These professional liars do whatever it takes to convince anyone to sign up with Amway. Ex-IBO’s at one time believed that Amway was going to be their path to financial freedom. The better the upline are at lying the easier picking the ex-IBO for round 2. Round 3. Round 4......

Fuck Amway!

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