Tuesday, January 23, 2018

50 Cents Ain’t Worth A Plugged Nickel In Amway

One of the bananas tells us that at Amway cult meetings the sack of shit Platinum used to brag that a rapper named 50 Cent was an Amway IBO. I have no way of knowing this is true or how hard he tried or whatever. For all we know like many others maybe he knows someone in Scamway and to help them out and get the Ambot off his ass he signed up to be an IBO and didn't do nothing after that. But apparently every Amway meeting this banana attended the bragging about 50 Cent being an Amway Ambot was going on like puke puke puke. You know how those fucking Amway assholes love to drop names!

Here's an article about 50 Cent bankruptcy.

It's not unusual for people in Amway to go into bankruptcy and its unknown whether Amway dragged 50 Cent into this financial distress. Its also unknown whether or not 50 Cent ever signed up with Amway to be an IBO. I mean the information he's an IBO is coming from a bunch of lying scamming Amway assholes.

It certainly appears that 50 Cent is living the Amway mantra of “fake it till you make it”. He says he doesn't own most of the cars in his fleet including high end Bentley and Ferrari – they were rented. Much of his flashy expensive jewelry he borrowed. His lifestyle with all the bling was just a lie. It was all an illusion to fake out everyone into thinking he was rich. Having an entourage ain't cheap. Even though he's declaring bankruptcy apparently he still has a couple million left over.

This act is similar to what you see at Amway functions. Amway Diamonds brag they pay for everything in cash. It's a lie. Diamonds going into foreclosure and bankruptcy had to borrow money from somewhere or that would be a non issue. They lied about paying cash. They borrowed money to show off a lavish lifestyle they couldn't maintain on an Amway salary and got financial problems. At Amway functions the Diamonds show slideshows of their fleet of cars, mansions, and other toys and bling. These things can be borrowed or rented to fake over the ambots watching the videos that this is a lifestyle they can be living one day. Live like a billionaire on a low 6 figure salary. And there's only a teensy fraction of 1% that an Ambot would reach that Diamond income level. Remember that post where we point out the odds its more likely to fall off a cruise ship than become an Amway Diamond.

And one more link about the 50 Cent mansion haunted by the Ghost of Bad Financial Decisions, a symptom many Amway Ambots suffer from. http://www.courant.com/business/hc-50-cent-bankruptcy-creditors-hearing-20150805-story.html

Amway Ambots love communal living judging by how many ambots you can cram into a hotel room during Scamway functions. I'm sure a bunch of them can afford to rent this place, after all they’re always showing up here bragging about being big shot hot shot Amway assholes making gazillions of dollars in residual income every month.

Fake it till you make it got 50 Cent in financial trouble. And that same attitude got Amway Diamonds and other Amway assholes into financial trouble.

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