Tuesday, April 3, 2018

No Business Cents

I have a feeling I might be going off on the type of rant an Amway cult leader specializes in. This rant is about the younger generation and their lack of business sense and responsibility.

And I’m not just talking about irresponsible Amway losers and their jackshit lies that they’re big important business people when they know fuck all about running a real business.

I had a recent oddball experience I’m gonna share. Kind of trading hours for pennies like a recent post. Maybe this has got to do with the Millennial generation and their work ethics.

Most of the Amway losers that show up here screeching at us about how we didn’t work hard enough are probably late teens early twenties and I say none of these bastards knows the meaning of hard work. They might be devoted to throwing all their love and money at the Great Amway God but none of those Amway losers knows fuck all about devotion to doing your job. Even more so what’s required of you if you’re self employed.


Doing what needs to be done whether or not it’s convenient for you.

A generation who expect things to be handed to them.

Whatever you want to call it.

Lazy bastards. Not motivated. Not hungry enough. Whatever.

We have a fellow who comes every few months to trim trees. Takes him about an hour to an hour and a half and he charges $50.

Last year he announced he was retiring to spend more time with his family and especially grandkids. Good for him. He’s worked hard all his life.

Except after 15 years I’m looking for a replacement.


I’m in a garden supply shop and I find some business cards. I like the sounds of one of them, a woman who had a cutesy card. I call her for a quote and she tells me $60. OK she’s $10 more than my old guy but still in the ballpark.

She’s young. 20 maybe. I didn’t ask her age. Went to one of those horticultural colleges for a year or two. I didn’t ask how long the course is. She obviously lives at home because her mom came with her. OK that’s a little odd but we’re new clients and maybe mom is coming along for safety reasons to make sure we’re not weirdos. I can understand that. I also get the feeling that mom is overprotective. It also appeared to be mom’s truck.

She gets to work. The girl that is. Mom didn’t do any work. She sat on a lawn chair and read a book for the most part and moving around from time to time to check on her daughter’s progress. I was also outside working the whole time she was there. And let me add for a hell of a lot longer than I’d planned to be outside.

5 hours later …..

Holy fuck! It never occurred to me to ask how long will you take? She did stop halfway for a lunch break, about 20 or 30 minutes. And then at the end it took her another 20 minutes to handwrite a receipt even though I insisted I didn’t need one. I’m paying cash and it’s not like I can write it off on my taxes.

I’m not an Amway Ambot! LOL! Write everything off on your taxes and get a refund.

I also pay cash. Something that Amway Ambots can only aspire to do.

Trading hours for dollars. Let’s break it down.

My old guy takes less than 90 minutes and charges flat fee $50 so he makes over $25/hour and then he’s off and onto his next client. People in this industry keep working until the sun goes down and they can’t see to do their work. Let’s just say $200/day maybe more because he does other landscaping and charges different rates depends on the job. And this guy doesn’t confine himself to weekdays. He works whenever he has clients and whatever day is convenient to them, weekends and holidays are working days to him but he might not be working a full long day. Maybe a couple of hours and then has the rest of the day to himself. He’s a hard worker.

Something this younger generation doesn’t know the meaning of.

My new tree trimmer did a really good job. I mean shit perfectly symmetrical cuts like the garden club is coming over to judge me on it. But she needs to haul ass and pick up her speed. $60 divided by 5 hours not including travel time. Making $12/hour isn’t a living wage. I felt kind of bad about that I gave her an extra $10. I’m not even getting into expenses like what her tools cost and gas money. I get it that she’s new at this line of work. It’ll take time to build up her speed. I’m a new client. She wants to impress me and do a good job so I’ll throw more work her way.

But 5 fucking hours to do what shouldn’t be more than a 2 hour job! It’s not like she’s an Amway loser and stopping to deal with phone calls and texts from the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. It’s kind of like going to an Amway cult meeting and listening to the cult leader spout off a bunch of bullshit for 5 hours when you’re sitting there thinking why is this taking so fucking long! This Amway bullshit could have been wrapped up in 20 minutes!

How much does an Amway Ambot make? Ambots put in around 100 hours a month on Amway related shit. They spend at least $300/month on shitty overpriced Amway products in order to be eligible for a rebate check of about $10. An Amway Ambot makes .10¢ an hour! And spends hundreds of dollars to do it! LOL! Dumb fucks!

I’m kind of dismayed how long this girl takes but she did a really great job so I figure what the hell I’ll call her again in a few months. And I thought about it for a month but between business and personal stuff I don’t see where I can block off about 5 hours of time to be home for her.

