Monday, April 2, 2018

Fuck You Amway IBO!

Someone did a Google search for “fuck you IBO” and found this blog! You guessed it. Number 1 on the search engine!

Yes this is definitely the place to be if you want to tell any IBO you’ve ever met: “Fuck you!” Or live vicariously through me and others around here saying it.

Depending on your perspective there are different types of IBO’s to say fuck you to:

1. from the point of view of someone who is not associated with Amway and does not want to be associated with Amway and does not want to be hounded by Amway IBO’s
2. from the point of view of someone who has a spouse, family member, or good friend who is an Amway IBO
3. from the point of view of a former IBO who has found out the truth about Amway and the tool scam

So rather than say fuck you over and over in each sentence I’ll just say it once at the top of the list.


  1. for saying where else can you start up your own business for only $170 but neglecting to mention all the other costs once you’ve paid your start up fee
  2. for saying people who have nothing good to say about Amway are only trying to steal your dream
  3. for saying people who don’t support your Amway business don’t want you to succeed
  4. for saying “don’t say negative!”
  5. for saying buy from your own store
  6. for trying to break up marriages
  7. for saying the more meetings and functions you attend the more successful you will be
  8. for saying “You can’t quit now because you haven’t been in it long enough to succeed” no matter how many years you’ve been in Amway
  9. for hounding me to buy your shitty overpriced products
  10. for lying about how the upline does not profit from the sale of Amway tools
  11. for lying about how you’ll only spend 10 to 15 hours a week in this business
  12. for criticizing people who have J.O.B.s
  13. for saying you’ll always be broke as long as you’re working for someone else
  14. for saying you must be on DITTO
  15. for saying you must be CORE
  16. for being disrespectful
  17. for bringing misery to people’s lives
  18. for saying you must always listen to tapes (oops I fucked up by saying TAPES!!! IBOFB will shit his diapers and screech that CD’s have been sold for the past few decades)
  19. for forcing us to buy tools by saying you won’t work with us if we don’t buy them (even though the Amway literature says buying tools from your LOS is optional and your upline can’t refuse to mentor you and assist you to build a business if you don’t buy them)
  20. for wanting your errands done for free
  21. for saying attend all functions no matter what else is going on in your life
  22. for not getting off my ass about recruiting me as an IBO
  23. for getting bitchy if we question anything
  24. for brainwashing us
  25. for lying about how everyone in the upline is very successful
  26. for telling us an Amway business is a great tax shelter and everything is tax deductible
  27. for not taking “NO” for an answer
  28. for telling us to sign up our dog and cat as downline IBOs
  29. for not minding your own fucking business
  30. for lying about being debt free
  31. for being bullies
  32. for telling us to charge Amway products and functions onto our credit cards
  33. for lying about Amway owning the Amway Arena in Orlando Florida
  34. for lying about the health benefits of Perfect Water
  35. for blaming people who don’t succeed in their Amway business as being lazy
  36. for blaming people who don’t succeed in their Amway business as not trying hard enough
  37. for underestimating the power of the Internet
  38. for telling us to wear business attire to all meetings
  39. for lying about how Artistry is one of the top 5 best selling cosmetics in the world
  40. for telling us not to have any competitor’s products in the house if Amway sells a similar product
  41. for telling us to lie to prospects so they don’t know they’re coming to an Amway meeting
  42. for telling us to do what our upline tells us to do because they’re the only ones with a sincere interest in us
  43. for lying about how you’ll be our best friends forever
  44. for saying duplicate your upline
  45. for telling us that self consumption is essential to our success in the Amway business
  46. for forcing your personal beliefs upon us
  47. for saying that people who refuse to be part of the Amway business are losers
  48. for saying don’t do anything and don’t buy anything without first counselling with your upline
  49. for telling us not to socialize with friends and family who are not in the Amway business
  50. for saying “always edify your upline”
  51. for being annoying as hell
  52. for lying about how you’ll buy back books and tapes (ah shit I meant CDs) if we decide not to build an Amway business
  53. for lying about how we’ll collect residual income for the rest of our lives
  54. for telling us to cancel our plans if you want to schedule a last minute business meeting
  55. for saying “if the dream is big enough then the facts don’t count”
  56. for berating us if we didn’t bring any prospects to an Amway meeting
  57. for giving us “lines” to use to trick people into attending an Amway meeting
  58. for holding late night meetings
  59. for causing financial losses
  60. for causing emotional distress
  61. for scolding us if we miss a meeting
  62. for being the biggest bunch of liars I’ve ever met
  63. for being the greediest assholes I’ve ever met
  64. for being the biggest troublemaking bastards I’ve ever met

