Tuesday, October 19, 2010


FED = Free Enterprise Days and it is a World Wide Dream Builder major function held on a weekend in October.

This event was being shoved down our throats before the Family Reunion function in July had finished. Ambot had to ante up the cash for the tickets while we were still at the Family Reunion.

We had to drive 2 states away to attend. After the debacle driving to Family Reunion I refused to allow any passengers in my car. Oh, I was a bad little IBO. How selfish of me not to want to spend my money on gas and wear and tear on my car for the privilege of enduring Amway speak from some demented, brainwashed passenger on an all day drive. Three months ahead of the function the upline were arranging car pools and sharing of hotel rooms. Yeah, right. I really want to share a hotel room with a bunch of kids. The upline chose a rather expensive hotel and said we should all get reservations there before it sold out.

I had a better idea. I was going to fix those bastards. I told Ambot I was bringing the dog with us. I found a hotel that takes dogs and booked a room there at about a quarter of the price of the hotel the upline were staying at. Once word got out that any passengers would be sharing the back seat with a shedding, panting dog, no one was too eager to hitch a ride with us. Go figure!

Pissed off the Platinum to the nth degree that he didn’t have all his cult followers in the same hotel.

The upline still badgered Ambot to drive to their hotel room after the day’s bullshit session ended so they could have their “night owl”. Its after midnight and everyone is tired. All the better to brainwash the IBO’s. Thanks but I think I’ll stay in the hotel room with my dog. He’s better company than those Amway morons.


  1. Being from Hawaii, I recall an FED in San Diego. It costed me over $1000 when it was said and done. Airfare during peak travel season, hotels, rental cars, FED tickets, meals. And being in Hawaii, we had 3 major functions where travel was required during peak travel season.

    FED was and still is a joke. I do not believe Amway is free enterprise. Amway IBOs are commissioned sales people with no guaranteed salary and no benefits.

  2. My upline diamond convinced my friend to buy 10 extra family reunion tickets at 75.00 a pop. At that point i was inactive in the business. So my buddy who didnt wanna be embarassed invited a bunch of family,friends,coworkers,and me to the dinner. Your story brings back creepy memories about wwdb and amway

  3. If they'd ever had a major function in Hawaii I'd have gladly gone. Though I'd have hit the beach instead of the auditorium!

  4. Anna, Did your hubby and you lose any friends or relatives because of this cult? I woulda told mny upline to f themselves if I had drive two states to a function. I didnt even want to go to the local ones.

  5. Actually, there were major functions in Hawaii. If you were in the Wood or Taba business, they held their "Leadership, now called Spring Conference" in Hawaii and mainland IBOs in our group had to come to Hawaii for Dream Nite. I guess that's one way to ruin a Hawaiian vacation, make the trek only for your Amway business??

  6. Unfortunately we did not lose any of Ambot's relatives. That would have been totally bonus! No, I wouldn't say we lost any friends either despite Ambot's best attempts to sneer at them and accuse them of not supporting his business. Let alone some of these are people who send thousands, if not tens of thousands, worth of business annually our way in our real business.

  7. When i was in amway i told no relatives or friends about it or shown them the plan. Gee so f ckin embarassing selling this stuff. Maybe it was good to see how lame amway was early on and not continued. Even without the internet i thought this business was gay.

  8. Anna,

    Why did you even go to the function, given you didn't even make phone calls to prospects?


    "Costed?" LOL


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