Thursday, June 7, 2018

Amway Losers Screech: Get Your Wife Free!

“Don't you want your wife to come home from work and be there for your children?”

That was one of the “lines” that our Platinum used to tell us to use when prospecting for new IBO’s.

I think its a sexist comment. Who says that all wives have - or want - children? Maybe they don’t want neither - no outside job, no children. Are they excluded from this Amway lament? Who’s to say that women who stay home MUST have children? Our sack of shit Platinum, that’s who. Male chauvinist pig!

Only women who have children are “allowed” to come home from work? Bullshit! That fucking Platinum is just another man who takes women for granted. Somehow the house gets cleaned, the laundry gets done, the garbage gets taken out, the lawn is mowed, the garden is weeded, meals get cooked, the cookie jar is full, etc. Does he think some magical fairy is taking care of all of this?

If the husband and wife are both working then they should have equal responsibility for all house and yard chores. On the other hand if either the husband or wife stays at home while their spouse is the bread winner then logic dictates that the one staying home would be taking care of the bulk of the house work and yard work. If they have children then there is more work involved. Its pretty much a full time job taking care of the house.

But how come the question is never reversed? “Don’t you want your husband to come home from work and be there for your children?”

Nope can’t say as how I ever heard that one from the sexist son of a bitch.

I’ve worked for a few different companies and whenever female employees went on maternity leave they very rarely returned to work - and none of them were involved in Amway. They figured out with their husband whether or not it made economic sense for them to return to work or stay home. A lot depends on which spouse has a better paying job, better education, better chance of earning a living. Or if they’re self employed, is the business income good enough for one spouse not to need to work.

If a husband does not want his wife working an outside job (and be there for the children if they have any) then they’ll figure out a way to do so. This might mean working overtime, a second job, or finding other ways to increase the business income. Despite what some lousy Amway IBO might pressure them into believing, becoming an Amway IBO is not the only solution “to get your wife to come home from work”. More precisely its a bad solution because of the 1% chance of success in the Amway business. Most IBO’s will lose money and then the pissed off spouse ends up going back to work to help get out of debt. 

There are men out there who have been brainwashed by their upline into believing the only way “to have your wife come home from work” is by becoming an IBO and they must accomplish this goal of getting their wife free or else they’re a loser. Totally brainwashed into believing that if their wife has a J.O.B. then he’s not man enough and he’s a loser.  Amway speak discounts any other method where a wife could retire early from her job. My mother worked until she had me and then she never worked a job ever again other than occasionally assisting my father with his business. Neither of my parents were involved in Amway and they retired early. Well, my mother many years before my father!

To any brainwashed ambots who parrot their upline by using the line “don’t you want your wife come home from work and be there for your children” when prospecting, are you a bunch of sexist male chauvinist pigs? Does your Platinum require you to regularly watch The Stepford Wives?

It really pisses me off when I see ambots spouting off about how Amway got their wife free like this is such a huge accomplishment and then throwing it in everyone’s face. Like no other man in the history of earth has ever had a wife who does not work a job.

“I got my wife free. Wouldn’t you like to duplicate me and get your wife free too?” I want to scream everytime I hear some bastard saying this and all I want to do is throw a sexist comment right back at them. The next ambot that uses that line is going to hear this: “Its the man’s job to provide for his wife. Why are you such a fucking loser that you haven’t been doing that all along? Why are you an even bigger fucking loser and involved in Amway?”

OK. I feel better now that I’ve got that one off my chest!

Some of those ambots - read into this our Platinum - have attitudes from another era when it comes to how a wife should be treated. But if you  throw an attitude from another era right back at them then they throw a hissy fit.

I was free from my job before the Amway dark days. So stick that in your hat and smoke it.


  1. It might sound small but when I was in Amway they asked me if I have a boyfriend (I'm a woman)...not supposed to ask that...its do you have a partner. Its considered rude in some circles to assume someones sexual identiy, but I guess the idea of diversity is foreign to them.
    I guess this social infraction is not even that much of a big deal compared to the bizarre behaviour I saw, but it just came to mind when I read this post.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Amway is a good old boy's club whose male chauvinist pigs embrace the way it was at the turn of the century and I'm not talking the most recent turn of the century! Amway's owners contribute heavily to a group whose name escapes me but something like Family Values and this group is all about what they consider a proper family with a man and a woman and their kids.

      You will never see a single woman or a gay couple reaching any level of significance in Amway because that is against their values.

    2. I already remembered women that works as IBOs, should they stay at home or be con artists as well? welp either way, they even violated their own values.

    3. Yeah what are they doing at home? Sniping people on Facebook. And yes that is taught at Scamway meetings.

  2. The typical people who sign up in Amway are of a limited IQ level. Besides this, they are mostly poorly educated small-town schmucks with an Evangelical background. For them, the husband works and the wife stays at home. That's their ideal.

    There's nothing wring with that kind of arrangement if it's what the couple wants. But it's not the only possible sort of arrangement. Wife and husband might both have jobs, or maybe the husband stays at home while the wife has a career, or maybe there's some other arrangement that partakes of all these possibilities.

    But for the typical Amway moron, all of this is unthinkable. The only possible arrangement is for the husband to work and for the wife to stay at home. Their mental horizons are limited.

    Amway was started in 1959. Nobody in the company has really had a new idea since then.

    1. Anonymous - you're right there's nothing wrong with any arrangement a couple decides they want. It's only Amway and their stupid values that demand how it should be in what they consider a traditional family.


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