Monday, May 16, 2022

Amway Product To Stop Sperm Leaking

This has got to be one of the more weirder search criteria that snagged an Amway ambot to this blog: “Amway product to stop sperm leaking”.

Oh you know women just hate that! LOL!!!

And women are probably going to find this topic a whole lot more funny than men!

Well I could go on and give my thoughts on this guy’s problem but I decided to make some sort of attempt of keeping this post reasonably clean.

And by clean I don’t mean my language. I mean clean in that I don’t really want to talk about male bodily functions! Men are gross enough as it is without me detailing the bathroom terms. All married women get this one!

Instead of asking the all knowledgeable expert assholes in his Amway upline - he hits the Internet. If I could keep a straight face I’d ask an ambot myself. In fact maybe I’ll save this little gem to ask the next Amway asshole who badgers me about the overpriced shitty product he sells what he’s flogging to make the sperm stop leaking. Be interesting to see what answer I get! Some rotten ambot is gonna be sorry he tried to prospect me!

Amway ambots are liars. They sell snake oil. For anything that ails you they will tell you they have an Amway product that will cure you or help you feel better.

If this ambot asks his upline to recommend an Amway product to stop the leaking sperm he will likely be told to buy Double X because its good for sex. In fact buy just about every Amway Nutrilite vitamin available for sell. Combined they’ll do the trick. He’ll be told to buy Perfect Water and buy those twist tubes to mix with the water. And drink lots of XS piss water and eat plenty of shitty Amway food bars.

Ka ching ka ching ka ching. Spend at least $1000 buying all these Amway snake oil products and see if it gets you the results you need.

And if they don’t work the upline will blame him that he’s doing something wrong. He’s not taking the product correctly. The old blame the victim scam.

For fuck’s sake guy! Talk to your doctor! Don’t go around buying shitty overpriced Amway products that ain’t gonna do piss all good for you!

But thanks for giving us an unusual topic post and a subject that I can embarrass the next ambot about!


  1. This absurd search simply proves that people in Amway believe that there are Amway products for EVERYTHING, and that the products are miraculously effective.

    Too bad Amway doesn't make a product for curing stupidity. I'm sure that IBOs would snap it up quickly, and self-consume it. But then they would quit the Amway racket.

    1. Anonymous - you're right. Brainwashed Amway Ambots believe there is an Amway product out there for everything. Take two snake oil tablets and call Dr. Quack in the morning.

      LOL right again. Amway should sell a product to cure stupidity. LOL! But then all the participants in the Amway pyramid scheme would wisen up and quit.

  2. "Sperm leaking"? What the hell is that? When sperm leaves a man's body -- believe me! -- he KNOWS it! There isn't any goddamed "leak." It's an explosion.

    1. LOL Anonymous. Ambots have all kinds of problems don't they? LOL!


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