Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ambot the Social Director

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Ambot wanted to belong to an expensive social club, he became the self appointed social director.

He purchased an XS Energy Drink cooler from the XS Gear website and stuffed it full of Amway drinks and food bars that he took the Amway meetings where he shovelled in as many as he could to prove to everyone around him what a devoted Ambot he was.

If that didn’t piss me off enough the self appointed social director handed out drinks and food bars to everyone else - whether they wanted one or not. If anyone has ever bought this shit you’ll know its EXPENSIVE. Depending on what you have when you break down the cost per unit it can be $2 to $5. I like to make expensive stuff last a long time. If someone gives me a box of Ghirardelli chocolate I can make it last for weeks maybe even a couple of months.

Ambot had no such inclination. He gobbled down a case of food bars and drank a case of XS energy drinks daily. Throw in another case of each that he passed out to every IBO that was sitting around me which really pissed me off. These bastards were all IBO’s who knew how expensive this stuff was. If they wanted to consume it let them buy it themselves and earn their own PV.

Not a single one of those cheap bastards ever shared any of their Amway products with us even though Ambot passed out free XS and food bars all the time.

Just to clarify I’m not this stingy with non-Amway products. If I have a sack of M&M’s I’ll share them. If I have a 12 pack of Dr Peppers I’ll hand them out. If I’ve baked a batch of cookies I’ll pass them around. If we invite people over for a BBQ I have a ton of food on hand. Help yourselves.

Ambot easily passed out $50 worth of consumables to others in our crossline or upline while at meetings. What about that budget we had to show the Platinum? Nowhere did I see an entertainment budget of $50/meeting to cover the costs of Amway products that Ambot was passing out. That same $50 could be a nice dinner out somewhere for the two of us.

The Platinum sack of shit stroked Ambot's ego by calling him a server. (What the fuck kind of compliment is that????) That's why Ambot's here on earth is to serve others. Ambot ate it all up. Literally when I think about all the Amway consumables he pigged out on. And also literally because he served the shit up to other IBO's at meetings.

And no matter how much the upline might try to plug in to everyone that these are healthy eating choices, no way do I see an XS and a food bar taking the place of a well balanced dinner. Or even a meal that might not be so well balanced.

Ambot might as well have passed out $10 bills to everyone who wanted one.


  1. Anna, I am so happy I found this blog. I am married to a current ambot and he has only been in it for a few months. Well, he has completely changed into the nastiest, seemingly self-serving person I know, while putting up the rouse that he is doing this so we can have a happy life. I am going to school for my masters degree at the moment and he has pretty much all but said it is a huge waste of time, that I need to help him. My question is, how long do I have to put up with this and how do I get him to snap out of his brainwashed delusional state?

  2. Chrissykjer I'm happy you found this blog too so you see you are not alone and what is happening to you unfortunately has happened to others. My husband's behavior also turned into nasty, greedy, snobby, and this attitude about how he was better than everyone else because he was part of Amway. Your husband has been coached by his upline to tell you school is a waste of time because the money you are spending on school would be better served feeding the cult for Amway purchases and the tool scam. You have probably also heard how you don't support his business. How long you have to put up with it is the big question. Most IBO's quit within 2 years depends on how long their money lasts. A fellow last week commented here that he spent $50,000 in 4 years before figuring out it was a scam. My husband was strong for about 6 months until he maxed out his credit card. Then his spending was drastically cut from about $2000/month to about $200. We had no downline and a couple of friends who pitied him and made small purchases. Total commission in a year was $78.

    If you haven't already read it, go to this link and download a free copy of Merchants of Deception.

    This former Emerald was earning around $30K/year. That's a huge wake up call that the money the upline tells you you'll be earning is not there. Once you're read it try to get your husband to read it. I managed to get my husband to read it and he said the book answered a lot of questions he had and this helped get him out and we also had some professional counselling to deal with the cult brainwashing.

    You can also try going to the extreme and becoming part of a lawsuit against Amway. Your husband's upline will drop him fast once word is out you're suing Amway! Tex is looking for more people to join him and I'm sure he'll post something where you can get more information.

    Have you read my post a couple of months ago about busting relationships? That will probably be the next step in your upline's agenda. They have been brainwashing your husband for several months working on separating him from anything that they consider "negative" which means people who try to reason with him about Amway being a bad business opportunity. The problem with the upline is that they can't separate "negative" from the truth.

    Good luck to you. Its not easy living with an Ambot. I think that book will help you understand what is happening.

  3. Thanks, I will check the book out. I am just so conflicted if I am supposed to play along until he figures it out or stand my ground and have nothing to do with it. I love my husband and don't want to lose him, yet I literally can't stand him right now. The funny part is, he actually already is a legitimate business owner. The economy went to shit and so did his business, but it is regaining strength. If he put more effort into his real business he could grow it bigger than it was before. He honestly thinks Amway will be the key to wealth, success, easy living.

