Monday, January 22, 2018

Recycling Amway IBOmobiles

Colinbrought up an interesting point when it comes to cars the IBO’s drive. Do they recycle them within the line of sponsorship and sell them to someone else downline or crossline?

I would say that’s highly likely. The IBO’s we knew drove old clunkers that were forever breaking down. In many cases it would have been cheaper to buy another old clunker for a few hundred bucks that get the current IBOmobile repaired. When an IBO was upgrading to another car the word was likely spread via text, Communikate, or Facebook that a vintage 1970’s BMW was available for sale and any IBO’s in the market would have the opportunity to purchase it. With crossline and downline the message could get out to hundreds of IBO’s.

Now I'm all for recycling but when it comes to cars and safety and when is it time to put a clunker out of its misery, sometimes its easier to call the junk man to take the car to the scrap metal plant. He'll probably give the IBO $50 to remove it. But if the IBO can sell it for $100 to an unsuspecting IBO that would be the more profitable route. Make money! Isn't that why everyone is in Amway?

Someone Ambot knows - an acquaintance of one of his relatives - received a car from one of their parents. My memory is a little sketchy if it was his parents or hers. Either way the parents bought a new car and gave them their old car which was a newer model car. That left the couple with a car about 10 years old still in good shape but no longer needed. They decided to sell it for $500 to get a quick sale.

Ambot makes the mistake of alerting the sack of shit Platinum about this car. It might not be a rust bucket 1981 Cadillac preferred choice of IBO’s but its a good buy for a car that's not falling apart and is in running condition. The sack of shit knows a woman who needs a car and they set up a time for her to come out and see the car. Or maybe she decided to buy it sight unseen and a time was set up to exchange the cash and take the car.

At this point you’d think the transaction should now switch to between the buyer and seller and Ambot and the sack of shit Platinum can step out of the picture.

But no, that would be too easy. The woman selling the car phones Ambot to bitch at him that the buyer didn’t show up. So Ambot phones the Platinum and back and forth it goes with the two of them playing the middlemen. And for them it sucks to be the middleman because there is no commission despite all the grief they’re going through. A new time was set up. And the buyer didn’t show up again. And the seller phones to bitch at Ambot again. This scenario played out several times always in my presence. I told Ambot I’d had enough of hearing about that fucking car and didn’t want to hear nothing more about it no more. If the woman who wanted to buy it wasn’t showing up then the seller should advertise it on Craigslist. First person to show up with the cash gets the car.

No. That would be too easy. And the bitch kept phoning Ambot to complain about the buyer not showing up. I mean how many no shows does it take for the seller to get a clue? Apparently she enjoys tormenting me and phoning Ambot to bitch bitch bitch. I told him to pass me the phone and I’d let her have it about her fucking car but he didn’t want me to curse her out. I figure if I curse her out that will be the last we hear from her and good riddance. These people are weird. They live in a nice subdivision built in the 70’s where the houses and yards are neat and tidy except theirs. Their house was painted an oddball color of orange. The front of the house that is. Maybe they ran out of glow in the dark orange paint? The sides and back of the house were three different colors - white on one side, brown at the back, and I think the other side was a shade of tan. She was a hoarder. Ever watch that TV show about hoarders? She might not have been as bad as what I’ve seen on that show but was well on her way. I had the misfortune of going inside the house. Rooms packed high with junk so you couldn’t walk into them or close the door so visitors couldn’t see into them. The kitchen counters had no space left to put anything on them. The sink was 3 feet high with dirty dishes. Junk spilling out of the house into the backyard and they had really weird tacky yard decorations. Not everyone can pull off the used toilet in the front yard as a flower planter look but it was right at home here with the other junk. A whole army of broken roaming gnomes guarded it. There always has to be one house in a neighborhood that’s an eyesore!

Anyway back to the damn car fiasco that goes on for about a month. Finally the Platinum finds a different buyer and the car sale went through.

What really pissed me off the most was that we were no longer doing anything with Amway so why the hell was Ambot playing used car salesman without a commission?

Must have been the same reason he played at being an Amway businessman with no commission.


  1. The problem, in my opinion, is that your husband Ambot was still emotionally connected to his Amway up-line even though you and he were no longer in the business.

    Some people can't make a clean break, especially from an abusive relationship. From what you have said here over the years, it seems to me that your husband had some sort of deep psychological enslavement to his Amway up-line (particularly that asshole Platinum), and this sick connection was so strong that he couldn't break away from it easily. Nothing else accounts for the strange stories that you have told about his utter and total obedience to them.

    1. Anonymous - you're right. It was like some really sick relationship. Ambot actually liked a lot of these motherfuckers in his Amway upline. That just goes to show what brainwashing does to a person. He believed them when they said they'd be his friends forever. When it became obvious to those Amway losers that he wasn't spending in more money on this scam and stopped going to meetings they eventually dropped his ass. No one allowed to be friends unless you worship and tithe the Great Amway God. It took a few months for a full break and then the sack of shit Platinum ordered all the cult followers to no longer associate with Ambot. Boo hoo that really broke my heart.

      The control Amway cult leaders have even after their flock have left the cult is truly terrifying.


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