Then I get a break and realize I have a weekend coming up with no plans during the day. I get her on the phone a week ahead to see if she’s free the next weekend. She puts me on a hold or mute or whatever. I think she was conferring with mom, maybe to see if the wheels were available. Then she comes back and tells me she has a cold and doesn’t think she’ll be up to working the following weekend.

Like what the fuck! How long does it take to get over a cold? What does the older generation do when they get a cold? They take Neocitran or Dayquil or whatever and they go to work. Especially if they’re self employed. You don’t work = no $$$ coming in to pay the bills.

Different generation, different work ethics.

Now I’m not saying you should go to work if you’re really sick and you’re contagious because the people in your space will be really pissed off with you especially if they get sick too because some inconsiderate jerk came to work sick.

But come on you’re not going to be over your cold in a week?

Most self employed people, especially of a generation who knows what hard work is like and need the money, would say hey I’ve been fighting a cold but let’s book in next Saturday at 10am. If I’m not feeling better by Friday I’ll give you a call and we can reschedule.

That seems like the logical response for a person who wants to make money. She’s young. She doesn’t get it I suppose. So I suggest she call me back in a few days and let me know how she’s feeling and if she can come out on the weekend and if not perhaps she can make it the following weekend.

Oh but that weekend’s a holiday she says.

Again what the fuck! Not around here it ain’t. Like what fucking holiday are you talking about? Self employed people don’t take weekends even if they’re holiday weekends off if they can make money. I know Easter is a big celebration for Christians and I have no idea what her religious affiliation is. Maybe not religious at all, just looking for an excuse for a holiday thing. Without getting into her religious beliefs she could have said she has Easter plans and suggested a work around. Like you can’t be doing an Easter egg hunt the whole weekend. Maybe she celebrates Cesar Chavez Day. I was stunned enough not to ask what holiday she was referring to.

She didn’t suggest an alternative. Self employed people who are in a service occupation shouldn’t be stupid enough to leave money on the table. Close that sale! Book an appointment! Get some income.

So I said just give us a call when you’re better.

The more I thought about it the more pissed I got. I bitch about her to Ambot who makes a joke her days are numbered. Clearly this woman isn’t hungry for money even though she told me she only has a handful of clients. If mom and dad are paying her bills there’s no sense of urgency to become self supporting.

It’s kind of like Amway Ambots who still live at home and probably doesn’t have a job or got fired from it for being an asshole and mom and dad are footing the bills while the Ambot fucks off to Amway cult meetings. Enablers!

Hers wasn’t the only business card I picked up that day and held onto.

Who can guess what I did next?

I get tons of Amway Ambots showing up here screeching at me what do I have against business people trying to make a living. To which I reply not a fucking thing. I’m a business owner. I hire small business owners. Keeping with the girl power theme I’m always willing to give a woman business owner a break because it’s extra tough for them. Especially in a labor intensive job that is mainly dominated by men.

Amway Ambots are not business owners. They can’t expect to make a living when they’re running losses in the hundreds of dollars every month. Amway Ambots aren’t ambitious enough to look for more constructive ways to make real money than draining their bank accounts and going into debt “buying from their own store”. Not everyone has it in them to be self employed. Ambots and this slowpoke tree trimmer come to mind.

I’m not against business owners but I am against Amway scammers who play pretend business owner while they fuck you out of your money. And to which I say making $10 a month while losing hundreds of dollars a month ain’t exactly what I call making a living.

I’d say Amway Ambots are hungry to scam other people out of their money while they try to recruit new prospects and find clients who want to buy shitty overpriced products. That’s not the same thing as a real entrepreneur who has a product or service they’ve created and who’s hungry to make money from real clients.

I don’t know there’s just something wrong with the younger generation whether or not they’re Amway losers. They just have a total lack of interest in customer retention and thinks the world owes them a living.

Trading hours for dollars is not a high priority. Not if you’re an Amway Ambot or anyone in the Millennial generation.

Is that because mom and dad are enablers?

You know those holiday weekends you loved as a kid in when you got an extra day off school? You know the 2 months of summer vacation you enjoyed?

Those days are over. Welcome to the real world. The one where you do what you have to to pay the bills and survive.

Only an Amway Ambot thinks “business is going great” and that they can survive spending $500+ a month to get back $10 commission. Real business owners know that Income – Expenses = Profit.

It appears that not everyone is hungry for income. Certainly not Ambots. Or my one time tree trimmer.