OK I think I’ve said enough fuck you’s for now. If I keep thinking about it the list will keep growing and I have to stop this post sometime! Feel free to load up the comments with the many ways you want to say FUCK YOU IBO!


  1. It’s disturbing just how many of these points I can relate to! They’re all the same brainwashed folks everywhere. I also really freaking hate how anyone with higher qualifications in Amway is treated like royalty, seriously. Even at the final basement meeting I attended, this super popular Amway couple who do countless speeches, presentations and what not (Ben and Trista) were “hiding” behind a wall, in order to pop out later and get a giant, long applause as they made their way to the front to preach CORE. They couldn’t have simply sat with the rest of us from the beginning, they’re just too good for that.

    They, along with any higher ups in general, are always showcased as celebrities. Pisses me off, considering none of them have done jack shit in life. Worse, the girl ALWAYS brings up how she dropped out of engineering school and how her husband dropped out of med school, all to chase their California livin’ dream through Amway (wow, what heroes). Well guess what! They’re still living in the middle of no where here in Canada, freezing their asses off but it’s all fine and dandy as long as they put on glamorous clothes and people clap. God.

    All their social media and bios still talk about this “California dream” and how they can’t wait, meanwhile, reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. At the same time, Amway pushes out pay checks for them to perform and lure others. They appeal to younger audiences (they’re both almost but not yet 30), and the glam presenters always bring up how this great “business” is now in the hands of our youth.

    I could go on but damn, had to vent this sorry. I just hate that I was discouraged from pursuing higher education since I’ll just be “stuck in paperwork” apparently, and was encouraged to look up to people obsessed with sharing their drop out stories and Amway hopes. I’m shocked how delusional people can be!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yeah its really fucking stupid how these Amway losers are treated like royalty or big rock stars from their downline. Go to an Amway function and the Ambots crowd around the stage screaming and showing their affection to the Great Amway God and the chosen few cult leaders.

      And all because these fuckers signed up to Amway before they did.

      Well you know with Trump and his mandate to keep foreigners from shithole countries out I don't think we can worry that these Amway losers or any Ambots from other countries are doing anything but California Dreamin'!

  2. Now I can’t stop thinking about all those assholes and functions stuck listening to this Amway-obsessed couple and other psychotic upline for hours and hours. I lost 800 bucks in the few months I was involved, and I barely did anything for my “business!” Thank fuck some sense came knocking into me. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened to me years down the road if it didn’t. And it’s a scary thought that it totally could have happened.

    1. Anonymous - you're very lucky you only lost $800. There are stories all over the Internet about people who've been in Amway for decades - can you image in the tens of thousands of dollars they've lost. Seniors who blew away their retirement savings believing some lying scamming Amway asshole who promised them bazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month from Amway after 2 to 5 years. People going into foreclosure and bankruptcy because of their involvement in Amway.

      Consider yourself lucky you got out before losing more money. You would also have lost your family, your friends and your brain cells.

    2. Ambots point out that Amway is a multi-billion dollar company. What they don't point out is they got all that money exactly this way. Signing up IBO's who they "fire up" with bullshit and deception until they've milked out of them however much they can get. Any company that has products that are grossly over-priced and mainly sold to either a handful of guilted-into-it family and friends or the IBO's themselves is a pyramid scheme that funnels money from the constant flow of new recruits up to the liars and scammers at the top.


    3. Hi Dave. I can never figure out why Ambots got around bragging how much money Amway is worth or their sales. That's nice for Amway's owners but do the Ambots really think Amway's owners and heirs plan to share any of that wealth with some dumb fuck commissioned sales reps.

      The ones who sit highest on the pyramid just want the money to keep flowing up. The money doesn't trickle down to the dumb fuck Ambots.

