Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Amway Ambots Can’t Grasp Easy Business Equations

With tax deadline creeping up on us I thought I’d share some basic wisdom that real business owners understand but would be beyond the grasp of a brainwashed Amway Ambot.

It’s a simple equation:


Get it people?

Say you’re a real business owner and your expenses for a month might run the gamut of various things, some are constant others occasional. Let’s say you only use your accountant at tax time. That would be an expense that hits one month but not always the other 11 months. Or the expense could vary, say you only have the accountant do occasional work throughout the year, but the granddaddy of it all happens once a year. Other occasional expenses might be renewing a business license or insurance or buying office supplies. Depending on your business regular monthly expenses might include things like payroll if you have employees, rent or mortgage on the place you conduct business, stock to be purchased, telephone, Internet, bank fees, car maintenance, meals, electric, and advertising.

Your income might vary too, depends on the product or service being sold, and if some months are slower than others.

Let’s work in round numbers so it’s easy for me.

Let’s say the real business owner’s income for a month is $15,000.

The expenses for that month are $11,000.

$15,000 (income) minus $11,000 (expenses) = $4,000 (profit).

Easy enough except in the real world we’d be dealing with random dollars and cents because nothing ever rounds up nicely.

Now let’s take a pretend business owner like an Amway Ambot.

$10 (income aka rebate on buying at least 100PV of shitty overpriced Amway products) minus $700 (expenses like buying at least $300 in Amway products, investing in the Amway tool scam – spending money on tickets and costs to get to Amway cult meetings) = $690 (profit).

Oops fuck! Forgot to put a minus in there. Make that -$690 loss.

Yup that’s right. LOSS!

As in a profit and loss statement where real business owners log and track.

$690 in the red!


Let’s say the real business owner has some ups and downs in the year but his or her net annual profit is $50,000, so that’s sticking pretty close to the $4,000 monthly profit times 12 months.

Yup that’s profit. Well you know sort of. Uncle Sam wants his share and the business owner has the kinds of bills that most working people have.

Let’s get back to brainwashed Amway Ambot running a pretend business.

-$690 x 12 months = -$8,280 in annual losses.

And that’s being generous. Many Amway Ambots lose more money than that in a year.

When a real business owner looks at their profit and loss statement and sees they’re in the red every month they know that’s not a sustainable business. The choices are to make changes to their business plan or cut their losses and close shop.

An Amway Ambot is not allowed to keep a profit and loss statement. That’s forbidden by the Amway cult leaders because if the Ambot kept a P&L they’d see how much money they’re losing. A good Amway cult leader must keep the Ambot distracted to realize they’re being sucked dry tithing the Great Amway God.

Business owners know they must keep a P&L and monitor their income and expenses. It’s called keeping your books in order cause you’ll need this info at tax time and in case of an audit.
Let’s say it again:


It’s a simple mathematical equation.

Though depending on the volume of income and expenses it might not be “simple” for the person keeping track of it!


The above simple mathematical equation is dangerous to Amway cult leaders and must never be divulged to the Ambots.


  1. People in Amway get around the simple mathematical facts of profit and loss by means of cultic self-delusion.

    This self-delusion involves reciting certain mantras endlessly: "I'm building my business!" or "I'm prosuming!" or "I'm becoming a better person!" or "I'm developing leadership skills!" or "I'm buying from my own store!"

    There's even the craziest one of all: "I'm helping others!"

    To a rational human being, all of the above mantras are stupid absurdities. But let's face facts: persons who get caught up in Amway and who refuse to get out when they are clearly going broke are NOT RATIONAL. They are dreamers and hallucinators.

    Amway appeals to the same sort of people who buy lottery tickets every week, carry good luck charms, and think the world was created in 4004 B.C.

    1. Anonymous - the self delusion is part of the brainwashing infected by the Amway cult leaders. Becoming a better person ain't gonna pay off the Amway debt or other bills!

      And yes always hearing about how you're in Amway to bless others or to help others.

      This blog exists to help others stay the fuck away from Amway!

  2. I love it! I don't think it's possible to put it more clearly.

    Good luck getting through though.