  1. Alright so this ended up being some weird blogpost type of rant on my part, but whatever.

    I agree with you, and I’m a millennial. I have to admit that I’m apart of that “irresponsible” stereotype rightfully given to my generation, and that my younger siblings and many fellow classmates are far deep down down that rabbit hole. Yes, it does come from parents who endlessly enable. My (very sweet but naive) parents spoiled the fuck out of us, and though we remain kind, none of us know how to cook anything beyond pasta, none of us do the dishes and so on -we’re all basically shit at everything besides school. We’re all close to or well into our twenties and now that I’ve graduated college, real life is really smacking me hard. Which I deserved anyway. I can’t fucking believe I’m brushing midtwenties yet can’t make a single phone call due to ‘anxiety’ lol, which I never had until the concept was shoved in my face everywhere online and in real life, so I’m convinced I internalized some weird placebo.

    And wow, just right now, my mom came in to let me know if I don’t like dinner I can go grab some McDonald’s and she’ll leave me the money on the counter. I’m Asian so staying at home until marriage is the norm/expectation, but everything else is very abnormal and Millennial-like. I have good scholarships and that’s all I have going for me. I spent the day sleeping and feeling like crap too. I’m going to try turning it all around tonight, starting with sleeping early.

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with our gen’s nonsense, and I’m genuinely concerned about where the majority of my gen is even going, future-wise. The sad thing is that my parents are often called “strict” by our friends, whose parents can hardly be even called parents. All I can say is, eventually when we start having kids, I hope to the heavens that it’ll be a giant learning experience and not the end of normal civilization ffs. And if anyone’s curious, no, my parents aren’t rich. We’re lower middle class, and were poor most of our lives and still were raised this way. Idk the point of me posting this (your choice to publish or not lol!), but honestly we’ve become a direly sick society and it’s only going to get worse if we (younger side) don’t smarten up. In class we’d laugh about the even younger generation’s children, talking about cringing. This is all way deeper than Amway. We’ll have problems we never thought possible at this rate -I hope all of us get a good wake up call and struggle so we know what real work is.

    A few nights ago my brother was quoting that saying that says “people who criticize our generation forget who raised it.” While it’s true to a certain extent, or maybe more true than I’d like to accept, it does bother me that we’ve taken advantage of the relaxed lives our hardworking parents/precious gen have provided us with. I have way too many friends and exes who just game all day and don’t take life seriously. Too many young people around me in this big city are actively and royally fucking up their future. While I’m not lazy in the same way (I love school and want more higher education), I’m still apart of the mess 100% and it’s time for me to exit the cycle!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by to let us know your point of view. And I really like how you recognize what's happening and your lifestyle that you're accustomed to and how you plan to make changes.

      The younger generation has no idea how to do basic household tasks and maybe their parents don't know either. But when you're young and you move out its usually with roommates and you got to figure out how to do laundry and clean the kitchen and bathroom or you'll all be living like a bunch of slobs.

      It's general life skills. And here's one more skill that's not taught by your parents or probably in school either and that's handling your finances. The first thing you don't get caught up in an MLM scam like Amway. Pick up a copy of David Bach's The Automatic Millionaire. Look online for money and finance bloggers and start saving now for your down payment on a house and your retirement.

      Getting back to a generation who can't even handle basic household cleaning tasks I had an Ambot leave a comment here that he wants me to wash his dishes. This Amway Ambot is too fucking lazy to wash his own dishes. Or install a dishwasher. And thinks I'd want to wash the dishes of some fucking Amway slob! Fuck that shit. The broke Amway loser couldn't afford me. He'd have to pay for my plane ticket, hotel and a nice hotel not an Ambot special, my meals, car rental plus my high fee for washing the fucking slob's dishes. He'd be looking at least $10,000. And all because he's too fucking lazy to wash his own fucking dishes!

      It sounds like you're figuring it out. Good luck to you!

  2. **I meant the relaxed life the *previous gen gave us, not the precious gen. Though technically they are more precious than ever today lol.

  3. Dear Anna --

    I think the girl in question is very young, but that she will certainly learn from experience to go faster in her work. Everyone who does something repeatedly for a long time will eventually get better and faster at it. The fact that she did a excellent job is a good sign. It shows that she has mastered her skills in pruning and cutting, and can apply them to a real-world task.

    The serious problem with many in the Millennial Generation is that they haven't mastered any skills at all. Their parents have nurtured and coddled them into hapless and helpless incapacity. I've seen these emotionally crippled students in my classes, who can't even taken a test unless they go to the Disabilities Office and have some therapist hold their hand while they do it.

