Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Amway IBO Litterbugs

Whenever we attended an Amway meeting at a hotel meeting room or school auditorium the IBO’s brought their own refreshments, brandishing bottles of Perfect Water or that nasty piss drink XS and packages of food bars.

The amazing thing at the end of the meeting these slobs left their trash wherever they’d been sitting. The auditorium would be littered with Amway garbage. Very few attendees were conscientious enough to take their empties and trash with them.

Flash back to the meetings the Platinum held. He often was met with objections that people couldn’t attend the out of state major functions because they couldn’t afford it. “Go out and collect cans,” he’d say.

After the Amway meetings held at school auditoriums or hotels at least one person in our crossline would look for a janitor and ask for a garbage bag. Then they’d walk around the auditorium picking up the empties and root through the trash bins for any cans or bottles that had been tossed in there.

At least they were being environmentally friendly. No big deal to me. I recycle too.

For some reason these bottle and can collectors really bugged Ambot. He thought it was embarrassing that someone in his crossline was scrounging through garbage.

I thought it was even more embarrassing that IBO’s who bullshitted others into thinking they’re responsible citizens are litterbugs.

Moving the litterbug issue inside our home Ambot was the worst litterbug around when it came to Amway products. In his quest to hyper-consume as many Amway products as his credit card allowed he littered the house with empty XS cans, Perfect Water bottles, and wrappers from food bars. His mother was a slob who didn’t teach her children how to clean up after themselves. Everyone in Ambot’s upline failed to teach him to put his empties into the recycle bin and wrappers into the trash. Or more than likely they convinced him that was what a wife was for.

I was cleaning up after the biggest Amway litterbug around constantly clearing the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and office of the Amway shit that Ambot had no clue what to do with once he finished consuming the product. I gave him instructions on how to tidy up after himself and put the empties into the recycle bin but he didn’t get it. It really pissed me off that none of his upline gave him instructions on what to do with his trash. Maybe he’d have listened to one of them instead of me. Or maybe he’s been conditioned by too many years of his mother’s slovenly ways to just leave your garbage wherever it falls.

I realize that not every Amway IBO is a litterbug but from what I’ve seen the evidence speaks for itself. Amway garbage strewn everywhere at auditoriums and strewn everywhere in my house.

Don't even get me started on the Amway trash that littered my car.


  1. I think this thread has much less to do with Amway and much more to do with you marrying a slob.

    I've been to non-Amway events, such as sporting events, and the place is pretty trashed out as well. Are you getting desperate for new thread topics?

  2. So did he litter before joining amway? I worked as a banquet server/porter and everybody litters during banquets years ago. It's not a big deal since the organizers are charged for the cleanup. So your ambot hubby,kingpins etc are charged for the mess.

  3. Colin, no he doesn't normally litter but he sure littered the house and cars with Amway empties. Hopefully the Amway organizers got stuck with the clean up fee for all the crap the IBO's left behind.

  4. Tex, you're right on 3 counts.

    1. I can vent about shitty Amway products and Ambot being a slob at the same time. Got it out of my system.
    2. I guess when I'm at an event that I like being at I don't always notice what's going on around me. When I'm somewhere that I don't want to be, I see everything I don't like and all the reasons I don't like about it.
    3. I may be winding down on thread topics. There's only so many ways I can say that I can't stand my former upline and they're a bunch of fucking assholes. Likewise the reasons I don't like Amway products. This topic was inspired because on the weekend I was looking in the shed for something and I saw an empty Perfect Water bottle tossed behind a cabinet.

    I'm not quite done yet trashing my former upline and some of the shit I endured but its getting close.

    Maybe I'll use some of your comments for future threads.

  5. Maybe u can make a thread on the excuses your hubby uses to justify the abuses of from his upline. Also did you point out the negative sites and info out there? What was his brainwashed excuse for all the negative bs out there? 20 yrs ago we where told the negative stuff on tv was bad reporting and sensationalism.

  6. Colin I don't know that Ambot ever justified the abuses from his upline. This cult controlled the information he received and his ability to think for himself. I saw that and it took professional help for him to see that too.

    Amway is all about loyalty, submissiveness, and obedience. Don’t ask questions. Shut up and do as you’re told.

    I have more topics about that and the brainwashing that I'll be writing about eventually.

  7. The upline didn't pay for the cleanup, the IBOs paid for it with their function tickets!

  8. Thanks for the updates on this blog. I had looked at Amway several years back and was concerned about my wife's view of me joining as she was not at all interested. I never did sign up and am very glad with my decision. I looked at it as a process we both would need to be in from the start versus trying to "sell" her on it over time.

  9. Anonymous, on behalf of your wife, thank you for not signing up with Amway. The Internet is loaded with stories about how Amway destroyed relationships. The first thing the upline does once you sign up is start separating the IBO from people who are not part of Amway, in other words family and friends. The brainwashing process and personality change is very difficult to watch happen to someone you love.

  10. And that's why Amway is currently suing me, for telling IBOs the truth about the Amway Tool Scam: http://texsquixtarblog.blogspot.com/


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