    Didn't you know? Running a business is not about maximising the positive difference between income and expenses to turn profits.
    Being a business owner is all about:

    dishing out business cards with fancy words without coherence (and without the brand that you pay to be able to sell)

    being obsessed with calling yourself a business owner 50 times per day. (and adding the redundant and ironic word
    "independent" in front of that)

    always being busy, running to a business meeting, a conference, or having some important call on the cellphone.

    being obsessed with insulting people who are employed

    wearing a suit even when not called for (I think it is nostalgia to 1959, to honour the founding of their employer)

    I've run a business for several years now. I have never felt the urge to insult people that report to an employer, to
    pronounce predictions of imminent doom on those who have no interest in doing what I do, to hire a toll free line just
    so that I could look more important. When asked what I do, I talk about the business first, and don't repeat the words
    "owner", "own boss" or "independent" 20 times, even though I dare to think I'm all of those things much more than the deranged commission only sales person who thought he could mentor me in the world of business.

    1. Hi kwaiikat. Clear and simple is what we aim for. Only Amway losers try to distract and confuse while spouting off a bunch of bullshit.

      Getting all these Amway losers who’ve never so much as registered a business name, got a business license, a tax #, set up a place to conduct business or the tons of other stuff real business owners do- are trying to give us business advice! Fucking morons!

      And yes as you said as business owners we don’t feel the need to brag about that 50 times a day. We just do what needs to get done. It’s still our job just with more responsibilities and more desire to succeed. We have no reason to sneer at other business owners or their employees. Amway Ambots do that because they think they’re better than everyone else just cause they’re in a fucking stupid cult.

  3. Kwaiikat is right. Amway is strictly a "pretend-business."

    You have fancy business cards printed up, so that you can pretend you're in business.

    You sign up for CommuniKate, so that you can pretend that you have a secretary.

    You buy a lot of useless and unsellable products, so that you can pretend that you're stocking up on inventory.

    You attend a lot of stupid and pointless meetings, so that you can pretend that you are active and energetic.

    And, of course, you wear a cheap business suit so that you can act the role believably.

    Amway has a slogan for all this pretense and lying: FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!

    The trouble is that practically nobody makes it.

    1. Anonymous - I believe those Amway losers refer to Communikate aka Kate as their personal assistant instead of secretary. LOL. Dumb Amway fucks.

      Fake it till you make it. Go into huge debt to fake it. All part of the joys of being inside Amway the Cult of Greed. Except the odds are stacked too high against 99%+ to make it.

  4. Just leave a message with my assistant Kate, HUA HUA HUA. I'll pick it up after I get back from vacation in Bora Bora, HUA HUA HUA. Translation: Leave a message for me on my unnecessary and very expensive voice mail service as I am at the Amway convention this weekend bunking with five other people in a one bed motel room.

    1. LOL Howdeedoo. And that's how an Amway loser tries to make themselves look all important. For Christsakes just use your cell phone. Most plans these days have countrywide calling and voicemail features. And you must be bunking with the more affluent Ambots cause it's more like 20 to a room! LOL!

  5. Even so, pretending that you have an actual living employee named "Kate", when in fact it's nothing but a goddamned answering machine and voice mail service, is pathetically dishonest.

    I don't know how these Amway assholes can bear to look themselves in the mirror every morning.

    1. Anonymous - that's what Amway losers do so well. Play pretend games. I run a pretend business with a pretend personal assistant named Kate.

      Ambots look at themselves in the mirror and say: Winner!

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    1. Oh for christsakes gevens. You quit Amway and got involved in another scam but you still hang onto the bullshit Amspeak. Fucking loser.

  7. This "gevens a1" is just some guy pushing a website-building operation. Why do all these spam-peddlers show up here, Anna?

    1. But Anonymous - it's kind of fascinating the way gevens is rolling out the Amway bullshit. It's always the right time to come in according to any scamming MLMer. Don't wait 6 months it'll be too late. You want to get in right now when the business is exploding.


      You'd think these scambot losers would figure out to stay away from sites like this. But they help us know what keyword bullshit they're slinging.

    2. With a Babadibadadooba and a BaddabingBaddaBoom! They should try getting circuses a contract to work with them. I heard it's still good money! Give us a version of Amway Cotton Candy! Anna, what do you think they will put it in there?

    3. Yeah everyone's getting on the cotton candy bandwagon these days.


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