    Your tree-trimming girl will be OK. A lot of other Millennial basket-cases won't.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Whether she figures it out or not I'll never know. She phoned a few days later and left a message she still had a cold and wasn't coming out that weekend. Meanwhile I'd already booked someone else. A man again. Nice young fellow, mid 20s, got a young son at home so he's motivated to provide for his family. Took him less than an hour. And then he pulls out his appointment book and asks if he can tentatively schedule us in a couple of months and I said yes. He wrote down our number and said he'd phone back when it gets closer and he's figuring out his schedule. Gotta like that. Go-getter. Asking for the sale. And he did a just fine job in a timely manner.

      As you've noted the Millennial generation hasn't mastered any skills at all and the other poster says the same thing. Parents do everything for them so why bother learning new skills like chasing a duster around the house.

      And LOL on the Disabilities Office! Such a thing exists?!

    2. Dear Anna --

      The "Disabilities Office" was originally set up for students with real physical disabilities (poor eyesight, a need to type on a computer, sensitivity to noise, etc.) But over the years the place has become a haven for lazy, self-absorbed, narcissistic jerks who insist that they have all kinds of imaginary problems that forbid them to take a test in a classroom like everybody else. One girl said "I have a nervous reaction when taking a test. I need to do it in a safe place!" So this stupid bitch gets to take her exam in a special cubicle at Disabilities, where she gets two hours instead of the usual hour and ten minutes. A boy claimed "I have Attention Deficit Disorder, and can't concentrate unless I take my exam in a private room!" He also receives special treatment.

      All of this is complete fucking bullshit. But the school is afraid of legal problems with the government, so we have to accommodate all of these lying little shits.

    3. Hi Anonymous. I can see now that you point it out that an office needs to exist for students with real physical disabilities but the one with mental issues imaginary or not- there’s doctors and meds that can help with that. Just goes to show there are scammers out there besides Amway Ambots.

  4. Ah, Anna my dear, work is only looked down upon by the rich in American society as the unions have been broken and we have a slave society now!

    What do you expect the young to do as we make fun of them for living at home when rents have been jacked up let alone owning a home in such an environment!

    Now, a smart young person would work either in one of the remaining unions in an apprentice program or in a small business setting under an older worker to be mentored for higher wages and notice I did not mention university as that will spike debt before one even gets rolling!

    In America there is tremendous opportunity in the skilled trades with the journeymen making a good six figure income and notice again I did not mention the over priced university!

    Of course your typical American republican and your typical ambot have that self same sneering attitude as that is why I am a huge fan of that second amendment for guns!

    Sneering ambot/evangelical/republican assholes can go fuck themselves...he. He


    1. KMB rents have been jacked up ever since I got out of high school Solution? Roommates! I didn't always get along with them so well but you figure it out or move somewhere else.

      And you're right about skilled labor. I know a lot of people who never went to college and they make good money at a trade they learned probably apprenticing to begin with.

      And I'm with you. Snotty snobby sneering Amway assholes can go fuck themselves!

  5. Anna,

    Sneering Ambot asshole uplines come from this:


    I came from a union working class home and became entangled in the Ambot philosophy but of course I re-entered the human race on leaving Amway and now huge swaths of America are Ambots now including business and the entire Evangelical community all paid for by Ambot money as this is the truth dear Anna!

    I dispise them all as I love your site since we need to cut off their money and you more than any other are doing the work!



    1. Hi KMB. Amway and those who created it and their heirs are all truly evil bastards making their money by scamming others into buying their shitty overpriced products. And then promising them a lifetime of riches and a billionaire lifestyle. Well the only way you're going to get rich from Amway is if your last name is DeVos or VanAndel or you marry one of them. Or you start up an Amway cult sect and sell tickets to Ambot losers to come hear you talk.

      People leave Amway and start getting their lives back together again including repairing relationships they damaged while they were a member of the Amway cult.

      And some people never bounce back after being financially and emotionally devastated by Amway.

      Yup by sharing our stories online hopefully we can help others avoid getting scammed by Amway. And the bottom line is the bottom line for Amway. Their sales have been dropping for years. The Internet is their worst enemy because victims can get their stories out.

  6. Amway sales down again and down huge in the US and up in third world countries!

    200 million down Wa-Hoo..



    1. Hi KMB. There's no sense to that at all. You'd think people in 3rd world countries would be in a worse financial situation that people in the US and less likely to buying overpriced shitty products - Amway's or others! But yes Amway has been losing about 10%/year in sales for a few years now. And we like to take some credit for that around here where we share what it's really like in Amway. The financial losses are one thing but we're mostly about talking about the fucking assholes in the Amway upline and the abuse that goes on.


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