    If I hear the phrases "proven success", "living the dream", "lifestyle" or "come on board" one more time I think I will actually jump off a bridge. I am tired of him seeing pictures of other people and all the shit they have. Mostly all of those people still have jobs and always will! I want my husband back!

  4. Chrissykjer your best starting point is to educate yourself. Merchants of Deception will be a big help. If there is an Amway Business Overview in your house take a look at it. Your husband is required to give it out to prospects so he probably ordered a bundle - I think 10 or 12 in a bundle for $5 or so. Read the small print where it shows the percentage of IBO's who reach Platinum. Its less than 1%. The business overview is online here See page 3 and then 4 with the small print. Point that out to your husband. It is very possible he's not really looked at the small print because the upline just glosses over them. Its all a lot of fast double talk.

    Your upline has told your husband if his wife doesn't like the business and what he's doing to ignore her and to do what he wants and she'll come around eventually. The upline fails to realize that what worked 100 years ago might not be so effective in this day and age where women are equal partners in the relationship.

    I hated hearing "you don't support my business" - not just to me but everyone we knew, "dream stealers", "I've counselled with upline".... Oh I better stop. I have so many of them, a lot of have been covered in previous posts.

    Hopefully your husband will start to pay more attention to his real business. Fortunately our business didn't suffer, we saw no recession, always swamped with work, and my husband didn't let it suffer other than annoying some clients with Amway pitches.

    Amway is not the road to easy living. If your husband doesn't leave the nightmare it will only lead to misery, emotional distress, and financial losses. You have a better chance of winning the Powerball than becoming Platinum.

  5. Chrissykjer - Do you know what business support group your husband is affiliated with? WWDB, BWW, N21, Yager?

  6. chrissykjer,

    I left a message on your blog. To answer your questions, there is no way of knowing how long your husband will last, it depends on his personality and how much money he has, because the upline will continue to take it until he either gets frustrated (personality) or runs out of money (how much money he has). Statistically, about 2/3s of IBOs drop out after the first year, and about 25% for every year thereafter.

    The former Emerald Anna is referring to is Eric Scheibeler, and I've had several email exchanges and telephone calls with him. The $30k/year he made as an Emerald was after he dropped out of Emerald qualification, and he never would disclose how much ATS (Amway Tool Scam) money he was making, but other Emeralds make at least twice as much as their Amway profit, so he was probably making at least $100,000/year total.

    I would be happy to talk with you and/or him, or anyone else for that matter (Anna?). You can find directions how to set up a telephone call, including instructions on how to keep your phone number confidential, here:

  7. Tex maybe I'll phone you after the big Amway settlement.

  8. Aw come on Tex I know you want to.

  9. Part of the settlement may include not answering.

  10. Amthrax, he is with LTD

  11. They are all similar to all the others. I have the tapes/CDs to prove it, as well as knowing the prices.

  12. Chrissykjer,
    As as former WWDB Silver, I can promise you that there is screw all money in the non-tools part of the business. Your husband is looking at losing money until he can go emerald or above, which is most likely at least a decade of losses. You'll be lucky to get out of it losing less than $100K to get to a point where you can be part of the tools fraud and make some money back. The chance of actually making enough to live on is probably about 1/10%.
    If the goal is residual income, what's harder, making $800/mo in a "business" that's practically guaranteed to fail, or put $200K in a conservative stock portfolio that gets 5% dividends? I hope his business sense sees the light of day soon, and that he focusses on the business he already has that supports your family.

  13. Thanks Graham. Its nice to get former IBO's who've reached pin levels and associated with people with higher pin levels come on and say the money that's promised just doesn't happen. I hope Chrissy gets her husband to read this blog so he has some idea of what he's putting her through.

  14. After 5 years or so into our 100 years stint in amway, our Ruby confesses to us at a meeting no less that he has hit Ruby only once and had never reached it again.

    Stunned? Disappointed? Beyond words.

    He was hailed as a Ruby pin the entire 100 years.

    We were looking forward to his STANDING ORDER CASSETTE TAPE.

    Oh, and by the way, we have lots of STANDING ORDER TAPES in the shed. I hope the things rot to hell.

  15. Anonymous - maybe you can sell some of those tapes to IBOFB! Ha ha! Any reason why they haven't hit the trash bin yet?

  16. I keep finding them and other household members still want to keep them. sigh

  17. Anon,

    The reason your Ruby could lie to you for so many years is because he was making so much money from the Amway Tool Scam.

  18. He wasn't 'lying.' He just never denied it when it came up. He was/is a decent man. I feel sorry for him.

    When he finally told us the truth, I couldn't believe he would do that at a board plan. His conscious must have been eating at him.

    Sponsored directly by Greg Duncan.

  19. Anonymous - is that Ruby still an IBO?

  20. Leaving out a material fact with a "business partner" and "teammate" is a lie. You don't have to say something false to lie. That's why a court of law instructs you to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  21. You'll be seeing your business partners and teammates in court then?


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