  3. Have Ben and Trista actually sold any Amway products to earn PV from their up-line? Or are they just paid shills who speak at Amway meetings?

    1. Anonymous - you haven't been listening to the Amway cult leaders: NEVER QUESTION UPLINE!!!

      Yeah just try to ask some questions like that LOL!

  4. 65. For screaming that "Divorce is unbiblical!" but then forcing some couples to get divorced.

    66. For thinking that Ada, Michigan, is the center of the universe.

    67. For being a small-town schmuck with limited intellectual horizons.

    68. For actually believing that selling cheap soap suds and crappy cosmetics is a good way to spend your life.

    1. Good ones Anonymous! Yeah who wants to pay big bucks every month for the honor of being a low paid commissioned sales rep for Amway's overpriced shitty products. Yeah where do I sign up for that shitty gig! LOL!

  5. Fuck you IBO for making me dance! That’s right. When these two married upliners reached Emerald, the downlines plus a bunch of randoms like myself and my upline who had nothing to do with them, had to embarrassingly do a long, synchronized dance routine at a function in front of hundreds. I put off practises because I didn’t want to take part in that, but was eventually pressured with all the CommuniKate voicemail and texts. Worse, I saw a friend in the audience there gawking at me while we were performing. Don’t wanna know what she was thinking...

    But yeah wtf kind of business was that where a classroom size group are dancing a long memorized routine with giant robotic smiles on stage just because someone reached a milestone!

    1. Hi Anonymous. It's embarrassing enough to have to admit to anyone you're in Amway but forced to do public displays of adoration to some fucking assholes in the Amway upline is even more embarrassing!

      That's the kind of pressure and bullying that Ambots have to take. We don't call it upline abuse for nothing.

    2. Forcing people to take part in complicated group dances is a very typical symptom of cult control. It was common in the strange "Shaker" cult of the 19th century.

      And yes -- can you imagine the administrators at IBM or Procter and Gamble forcing employees to take part in a ritual dance?

      But those are genuine businesses, not fake cult-businesses like Amway.

  6. Hello Anna - anti-MLM movement blogger here. We would love to link to your blog as recommended reading for Amway (on - would you be happy for us to do so? Drop me a line when you get a chance, I'm on practically every social media there is!

    1. Hi Elle Beau. Thanks for dropping by. Sure you can link to this blog. I'll get the person in charge of keeping this blog running to take a look at your site to link for more information. Thanks!

  7. I remember one of my meetings with my uplines where they were discussing how they would support me and how much time and money they would be investing/sacrificing for me (in exchange for my cooperation and work, of course). One started a list for the money they'd spend on my behalf, like gas bills when coming to see me, which was reasonable. But then she put "coffees" and went on to explain how they spent money because of me on coffees and snacks when we'd meet up at Starbucks. Lmfao UHM... That is YOUR problem. YOUR habit. It's not my issue that you have some kind of self control problem putting junk in your body when we meet up at cafes, that is on YOU, honey. Worse, I never once ordered any coffee/snacks etc. or suggested anything so I had literally nothing to do with their caffeine addiction.

    It ended up being a mainly ridiculous list, which I kept for fun even years later, just to remind myself of the fuckery I had escaped. :)

    1. Hi Anonymous. I've never so much finger pointing in my life like I did in the Amway cult. The Amway cult leaders always whine and bitch that they could be doing something else instead of running an Amway meeting. And as you noted tallying up the cost of a coffee and snack. Odd because our sack of shit Platinum would just turn to someone, usually Ambot cause he wasn't broke like the rest of the Amway losers and demand a snack be bought for him. What's wrong with holding a meeting at your house to go over Amway cult shit. That way you don't have to spend money.

  8. I just left. A meeting...the up line to my future up line said it would only take 10-15 hours a the starter samples. .break the numbers down. I'm out 100.00 and I would only get $59.00 back

    1. That's right Anonymous. Scamway will only refund you the cost of your annual cult membership fee if you quit in a month. Not the shit products you bought at the same time. And be glad you're only out less than $100. Most people lose thousands if not tens of thousands in the Amway scam.


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